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Here are a just a few websites and organizations that have similar values as this website.  There are many other excellent websites, but we don’t have time to research them.


Prospering With Sickle Cell Disease. This is a new website that teaches development science as applied to sickle cell disease.

NOTE: The problem with almost all natural healing websites is they are oriented toward remedies.  This is very different from development science, the method discussed on this website. 

Some are also quite commercial in their orientation.  All of them also contain incorrect information that will confuse you.

Some supposed natural healing websites are also malicious and deliberately lie to confuse people. 

Medical websites are also a problem because they usually do not understand natural healing, and they definitely do not understand development science, so they are extremely confusing, as well.

Be careful and do not believe all that you read, no matter how many times it is repeated.

Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifier.  This machine will increase the oxygen that you breathe in your home.  This is extremely helpful for one’s health. 

Please ignore all the warnings on the internet that ozone is dangerous.  It will bring up lung and bronchial problems for healing, so it can cause symptoms.  But ozone in this amount is not harmful, no matter what the State of California says.

Because the machine runs all the time, one can increase one’s oxygen intake all night, and all day if you are at home.  In this regard, it is much easier and less costly than ozone setups or other means of improving the oxygenation of the body, although those can also be helpful.

www.  This website sells very interesting products that seem to work well for EMF sensitivity, according to feedback.  NOTE: These products may not show results using an EMF meter because the frequencies involved are quite subtle.

However, there is no substitute for healing and strengthening the body, which is the best answer for EMF sensitivity. -  This site details where to find sources for raw dairy products throughout America.  Read the article entitled Dairy Products on this site for more information about milk and other dairy products.

Sardines and blue corn (tortillas or tortilla chips).  These are mentioned because they are extremely important foods in nutritional balancing science at this time.  They are available in most supermarkets and/or health food stores, as well as on the internet.  Therefore I will not include specific links to website.  For more about these rather amazing foods for spiritual development, read Sardines and Blue Corn on this website.

A Hand Blender.   This is a simple kitchen appliance that will chop up and puree cooked vegetables, meats, rice and other food without the need to add water.

Do not use a blender to puree food because you must add water with a regular blender and this is not good.  Hand blenders are available in stores or online.

Alcohol and drug problems in colleges.  We generally recommend avoiding college.  Learn at home online.  Most colleges are extremely overpriced, very dangerous for women, and usually teach bad values and false doctrines such as liberalism and socialism.  Drug and alcohol use is just one of the problems.

Keeping your home clean:


The following are wonderful vaccine websites that are being hidden from us by Google censorship (as of December 2019). Google may also control all the other search engines that I have found.

This is completely illegal and they need to be shut down.  Write to your Senators and Representatives about this censorship. contains 7005 vaccine injury stories at our last count, with more on the way.  The website owner drives around and interviews parents of vaccine-injured children and videotapes them.  This site is also superb, run by Robert Kennedy Jr.  He researched the topic for President Trump, who sadly has not done anything about it.  This is an excellent site about vaccination and other medical drugs and procedures.  Please donate to this site.  This is a superb site about vaccination.  Please donate to these sites.


Partnership For A Drug Free America. The Partnership For A Drug-Free America is a superb group that educates parents and teens about the dangers of psychiatric drugs like Ritalin, Prozac and many others, as well as the dangers of recreational drugs.  It also helps us all understand the dangers of abusing over-the-counter and other prescription medications such as pain killers and cough medicine.  It is a very important website and organization.


            Guide For Parents About Drugs: 




A good website about the worst of modern medicine is  We also have an article about Dangerous Drugs (which really includes most of them).  We have several other articles about drugs, as well, including marijuana – which today is hybridized and a bad drug.




Internet censorship.  The following is a map of how much various nations censor the internet:




Turning Point USA is an excellent free market, limited government organization found at is the website of KrisAnne Hall.  It is an excellent American news and informational website.  A good conservative news site.


Newsmax TV.  An excellent conservative television station. 


            Gun rights: is excellent.  Everyone should join to find the truth about guns and gun rights, which are women’s rights.

There are other gun organizations such as the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners Of America and others which we know less about but they are probably excellent, too.  These groups and these groups alone keep America alive as a free nation, or it would be all over for the entire concept of a free society.  There is little more to say.  This website sells ammunition, but the link takes you to a page where they have a lot of excellent free market, gun-related, and classical liberal political material and links to other sites.


            The Tea Party Movement. This is one of the largest political groups that is steadily pushing America back to her classical liberal ideas and financial sanity.


Freedomworks.  This is an organization that we wholly support in its efforts to restore America.


            The US Constitution And Bill of Rights.  Many excellent websites support the US Constitution and the principles it embodies.  In spite of dire efforts to destroy it, it remains a block to the socialists, communists, progressives, liberals and leftists who would take over the United States in a heartbeat if it were not there.  Here are just a few of these websites.


Hillsdale College:


TRUE HISTORY, NOT REVISIONIST OR POLITICALLY CORRECT HISTORY This is one of the finest websites in the world today.  It is by far the best web site to understand American history.  This is a must today because American history, as taught in schools and universities, has been seriously perverted and rewritten.

This may look like a Christian site, but it is really just a truthful site.  The truth about America and her founders has been lied about for so long that lies are accepted as truth.  School textbooks are horrible, as are most the news media.  This site will enlighten you about the truth of America in surprising ways.


The Profamily Legislative Network.  This important groups focuses on legislative issues that are important for all Americans, not just families.


The Institute For Justice. The Institute For Justice is an excellent group of attorneys who help ordinary people who have difficulty pursuing their businesses and their lives due to stupid, unfair and often horrible government regulations.  Areas in which they work include eminent domain abuse, freedom of choice in education, and silly occupational licensing laws.


The American Center For Law And Justice (ACLJ).  This is an excellent legal advocacy group who relentlessly defend your rights and our belittled Constitution.  It is a very worthwhile group to contribute to and join.


            The Campaign For Liberty.  This is another excellent group that alerts us to threats to the US Constitution, internet freedom issues and other horrors.


Concerned Women For America.  This is a superb pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, pro-life and pro-women organization that we strongly suggest joining.


The International Society For Individual Liberty. This group assists other nations to set up free market institutions and teaches economics, capitalism, and free market ideas around the world.  They are an excellent organization.


Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute is an excellent free market think tank.


National Center For Policy Analysis.  This is another excellent free market think tank.


The Cato Institute.  This is another very good free market, limited government think tank.




Home Education Magazine, Homeschooling Today, The Teaching Home, Homeschool World and other homeschooling resources.  The first two magazines concern the secular home schooling movement, while the second two are more oriented to the Christian branch of the home schooling movement.




Trustworthy Media Outlets.  If you get your news from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC or NPR, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE TRUTH.  These networks have sadly become skillful propaganda outlets that lull the people to sleep regarding the truth about America and the world.

We only recommend these sources of news and commentary:

The Drudge Report.  Not too bad.  This is the Christian Broadcasting Network.  It offers the 700 Club, an excellent news and media program.

The Blaze.comThis is another excellent news outlet, available on Roku and Dish Network. Often excellent commentary on today’s important issues.

Newsmax.  Decent news channel.

Fox News.  Fox is a little better than the other American cable news outlets, but not that good.




Unless you listen to at least some conservative talk radio shows, you will not know the truth about the news.  That is the situation today in America.

There are many good conservative talk show hosts.  Among them are Shawn Hannity, Dennis Prager, Chris Plant, Larry Elder and others.




NOTE: I have not tested these products personally.  George Wiseman sells a few products for your car.  You have to research them and see if they would be helpful.   Phone: (716) 507-4427.  This is a fuel system for your car that might boost the gas mileage by 50% or even 80%.  You have to research it yourself. 

It is simple technology that is called HHO.  Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen and this is added to the gasoline to enhance gas mileage, and run the engine cooler and cleaner. This is an interesting website offering plans to build a very low-cost solar electric system for your home.

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