By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

November 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.




Overall, the policy of the US government should be to encourage and support:


1. Much better energy efficiency.  For example, changes currently technically feasible in automobile design could easily double the gas mileage of most vehicles.  The only thing holding back these changes are insane regulations designed to keep the cars inefficient.  For details about this, read The Regulatory State on this website.


2. Domestic energy production.  This includes natural gas, petroleum, clean coal and other competitive energy sources.


3. New, non-polluting sources of energy.  One of the most promising, which is already proven, is the use of HHO.  It is a gas produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.

This gas will run the cars without needing new engines, and only some minor adjustment of the engine.  HHO produces no pollution, with only water as its byproduct.  It is also inexpensive and quite safe, unlike nuclear energy.


Later, perhaps within 10 years, the entire planet can switch over to the so-called Tesla free-energy technologies.  These rely upon the extracting energy directly from the ether that is everywhere around us.


4. The US government should not support nuclear power.  It is costly, very dangerous, not as reliable, and not needed.  For details, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives on this site.

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