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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The subject of this article is energy healing methods, a very large topic.  At one level, all healing is energy healing because matter is nothing but condensed energy.  This, of course, would include nutrition, lifestyle, drugs, surgery, herbs and most every form or aspect of healing.  However, usually this is not the definition of energy healing or energetic healing.  

            Definition of energy healing.  A broad definition of energy healing is the use of methods that alter and influence the subtle energy system of a human being.  Energy healing techniques are usually defined as those in which the movement or balancing of subtle forms of energy is the primary intent and focus of the technique.  This is a very general definition.


              Warning: Some energy healing methods are excellent, such as the Red Heat Lamp Sauna Therapy, Prayer, Foot Reflexology, the Pushing Down Exercise, and Reiki.  Others are very harmful today.  These include Homeopathy, essential oils or aromatherapy, Toftness chiropractic, and many healing machines.

            To some degree, this is occurring because the world is more yin, and these techniques are all quite yin.  In addition, the nutrition of most people is not good, and this interferes with many subtle energy healing methods.




            Nutritional balancing makes use of at least three energetic methods:

            1. Reddish heat lamp therapy or a sauna made with several reddish heat lamps.  This has proven to be safe and very effective for thousands of people.  However, never shine the light on your head area for more than 10 minutes at a time.   That is the most important caution with it. 

            Also, after one has developed, this therapy becomes a little too yin.  This requires staying on a nutritional balancing program at least 20 years, in most cases.

            2. The Pushing Down Exercise. This is extremely safe and effective for everyone, at all stages of development.

            3. Foot and Hand Feflexology.  This is very safe and a very awesome natural therapy for everyone at all stages of development.

            4. Coffee, but only in Coffee Enemas or the Genital Coffee Methods.  Coffee is  more yang herb that has fascinating properties when used this way.

            5. Prayer is very good and very safe, when done properly.  Selfish prayer is less helpful than asking for Thy Will, for example.  Please read the articles on Prayer and Thy Will Be Done on this website. 

            6. Another acceptable technique, but only when done properly, is Reiki.   Never add to the technique and never circulate the energy back to yourself from a client.


            Other subtle energy techniques appear to be less safe or less effective, so I donÕt recommend them.  They include many such as yoga, tai chi, chi gung, jin shin jyutsu, all the healing machines, homeopathy, the tapping therapies, and some others.  This is somewhat unfortunate, but I think it is best that people know the dangers of energy medicine, because it is so appealing, at times.  The reasons for avoiding some of them are given below.

            Now let us examine some of the most popular methods of energy healing or, as it is sometimes called, energy medicine.




            There are thousands of energy healing methods.  Space only permits a brief mention of a few of them.  Some are household words such as prayer and meditation, while others are less well known.   While many are Oriental in origin, a surprising number developed in the West.  Let us begin with one that everyone is somewhat familiar with.


            Prayer.  Praying, and singing chants are used in all religions as healing methods.  Some call it spiritual healing, while others just call it laying on of hands or other terms.  Prayer and some meditations are ways of concentrating the mind on an intent or outcome or desire that something be done, or healed or turned over to God or released, perhaps. 

              Prayer is a wonderful method of healing because it can be done anywhere without the use of fancy equipment or special training.  However, training the mind to be quiet and calm, and then training it to focus carefully on the desired outcome or intent are necessary for some prayers.  Some people are naturally good at this, while others must learn it by practicing.

            As with all methods of energetic healing, prayer can be abused.  One could ask in prayer that harm come to another whom you do not like, for instance.  One can also ask in prayer for millions of dollars, for example when you donÕt need it and it would just spoil you.  One could ask in prayer for a certain outcome such as a divorce or a marriage, when really this is not the optimum outcome for the person.  So prayer can definitely be abused, and it is abused in many cases by selfish prayers, for example.  For much more on prayer, read Prayer on this website.


              Acupuncture originated in India and is thousands of years old.  It  postulates the existence of energy channels in the body called meridians, that control all bodily functions.  The acupuncturist assesses these meridians and then uses needles, herbs and occasionally other methods to strengthen and balance the energy meridians.  Acupuncture is not working as well today as it has in the past, most likely because the nutrition today is so poor and the bodies are a little different than they were thousands of years ago.  The same is true of other ancient methods such as Ayurvedic medicine. 


              Acupressure, jin shin jyutsu, shiatsu massage, and others. These and other methods are also based on the meridian system of the body, or the flow of chi, qu or subtle energy.  Instead of needles, however, the practitioner uses touch or pressure to affect the flow of energy in the meridian system.  Please be careful with them.


            Foot and hand reflexology, also called zone therapy, is an ancient method of healing that is very powerful and quite safe.  It is based upon opening and clearing a set of energy channels that run parallel to each other up and down the body.  For more on this very excellent and interesting technique, read Reflexology on this site.


            Electrical machines.  There are literally hundreds of different machines today that I will divide into:

a) Frequency generators.  These include diathermy, TENS units, acuscope, biofeedback machines, Rife machines, Hulda Clark zappers, multiwave oscillators, and a number of others.  These can be useful, at times, and indeed some are used in regular health care today.


b) Radionic devices.  These include the SE-5, electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV), vega, computron, Dermatron, QXCI and probably a dozen others.  I do not recommend using these.  I have played with a number of them.  The problem is they operate at very subtle levels and can make the body very yin, which is harmful, even if they get rid of symptoms. They can be used for diagnosis, but even here, be careful as they are not always accurate.


c) Other.  There are many unusual healing machines available today that use sound, light, color, healing rays, magnets, and more.  Please be careful with these machines.  I do not recommend them, especially magnets, which can be quite harmful if you continue using them more than a few days.


              Aromatherapy.  This is the application of herb and essences, or essential oils for healing.  This may be considered an energetic method of healing, although it may be, in part, a nutritional or herbal method.  I do not recommend aromatherapy because it is extremely yin and somewhat toxic.

              Gems, gem elixirs, stones or crystals.  These can be placed on or near the body, worn in rings or pendants, or applied in other ways.  I donÕt know much about this science, which is complex.  Please be careful, as this is a subtle science.  If I learn more, I will report our results in this article.

              Homeopathy.  This is a popular method that I do not recommend at all.  It is too yin, and difficult to do well.  It also includes the Bach flower remedies and the Schussler cell salts.  None of these are recommended at this time.

              Light and color therapy. The body may be exposed to colored lights, or the patient drinks water from colored containers that have been left in the sun to acquire the frequency of that color.  Another way to apply color is to have a person wear a particular color, or wear colored glasses that filters the light going into the eyes.  I would avoid these methods at this time.  Nutritional balancing uses the energy in the reddish heat lamps sold at most hardware stores as an energetic method.  Other colors, we find, are less important and may confuse the body today.

              Sound and music therapies.    These are interesting, and may work at a soul level.  Pleasant music can be very healing, in some cases.  Be careful, however, as music and sound can lull you into a stupor and can easily just distract you.  Violent, or too loud or discordant music usually is damaging, such as rock Ōn roll.

              Geopathic sciences are concerned with subtle energies coming from under the earth, and their relationship to our health.  Geomancy and geopathic stress are words that are used to describe an extensive science of how underground streams and currents of water, mainly, but also other rock formations and stress lines in the earth can affect our health, and what to do about this.  These methods require a very sensitive person, but can be helpful if a home or office is making you ill, for example.

              Witchcraft methods.  These include casting spells, magic, voodoo, sˇances, spiritualism, and wikka.  I would strictly avoid all of these methods, even if they say they are for healing.  One problem is they can easily be used to hurt people.

            There are many more energy healing sciences, but these are among the best known.




            All energy healing methods postulate the existence of invisible fields of energy that permeate and may even create or maintain our bodies.  These fields go by various names including the center system, the aura, the acupuncture meridians, the channel system, vital force, chi, qi, the odic force, orgone energy and others.  Enhancing, balancing, or otherwise altering these fields or frequencies of energy is the key to all energetic healing methods.
            Most or all methods of energy medicine share certain principles.  These are very important principles of subtle energy concerning not only our bodies, but our physical dimension of reality, in general.  They include:


1. Subtle energies are real, and reflect and affect our health.

2. The intensity, quality, and balance of the body's energies can be altered by human contact, machines, remedies of various kinds, movements, breathing, and even one's thoughts and attitudes.

3. Another human being can be used to direct or balance energies, to absorb or broadcast energies, or to act as a "jumper cable" to connect energetic points on the body.

4. Resonance, induction and entrainment are among the most important concepts in energetic healing.

5. Resonance just means a rapport or harmony that can be established between two energies, two frequencies, two locations or two individuals.  Resonance is nothing more than rapport or harmony in some way.

6. Induction is the concept that a frequency or energy sent out by one person, remedy, substance or machine can cause or induce a similar pattern in another location, person or substance.

7. Entrainment is a fascinating process whereby one person first establishes a resonance or rapport or harmony with another person.  Then the first person alters his or her energy in order to effect change in the other.  Entrainment is used widely in hypnosis, psychotherapy, manipulative sales pitches, advertising, music and everywhere in society.  It is the basic technique of establishing rapport and then influencing or manipulating the mind, body or energies of another person.

            Entrainment is also used in nature or biology to keep the young away from danger by having them entrain or follow their parents, for example.

8. Distance or location is sometimes not a barrier for energetic healing, since the energies permeate all space.  Treatments of certain kinds such as prayer may be done hands on, at a distance, mentally, or even using a surrogate to test remedies and to test frequencies.  Some of the sciences use an object from the patient, such as a photograph, or sample of hair or blood.

9. It is most helpful for the client to be receptive to the treatment.  Less healing takes place if the client does not wish it to occur, whether or not healer and client  are aware of it.

10. There are layers of energetic imbalances.  While some energy medicine sciences suggest that one treatment is enough, most suggest a number of sessions to work through layers of imbalanced energies.

11. Most energetic healing methods blend physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual healing together to some degree.  Unlike conventional medical science that often tries to separate these, the energetic medical arts often see them as interdependent.




            Problems with energetic medicine include the following:


1. By not requiring significant lifestyle changes, along with diet and nutritional supplements, the techniques do not produce much development.  This is the main problem with all energetic healing methods.  While they can be wonderful to reduce symptoms, balance the meridians and more, they do not seem to have as much of a developmental effect on people.  This is the major reason why very few of them are part of nutritional balancing science or development science.

            In fact, many of them such as homeopathy make the body much worse in terms of development, and can stop it permanently.  This is why one must never do certain therapies such as homeopathy, some herbs and others that move energy in directions other than straight down.

2. Dependence on the practitioner.  Many radionic machines, homeopathy and others depend a lot on the skill and intuition of the operator.  This is an advantage for the very good practitioners, but makes it hard for others to learn and apply the method.

3. Often symptomatic in nature. While there may be a few exceptions, most of these methods are aimed at removing symptoms.  This is a limited approach that can mask deeper imbalances and cause other problems as well.

4. Most do not balance body chemistry or increase vitality enough today.  Even acupuncture and acupressure, in my experience, only balance the body chemistry and increase vitality to a small degree in many cases, even though this is their goal.  This is because the bodies are so different and so toxic and nutritionally depleted today, compared with thousands of years ago when these techniques were developed. 

Without a solid nutritional approach along with them, most of them simply do not work as well today as they once did.  I am sure that some will disagree with this, but it is my experience having worked with many people who use energetic methods of healing.  If they are combined with nutritional balancing science, then they will work much better in my experience.  This is a complex subject.



1) Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, MD.

2) Space, Time and Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD.            
3) Many, many books and other resources are available on homeopathy, radionics, energy medicine and related topics.



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