by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© May 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.  


            The theme of this article is that most healing methods are remedy methods.  In all cases, they basically force the body to alter itself in response to the remedies given to correct symptoms.

This always does some violence to the body.  One of the results is that remedy methods often cause “side effects”, such as toxicity or other unwanted symptoms.

Remedy methods of healing include medical drugs, homeopathy, herbs, energetic methods such as kinesiology, most healing machines, and most vitamin and mineral therapy.




In contrast, the development program merely balances the body, which raises its natural, adaptive energy or vitality.  As one does this, the body changes in such a way that symptoms go away.

The procedures we recommend as part of the development program are also carefully chosen because, when done properly, they, too, balance the body and are not remedy methods.  For this reason, these are also more gentle and loving methods, even if they involve some force such as the spinal twist exercise.




With this program, the body decides the order in which symptoms will be corrected.  The body also decides the speed at which correction occurs.  We just “follow” the correction process with retest mineral analyses to keep the body in proper balance.  These are needed to keep the process moving forward.

This approach to healing is actually much more gentle and “loving”.  As a result, there are no adverse effects of the same type that occur with remedy methods of healing, making this a much safer healing method. 




Symptoms can and often do arise during a development program, but they are of a completely different type.  At times, this is a great source of confusion for our clients and for other health practitioners.

These symptoms are evidence of deep healing, purification and detoxification of the body.  They can include almost any symptom.  For details, read Retracing.




Among other standard healing methods, quality chiropractic, and not all chiropractic methods, is a non-remedy method.  Another is quality craneo-sacral manipulation.  Reflexology is yet another, when used correctly.  Acupuncture and acupressure can be used this way, but are most often used in ways of which we do not approve because they are used as remedies.  For this reason, at this time, (May 2020) we do not recommend any acupuncture.




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