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Our planet is desperately in need of healing.  This article discusses the major areas of cleanup that are needed.




The development team says that a cleanup of the earth has begun.  It is the response of the planet to over 20,000 years of control by the Rogues.  They say it will take several hundred years to complete. 

(Personally, I don’t see much evidence of this, but this website is still up, so we will see.)


Become involved.  Many people will be needed to help in the cleanup process.  If you are at all oriented toward helping the earth, please look for a job in this area.  A college degree and even a high school diploma are not needed.  You can learn from schooling, but you can learn on your own, as well.






The oceans.  This is the first concern.  The oceans are filled with toxic metals, especially, but also toxic chemicals, ionizing radiation sources and perhaps other types of pollutants.

Ocean cleanup is not about plastic soda or water bottles, as many believe.  These are simple to clean up, and they will continue to be used because they help many people to have safe water to drink.

The problems are the toxic metals that permeate every inch of the oceans.  Ionizing radiation is also a serious concern in some areas, and will be cleared first.

The oceans are life’s reservoir for many things, not just water.  The ocean plants, such as kelp, produce most of the oxygen on the planet.  Also, fish and other sea creatures are the main source of food on the planet.  This is why cleaning up the oceans is top priority. 

If this is an area that interests you, look for a job helping in this area.  Jobs range from manual labor jobs to technical assessment and supervisory jobs.


Springs.  Earth is blessed with many healthy springs for drinking water, and many aquifers that supply the wells of the earth.  A problem is that toxic chemicals, toxic metals, radiation and also medical drugs are finding their way into the water supplies and contaminating all of them.

On the positive side.  There is less dumping of medical waste, radioactive materials, sewage from ships and aircraft, and toxic chemicals thanks to better international laws.

On the bad side.  The oceans are still quite polluted, especially with mercury.  This is becoming worse, mainly due to emissions from power plants, especially those in Asia. 

India and China, in particular, are building new power plants at a record rate.  However, they do not pay much attention to pollution control.  Scrubbers would remove most of the contaminants, but they are trying to save time and money, so they don’t bother with these safeguards.

Fresh water systems are in fair to decent shape in most areas.  Many are better than in the past due to more careful monitoring and better laws.

Some lakes and rivers are not as clean as they need to be for safe swimming, boating and drinking the water.  The reasons are factory pollutants, sewage systems that empty into reservoirs, and some dumping of radioactive waste products from power plants and toxic chemicals into the rivers of the world.


Development science for water problems.  Nutritional balancing principles can be used to rejuvenate the fresh water supplies of the earth.  It is not difficult.  The water supplies have an oxidation rate and a sodium/potassium ratio that depends upon the microorganisms and other creatures that live in the water.  These can be adjusted and the water will clean up much easier than it does today.




Soil depletion.  The soils of the earth are depleted of vital minerals.  The causes are faulty farming methods, including the use of superphosphate fertilizers and the use of toxic insecticides and pesticides that damage the soil microorganisms.

GMO crops.  These are very unsafe because some contain pesticides in their genes that harm the soil and those who handle and eat the crops.

Hybrids designed only for increased yield.  These deplete the soil by sending up too many plants per acre.  These plants suck up too many minerals, more than can be replaced with any fertilizers.

The result is “soil mining”, meaning the removal of vital minerals from the soil.  As this occurs, the soil dies, dust bowls form, erosion increases and the topsoil of the earth blows away in the wind.

Toxic metals are still finding their way into the food supply thanks to bad farming methods.  This is quite serious and harms the animals and human beings who eat the food.

For example, sewage sludge should not be used as fertilizer.  Even the organic farms use it!  However, it is usually contaminated with lead, cadmium, aluminum and other toxic metals.

Toxic chemicals.  These come mainly from pesticides and insecticides.  This needs to stop.  These products are rarely needed if the soil is made healthy.

Nutritional balancing for soil rejuvenation.  The same principles that are applied to human health can be used to regenerate the soil.  See Soil Rejuvenation With Nutritional Balancing on this site.

Biological transmutation. The key to this technology is biological transmutation of the elements.  This concept is used in industry all the time, but is not taught in chemistry classes.

Please read Dr. Kervran’s book on the subject.  It is the best and is called Biological Transmutation by Louis Kervaran.  If you read it, you will begin to understand how nutritional balancing really works.




There is plenty of food on planet earth to feed everyone.  However, many nations lack enough refrigeration and good roads to distribute the food.  Therefore, a lot spoils and is wasted.  This needs to be corrected and starvation would end on earth.




The use of fossil fuels.  This is not destroying the earth, as some people assert.  However, burning coal without using scrubbers on the power plants, as occurs in Asia, but not America and Europe, is adding significant mercury and some other pollutants to the air.

The automobiles.  These need not be terribly polluting.  They pollute due to insane regulations. 

One examples is the requirement to use catalytic converters on all engines.  These are a total waste of money.  In addition they add some platinum or palladium to the air, both of which are quite deadly toxic metals.

Another insanity is adding a toxic form of manganese to the auto gasoline.  This just pollutes the air and is not needed.

Another insanity is allowing cadmium to be used in brake linings.  This also just pollutes the air with a very toxic metal.

Another insanity are the regulations that have destroyed the shift to hybrid cars.  For details, read The Regulatory State.

Another insanity are regulations banning the use of water to power cars.

Another insanity is the use of toxic materials in rubber tires that are not needed or helpful.

Global warming or climate change.  The climate is always changing, and has always changed throughout history, long before people drove cars or burned gasoline for other reasons.  The hysteria about it is completely fabricated and designed to scare people into giving governments more power.  Please do not pay attention to the fear-mongering about it. 

In fact, the planet’s temperature is regulated by helpers who can easily speed up the planet a little bit, which moves her further from the sun and cools the planet down. 

If the planet gets too cold, they slow the planet down in her movement around the sun and she moves a bit closer to the sun and the temperature warms up.  That is all there is to it.  It has nothing to do with “carbon footprints” or driving your car (which could be run on water in the form of HHO gas).

In reality, warming the earth a few degrees would add a lot of farmland to the earth, which would be a significant benefit for the planet.  The coastal cities would not be flooded because the total amount of water can be regulated by advanced beings and they could remove some of the water from the planet to keep the coastal areas from flooding.

Plant and animal species would do fine with a little global warming.  In fact, many would benefit from a slight warming of the earth.  The hysteria about climate change is purely political and a way to scare and control the people of the earth. 

One’s carbon footprint does not matter one bit.  The reason is that more carbon dioxide causes more plant growth and this balances out the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

The false hysteria about climate change distracts from the real problems of the planet, which are in this article.


Air pollution.  This is a concern everywhere, thanks to the gas-powered jet engines.  These deposit a lot of soot and chemicals in the upper atmosphere.  It slowly finds its way down to the surface of the earth as pollution.

Big cities.  Air pollution is worst in the large cities of the earth.  This is due to vehicle exhaust and power plant emissions. 

Most air pollution is easily curable if we were to switch to HHO gas to power the vehicles, the power plants, and other factories now powered by coal and oil.

This transition is not as difficult as one might imagine.  The present fleet of vehicles could be converted to HHO, for example.  New cars would have more even more efficient designs.

Please read about HHO technology on the internet!  It starts with water and turns it into a type of natural gas that is better than standard natural gas and even cleaner.

As stated above, the entire hybrid and electric vehicle industries are stalled because of insane regulations.  These are discussed in The Regulatory State.

“Free energy”.  The Tesla technologies, also called “free energy” technologies that replace all the engines are coming, probably in the next 50 years.  They have been invented, but they are not permitted due to insane regulations, once again.  They will solve most air pollution problems overnight!




There is nothing wrong with oil, coal and natural gas.  These can be cleaned up, and this is done in the United States and Europe, but not in Asia and India, where most of the pollution due to coal originates.

Nuclear power is horrible and must be stopped.  I predict more nuclear accidents until we figure out that nuclear power is a very bad idea.

Solar and wind power are not very good.  They are both too costly and windmills are not safe for birds.  I predict they will be abandoned in favor of HHO technology and then the Tesla free energy technologies.




              There are not too many of these, fortunately, and they are less critical than the surface problems.  They include:


Deep tunnels, especially those that are filled with metal parts such as subway tunnels.  Simple mine shafts are not a problem, although they do weaken the earth a little.


A few underground military bases.   Most military bases are okay.  A few are down too deep and should be filled in and replaced with ones closer to the surface.  Most bases, such as Cheyenne Mountain, are fine because they are underneath mountains are not too deep in the earth for this reason.




            This is quite solvable with high-temperature incineration and the use of easily recyclable materials.  This includes plastics, which can be made quite recyclable.  For example, plastic shopping bags are not a problem.  Nor are plastic water bottles a problem.  These can be recycled or reused.  There is no reason to get rid of these plastics.

            Glass is still a fairly clean material.  It also keeps things very clean.  However, it weighs a lot and requires a lot of electricity to make it.  As a result, glass as a packaging material is not always better than newer plastics when they are correctly designed.




            It is necessary for all people on the earth to truly love their home.  This is not hard, as she is one of the most beautiful planets anywhere.  Anyone can see this by comparing photos of the earth from space with photos of the moon, mars, venus, jupiter, mercury and the other planets.

            So please, learn to appreciate all that planet earth offers.  Take hikes in the woods and on the mountains, always exercising care in what you wear and with whom you travel.  Do not fall into the trap of some environmentalists who think that humanity is “killing the planet”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.



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