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This is a very controversial article. Many people have been brainwashed into believing that the US Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever written. This article takes exception to this idea. In fact, souls that were present in early America say that many people knew this.

Some readers know that the US Constitution was not the founding governing document of the American nation. There was an earlier document called The Articles Of Confederation. In this paper, I will refer to these as “the Articles”.

The Articles differed from the Constitution in that they gave much more power to the states and much less power to the national government. According to most scholars, this concept did not work, so it was scrapped in favor of the Constitution.

The Constitution reduced state and individual power. It gave a lot more power to the national government, especially the judicial branch, which is basically ruled by 9 unelected officials and is without any citizen input such as a jury.


The theme of this article is that the Articles Of Confederation actually worked extremely well.

Furthermore, we propose that what really happened is that the Articles worked so well that the socialist and totalitarian forces on earth, which are very powerful, decided it would not be allowed.

So they did the following:

1. The Articles are poorly written and poorly organized.

2. They instituted a disinformation campaign in America and abroad, spreading vicious lies about the failings of the Articles Of Confederation. They claimed the new nation was falling apart and would never succeed with its decentralized governing structure.

3. They organized the Constitutional Convention of 1789.

4. They helped draft the current US Constitution and helped get the votes in all the states to make it the law of the land.


1. National control of the money. In the Articles, the states controlled money and could issue their own gold coins. Placing this power in the national government opened things to much easier corruption of the money.

2. National provisioning of the armed forces. The Articles had this under state control. While somewhat cumbersome, it would have led to fewer wars, we think.

3. Too much power and responsibility to the executive branch of the national government. The executive power should of the national government should be limited, but it has grown enormous.

4. Mixup of the roles of Congress. The Articles are clear about the limited power of the Congress. In the Constitution, Congress is given two roles – limited power over the states and absolute power over the territories and possessions of the United States. Right from the start of the nation, Congress mixed up these roles and passed laws for the states. No one stopped them and it goes on today.

5. No need for two houses of government. It gives too much power to the cities. The one house of Congress idea gives more power to rural states. We think this is much better than the current system.

6. Much too much spending power. This was not supposed to happen and we feel would have been even better controlled under the Articles.

7. The power to tax. This should not be at the national level. The power to tax is the power to enslave and ruin individuals and corporations. In the Articles, Congress must ask the states for money.

8. There is no need for the vice-president. In the Articles, the Congress appoints a president. If something happens to him, they just elect someone else from among their ranks.

9. Get rid of the Supreme Court and replace with state courts only, and all with jury trials. As stated above, the Supreme Court does not offer jury trials and its members are appointed, not chosen by the people.

For details about the Articles of Confederation, read The Articles Of Confederation.

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