by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            The avura are souls that are quite advanced in their development.  The word avura (emphasis on the last syllable) means a helper soul in an ancient Hebrew dialect.

            When one does the Pulling Down Exercise for at least two years steadily and for at least one hour daily, some of this group of souls enter the body to help one continue to develop.

Development, as we use this word on this website, has a precise meaning - the growth of the subtle energy field of a person.  For details, read Introduction to Development.

 These helper souls increase in numbers for at least 20 years as one continues to do the pulling down exercise.  They replace another group of helper souls with which we are born.

Bringing in the avura is one of the major benefits of doing the pulling down exercise each and every day for at least one hour.  Please do this exercise and donÕt make excuses why you cannot do it.  Do it walking, sitting, or lying down.




The avura assist the health of the body and extend the lifespan.  Specifically, the avura help eradicate infections in the body, help produce some vitamins in the intestines, help with detoxification through the liver and elsewhere, and they help supervise other souls who are busy with other tasks. 

The avura stay with the person for the duration of oneÕs life and are most happy to help out in many ways.




The avura do not like living inside or around human bodies that are not developed.  Undeveloped bodies are too toxic, too nutritionally depleted in most cases, and subtle energy or ether does not flow well through the body.  The flow is chaotic and not powerful enough.

The pulling down exercise helps correct these imbalances.  In addition, to hasten the arrival of the avura one needs to follow the development diet.  In some people, the posture and the health of the spine need correcting with chiropractic therapy, bodywork and the spinal twist exercise done several times daily.

However, besides doing the pulling down exercise, better nutrition is the most critical need in most people.  The reason is that the soils of planet earth and the entire food supply is somewhat toxic and depleted of minerals.  Also, many people follow unhealthful diets, which include vegetarian diets, raw food diets, fermented food diets, and refined food diets.  



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