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Cults and terror societies are two forms of human organization that are most interesting to know about.  This article will help define them - what they are, what they do and how to avoid them, if possible.  Let us first examine cults in more detail.

For more about how planet earth is being controlled and manipulated, read the Rogue section of articles on this website.

Now let us discuss cults and terror societies in more detail.




Cults are forms of organization in which the members of the group submerge their will and their lives to some degree to the wishes of the leader or leaders.  The leaders, in turn, live or benefit from the member’s needs or weaknesses in a selfish way. 

Thus, the main quality of a cult is the submerging of the individuals’ mind, spirit, ego and perhaps body to the will of the leader(s), who use the people selfishly.  This is a broad definition, but will suffice for this website.  Others may view cults slightly differently.


Abuse.  A cult, therefore, is a form of human society in which a leader abuses people.  The abuse can be overt, such as raping the women or murdering those the leaders do not like.

The abuse can also be subtle, such as bossing people around, making them feel insecure using random violence, lying to them, and stealing their energy, which is energy vampirism.  This is the situation on earth, in general.


More extreme cults.  Within the general society, there exist more extreme cults.  These usually involve 1) sex with the leader, who is usually a male, 2) twisted religious ideas or principles, 3) more brainwashing and/or hypnosis, and 4) perhaps living together under one roof or together in a series of buildings scattered about.

In part, this is a way to control the people better, and it may be desired by the members, in some cases.




This is another extreme form of a cult, in which a strong leader or group of leaders subjugates or subjects everyone else to his or her rule using an army or armed thugs who roam about the area and keep the people in line.  It may be considered a special type of cult that is more yang, more obvious and more forced.

Excellent examples of terror societies include today’s mainland China, modern North Korea, and some other nations ruled by dictators in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In fact, many societies in history, particularly empires, would be called terror societies.  These included the Roman empire, the former Communist Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and many others.  These can be considered terror societies because they were or are maintained by terror, basically.  The entire feudal period of history is of this type, as are many of the societies mentioned in the Bible, which are thousands of years old, such as Egypt under the Pharaohs.

In contrast to terror societies, the other cults are more subtle and perhaps more gentle in their operation.  Instead of soldiers oppressing the people, they may use persuasion, seduction, hypnosis, deceit, milder brainwashing, sleep deprivation, rape, or other more subtle means to attract, hold, indoctrinate and manipulate the members.






              The most important aspect of cults and terror societies is they must lower the adaptive energy or vitality level of their members in order to maintain control and be able to manipulate them.  This is so important it must never be overlooked when examining any society, organization, group or movement in society.  Entire books could be written about this subject, so important is it. 

              The basic idea is that to control a person, one must lower the person’s adaptive energy level or vitality.  If the person has a good adaptive energy level, which can often be read on a properly performed and interpreted hair mineral test, the person will be much harder to control.  Cults and terror societies therefore “specialize”, one might say, in finding ways to lower the adaptive energy of their members.

Some of the major ways they lower people’s energy level include:

1. Poisoning.  This includes subtle or overt poisoning of the water supplies, the food supply, the air, and everything people touch or work around.

Vaccines.  Vaccines on earth are used to poison people.  All one needs to do is read the insert or label that comes with them to find that they often contain toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum, and they often contain other toxic chemicals, as well.

Medical drugs.  Medical drugs are a major source of poisoning, including homeopathic preparations.  Antibiotics, in particular, are quite toxic and should only rarely be used.  Natural methods of fighting infections such as colloidal silver, vitamin A and bee propolis are much better.

2. Nutritional deprivation.  This is done in dozens of ways.  The leaders may discourage efficient farming through “coops”, regulation, sabotage or other ways.  As a result, the people do not get quality food or enough food.

The “green revolution” in Western societies on earth ruined the nutrition of the crops.  Much more crop is grown on an acre of land using superphosphate fertilizers that are growth stimulants.  However, the crops contain much less minerals because the soil is mined, not replenished properly.  Also, heavy pesticide use damages the soil and damages the crops, as well.

Genetic manipulation of the crops, such as  Roundup-Ready soybeans, further degrades the nutritional quality of the food and is toxic for the people, as well.

Nutritional depletion also occurs due to food processing, such as turning whole wheat flour into white flour, whole rice into white rice, and so on.

Adding chemicals to the food supply damages digestion, reducing nutrient absorption and sickening everyone.

3. Rape. This spreads sexually transmitted disease that weakens the minds and the bodies.  It is carried out in a systematic way to slowly infect everyone in the population.  Prostitution, for example, is encouraged or allowed, infidelity in marriage is subtly encouraged through the media and movies, etc.

4. Random violence.  Political oppression and insanity of the government weakens the people, random violence that is choreographed, such as school shootings, upsets and frightens the people.

5. False social, political and religious doctrines are taught to the people.  “Politically-correct” doctrines that are false confuse and demoralize the people.  These include the horrors of climate change, diversity doctrines instead of rewarding merit, and others.

6. Other.  Other methods include the use of odd rituals, whippings, satanic practices such as sacrificing animals, and the use of rape with the women, in particular, but also with the men, at times.  It can include rituals that wear the people out such as long dances or marches, as Mao Tse Tung forced the Chinese people to undergo.

It can include the use or encouraging the use of alcohol, all kinds of drugs, poisons of various kinds including smoking marijuana, since even this definitely weakens people.  Finally, it can simply be humiliation, embarrassment, overwork and other tortures of all kinds, though it may not be called torture.  For example, it could be vigorous exercise routines like running in place, a martial arts display, standing for a long period of time,  chanting for hours, cleaning up the Ashram for hours, following a vegetarian diet, or almost anything that stresses people.


Please, when evaluating a church, a group, or any organization that you are thinking of joining, watch for such activities, even if they seem mild.  These are often hidden ways that groups condition and brainwash their members.




In every cult, by our definition, the leaders use the members bodies, minds, or resources either for sex, or for other purposes such as to take their money or use their labor, for example.  The sexual aspects of cults are most interesting, and extremely important for a number of reasons:

1. Rape is often used within cults to “condition” people, humiliate people, lower people’s energy level, for fun by the leader, and for brainwashing and other purposes as well.  Rape is excellent to condition human beings, sadly.  For much more on rape and its uses, read Rape on this website.

2. Sex may also be used as part of male dominance conditioning, in some, if not many cults and terror societies.  In other words, the senior people are “rewarded” with sex, as seen also in many animal societies.

3. Sex can be used as entertainment, for example.  With some groups it is the main way they attract new members.

4. Sexual rituals, group sex and other odd practices are used also to initiate people, condition people in special ways, humiliate people as part of a ritual such as making one remove all their clothes for an “inspection”

5. Sexual rituals usually spread sexually transmitted diseases and, in this way, they sicken people to make them more docile and obedient.

6. Rarely, sex is used to procreate new members, like the offspring of the king in olden times.




            Cults and terror societies are always about centralized power.  This is another important principle.  Power flows from the boss, leader, king or “main man” downward, and never the other way around.  This is a key to understanding cults and terror societies.

            Power is maintained over the “subjects” in hundreds or even thousands of ways, from sheer force of military might, to rape, torture, or teaching various doctrines such as the divine right of kings, for example. 

Power may also be maintained in very subtle ways such as taking people’s money and possessions away, spying on people, or even inflating the currency in a nation to bankrupt the people.  Inflating the money is a hidden tax that secretly transfers enormous wealth from the people to their government. 

The entire Western world is practicing this today, as are China, Japan, Russia and other nations as well.  This is all stealing wealth, which is one way to keep power centralized and maintain the rule of the leaders when other methods fail.

            Other ways to maintain power are to damage the women, damage the family unit, get rid of religion and God, since these are “alternative power structures” that inevitably compete with the cult leader or state.  Another way is to teach a hierarchical religion which sadly includes most of them on earth. 

One can teach that it is good to be poor, humble, self-effacing and to defer your own needs to the “church” or leaders.  One can teach people that it is noble to be a slave or a servant of the government.  Many other methods are used in cults and terror societies, and even in modern socialist and communist nations - which are terror societies - to maintain centralized power.




The word cult and the word culture come from the same root meaning.  It is true, indeed, that an entire culture can be based on brainwashing, sexual molestation and perversion, for example, and so the similarity in the words can be meaningful, though certainly not in every case.

It is always wise, however, to examine the culture of a nation or society, as it may yield clues to how the people are controlled and conditioned by leaders, or by a religion or ideology.




Cults are often thought to be automatically illegal.  However, cults are not necessarily specifically illegal, or even that immoral, in some cases.  One can argue that some of them offer an “alternative lifestyle” or an alternative way of living and organizing society that some people want and enjoy.  Therefore, the police should leave them alone, provided they do not break any civil laws.

For example, some men and women may choose to live in large homes with one man controlling and having sex with many women.  This arrangement may provide a certain security and safety for the women, who may also enjoy sex with the leader.  Who are we to say this is definitely a cult and illegal?

However, many states in the United States, and in other nations, have passed anti-cult laws.  These are an attempt to protect people from rape, violence and murder that may occur within the community or group.  The laws are designed to protect against crimes such as assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment, fraud, molestation, robbery, rape and even murder in the name of a cause.

These laws are controversial, according to some legal authorities, particularly in nations such as the USA, where freedom of association is supposedly guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions.

Proving allegations against cult leaders is also difficult, at times, if the cult keeps a low profile and is discreet. Group members often say under oath that they are choosing to live a certain way, just as some couples choose to live in a sort of violent fashion in some homes.

The question is how far the police have the right to go to interfere with the lifestyles of the people, especially in nations where people are supposed to have a degree of privacy from government snooping and government oppression.  Where does privacy end and rape and violence begin in a family or a community or group?  This can be a difficult issue.




Often, but certainly not always,  the men and women are docile types of people who are easily led and easily manipulated by charismatic leaders.  Often, but not always, they were molested and/or raped as children or young adults.  Most tend to be very fearful so they are easy to control and to shepherd, as it were, into the group and to keep them coming back for more.




1. Cults seem “powerful” or sovereign, and many people are attracted to this power.  One might think that cult members would automatically rebel against a leader’s threats or actions such as torture, rape, or even murder.  But some people who may feel powerless or confused like this quality.  The members feel more powerful, vicariously, perhaps.  Feeling powerful and in control is a deep human need.  This sounds twisted, and it is, but it occurs.

For example, in the 1930s and 1940s, many Germans identified with Adolf Hitler as their leader, even though today we listen to his speeches and he was clearly quite insane and definitely a cult leader.

 Force in a cult can take many forms.  It could be that it is a religious group and the threat of force is that God will punish them if they leave the cult.  It could be a threat of some other kind, such as social pressure, embarrassment, excommunication from a religion, loss of income, or something else.


2. Cults limit open and free thought beyond certain well-defined boundaries. In other words, the members are not allowed to question the beliefs and practices in the cult.  If they do question too much, they are usually expelled, punished, or even killed, in some cases.

Ways that cults prevent open discussion and freedom of thought are to invoke religious ideas, for example.  Other ways are through peer pressure, subtle or overt threats of rape or violence, threats of expulsion and even threats of death.

One might say that this is horrible, but, in fact, some people who are confused and feeling lost do not like too much freedom, and may be attracted to religions and groups that teach them not to question and who limit their ideas and expression.


3. Cults often, if not always, have a seductive, flattering and hypnotic quality.  Many people actually enjoy being seduced and hypnotized.  This can explain some human behavior very well, indeed.

The cult leader is often suave, sexy or seductive, appealing and charismatic in some way.  Most have hidden agendas, and many use underhanded means such as seduction, flattery, hype or lies to lure people in, and then to keep them in the cult.  However, some of the people are attracted to this quality and respect it.

The exception is a terror society in which members are held at gunpoint or fenced in, for example, and clearly raped or murdered if they do not comply with the leader’s wishes.  Here, too, this may satisfy a human need to punish others, for example, in ways one would never do oneself.  However, it may be acceptable for the government or the leader to take drastic action against others.  This, too, sounds twisted, but it is part of crowd psychology or mob psychology, which always comes into play in cults and terror societies.


4. Cults usually have an intimate or family-like quality about them.  This is a curious and important “human” quality.  It appeals deeply to many people who, perhaps, did not enjoy a good early family life or who long for a group to belong to.  Wanting a family is a human trait that is quite strong.  The family provides safety, companionship, often sex, material support, opportunity for work, play, social gathering, and more.

Cults often exploit this human need or desire in many ways by having people live together, enjoy loose sex, play and work together, and more.


5. Cults often, but not always have a religious or spiritual tone or undertone.  This also fulfills a deep need in many, many people.  Most people want some type of spiritual guidance and direction in their lives.  Some find it in the traditional churches and religions, while others find it from reading and studying books, watching religious television, walking in nature, or elsewhere.

Joining a group or cult is another way to satisfy this important human need and desire.  The cult leader(s) then uses this need to control the members and make sure that the hidden agendas of the leader(s) are fulfilled.


6. Cults can make their members feel special or loved in a special way.  This, too, is a deep need for many people that can get a person in trouble easily.  The leader is aware of this need, and may repeatedly tell his followers how special they are, or how special he is and by association, how special they are.  They may also be told that their “mission” or work or crusade is very special, and by association, they are special.

So beware of this, as it trips up some people.  It appeals particularly to those who feel inferior and perhaps worthless or sinful.  However, it can appeal to the ego of anyone.


In this way, cults and terror societies are organized carefully, often, to appeal to often twisted or aberrant but deep and often unconscious human needs and desires.  These can be organized according to the seven main energy centers of the body, or in other ways.




The most common religious themes are Eastern such as Buddhist or Hindu, and Christian.  Jewish religious themes are much less common.  A possible reason for this is because the sexual aspects of cults cannot be fit into the Jewish pattern of religious life nearly as easily as they can be fit into the Christian pattern, which is more vaguely defined as just “love thy neighbor as thy self”.

An exception might be some of the older Israeli kibbutzim that are mainly gone now.  They were socialist utopias on a small scale, and a few advocated “free love and sex”, and group children raising.  However, this did not work well and most have disappeared.


In this way, cults and even terror societies can thrive, at least for a while, by appealing to profoundly deep human needs.




One of the tools used by many cults and in some terror societies to control people is to deprive them of enough rest and sleep, and even enough relaxation time.  This has a severe weakening effect upon people that, in turn, makes them more susceptible to the will of the leader, less able to resist, more easily brainwashed and hypnotized, and more ill.  In this sense, sleep deprivation, like rape, is an excellent tool to use to control and manipulate anyone.

Sadly, this same method is used today in all sorts of organizations from universities and medical schools, for example, even to hospitals, to keep the doctors and nurses in line.  It is also used in religious organizations, including mainstream churches, at times, to keep the followers off balance and docile.

Please beware of any group, activity, organization or teaching that encourages people to stay up late or in some other way to obtain less than 8 or 9 hours of sleep each and every night.  This is a warning, as we find too many people “caught up” in such groups.

One of the worst examples of the weakening effect of lack of rest occurs often in students at sleepaway colleges.  The professors often load the students up with reading and assignments that force the students to stay up late reading or writing papers, for example.  Whether by accident or intentionally, this weakens the student’s resolve, slows the mind, dulls the mind, and makes the student much more susceptible to the professor’s subtle propaganda and brainwashing.

Other ways this is used is to force medical students to stay on the job for 12 hours or more, force nurses to work long hours, or force anyone to do the same.  Still another way is to force people to get up very early for high school, for example, or for college classes, or even for work or for sports events or other events.  Even getting up for “prayers” at odd hours can weaken people.

All of these deprive people of enough sleep and rest. They are powerful methods that cults and terror societies all know can be used to help control and manipulate people without their knowledge.




Most cults engage in brainwashing and/or hypnosis, at least to some degree, to help keep the group in line.  This is an important point, because the indoctrination or hypnosis can be extremely subtle.  If you join a group of any kind, note if you feel that such brainwashing is going on. 

Brainwashing is not the same as simply teaching a doctrine or other material.  With brainwashing, there is usually punishment if one does not go along, and rewards for changing one’s views and going along with the leader.  For more on this subject, read Hypnosis And Brainwashing on this website.   




Cults, in some ways, emulate or resemble the way many animal species are organized for survival.  That is, they are ruled by usually one or several dominant male animals who have free sexual access to all of the females in the group or herd of animals.  The women and the lesser males stay with the dominant male because the male protects the group, literally.  In return, the women submit to sex and the lesser males do not challenge this, or anything else that the dominant male or males ask for.

However, a lesser male animal, especially a younger one, may, at any time, challenge the dominant male in a kind of mock warfare.  If the younger one wins, then he becomes the dominant male and the older dominant one is thrown out.  This does not usually occur in human cults, but it is the way things work in the animal societies.

In human cults, survival of the group is an issue.   However, it differs from animal societies because survival is not usually the dominant theme.  In human cults,  other issues such as sex with the leader, control, power over others, vampirism or even violence are dominant.  In some cases, perhaps an ideology, religion, type of work or something else is dominant.

Also, in the human cults, hypnosis, seduction, brainwashing, and violence against the members, including rape, beating, shooting, undressing, embarrassment, harassment, intimidation, threats and more are often a dominant feature of the cult.  This does not usually occur in the animal societies, which are more organized around survival. 

Violence among animals occurs, on occasion, if, for example, the dominant male is challenged, or if a female does not want to go along with sex with the dominant male, but usually this is not the case.  Most often the females want to have sex with the powerful dominant male in order to have the most powerful and best equipped babies, so this is not much of a problem.  Also, among animals, couple loyalty and “love” is not usually much of an issue, so sex is more free and not related to love or loyalty as much as it is to having young that will survive.

One can thus view human cults and terror societies as a kind of imitation of the animal kingdom, or perhaps a throwback or regression to a more primitive organizational form of society.



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