by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Everyone is worried about the Chinese virus these days. However, at this time (March 2020), you are much more likely to be killed on the highway. Here are firm rules that reduce your chances of an accident:

1. Never text while driving. This is one of the worst habits.

2. Never talk on the phone while driving. This is not as bad as texting, but it is still distracting, even if you have a speaker-phone or headset.

3. Never drink while intoxicated with anything such as alcohol or marijuana or CBD. Do not violate this rule. Up to half the car accidents involve a person who is intoxicated. CBD is a narcotic drug. Don’t use it! For details, read The CBD Scam.

4. Do not drive late at night, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. First, you are tired late at night. Secondly, that is when the drunks and stoned people are driving home from their parties.

5. Do not exceed the speed limit. Do not drive when you are tired, hungry or thirsty. Do not eat food or drink anything while driving. Pull off the road if you need to eat or drink.

6. Slow down at all intersections. Look to the left and then to the right before you enter any intersection. Intersections are the site of 20% of car accidents.

7. If you are stopped at a traffic light and you are the first car at the light, when the light changes to green do not immediately move ahead. Carefully look to the right and to the left before you enter the intersection.

8. In a nation in which drivers stay to the right, always drive in the right lane of a four lane road. It is okay to pass a slow car, but then return to the right lane. If the road only has one lane in each direction, always remain to the right inside your lane. If, in your nation, cars drive to the left of each other, (Great Britain, for example), then always stay as far left as possible to minimize accidents.

9. Keep your front and back windshields clean.

10. Leave the driver’s side window open a little at all times, even in winter, so you can hear approaching vehicles and horns from other cars. Never play the radio or talk so loud that you cannot hear other cars nearby.

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