by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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There exists a hidden system of rating people according to how well they teach and model the Christian path of life.  Some of the levels are Beginners, Novices, Intermediates and Christs.

The system applies to everyone, both believers and non-believers.  In truth, we are all in service to God, even if you donÕt believe in Him. 

The better your ranking, the more protection you will have against all forces that seek to destroy your body and your mind.  This is the main importance of this system.




The rating is based upon seven major areas of life:


1. Home life.  This includes keeping up a home, buying a home if you live in an apartment or with parents, learning to working hard, earning some money, basic care for the body and mind, cleanliness, diet, and basic habits of living.  It also includes your interest in improving your health through natural methods.


2. Emotional life.  This includes emotional stability and control, excitement for Christ and His church, avoiding negative emotions and holding only healthy, pure, uplifting attitudes and emotions.

Limiting sexual activity or no sexual activity is excellent, with the exception of Down Sex, which is a healing method that is quite powerful and healthful.


3. Work.  This includes doing socially useful work.  Excellent work for Christ includes counseling, social work, guiding others in some way, teaching, or healing work.  It also includes doing any type of work well, as service first, honestly, fairly, and with love and not resentment.


4. Social life.  This includes being a friend, and being open to friendships and social contact.  It may also include how you relate to your work associates and others with whom you are in contact.


5. Creative life.  This is work you do specifically for Christ of any type.  It includes witnessing for Jesus, church work, supporting Christian political and social causes such as stopping abortion and homosexuality.

It also includes charity work with the poor or sick, helping abused women, caring for poor children, and more.  Prayer work and prayer groups are a very important part of this aspect of Christian living, especially for women.

Women need not be out in the world to have a high rating because being out in the world this is always somewhat unsafe for them.  They can do it all from home, and this is often best unless they live in a very safe area.


6. Married life.  This has to do with how well you live as a husband or wife, parent, provider and partner in a marriage.  If you are single, you wonÕt do well in this area and we suggest marriage for everyone.  Having children is not required for this ranking, but marriage is a positive value.

Married life has to do with marital fidelity, treatment of your spouse and children, treatment of your parents and those of your spouse, how you handle sickness in the family, and more.


7. Religion and philosophy.  This includes your religious attitudes such as the strength of your belief in God and his rules such as The Ten Commandments of Moses, the Golden Rule, and other spiritual laws. 

It includes both your level of understanding and whether or not you share or witness to others.  For example, it is wonderful if you write articles or speak publically or have a website about Jesus.




The best way for most people to figure out your ranking within this system is to read over the seven categories of Christian life above.  Often, you know in which areas you are weak, and in which areas you are stronger.  Occasionally, others can give you insight about this matter.




It is also possible to have exact verification of your church ranking.  However, most people cannot see the marks, so this is why we say the system is hidden.  Here are most of the indicators.

1. Marks in the shape of crosses appear in a personÕs energy field in the area of the head to indicate their rank.  The more of these one has, the better the ranking.

2. A dome or steeple shape is over the personÕs head, close to the head.  The sharper the angle of the steeple, the higher your ranking.

3. The entire energy field of the person tilts either to the left or to the right.  This mark specifically relates to a personÕs political outlook.  A left tilt is associated with left-wing values, which are secular, liberal and anti-religious.  A right tilt indicates a religious understanding of life and more right-wing values.

The ideal is a slight right tilt.  Those with a more extreme right tilt are religious in their thinking, but very authoritarian about its implementation.  This is not ideal in our world.

Examples of people with this tilt are the Iranians and other theocratic societies of the Middle East.  These nations are dangerous because they murder, rape and destroy in the name of their God.

4. The service mark.  This is a line near the top of the head in the middle of the head area.  The longer the line, the more service one is performing.  Most people do not do well with this one.

Service is defined as work for others or for God that is really needed and helpful.  Just working at a job or career, or even just volunteering at church, is not necessarily good service if the work is not too important.  For example, running the church is better service than mowing the church lawn.  This is good to know so that you move yourself into really needed areas of service to improve your ranking.

5. The merkaba.  At an early stage of its growth, this mark looks like a six-pointed star in the middle of a personÕs chest.  Many people have this mark, which indicates a spiritual orientation and that one is more or less following the rules of living outlined above.  This mark has nothing to do with oneÕs religion.

Later, the merkaba looks like a sphere of subtle light that surrounds the entire physical body.  It signifies a person who is somewhat more developed.  In order to get to this level of development today, one must follow the rules of living listed above fairly closely.  For details, read The Merkaba.



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