by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction - How Life Really Works

II. Spiritual Axioms

III. Resulting Principles

IV. The Spiritual War And Working Together



The guides who direct this website and the New Earth Newsletter have just made contact with a higher level of guidance. This short article is one result.


The way life really works is that our bodies are mere shells that do not have a life of their own. The bodies are just complex DNA configurations that fill up with souls who animate the bodies and give them life.

Thus, the unit of consciousness or aliveness is the souls. This idea is not accepted today, but we assert that it is true. Some day scientists will be able to view the souls and talk with them, to learn the truth. We talk with them, so that is how we know about them. Dr. Wilson discovered he could do this after he followed the development program closely for about 22 years.


The souls tell us they are tiny human-lookng beings that are so small they are difficult to see even with a powerful microscope. Yet they are very much alive. They are all either male or female and they eat, drink, have sex, and reproduce with eggs. They also think, speak, listen and do many of the same things that every human being does.

This knowledge has been kept hidden from humanity, but it is absolutely true. For more details, read Soul Science, Healing The Souls and other articles about souls on this website.

The soul bodies. The bodies of souls are different from ours, however, in that they are made of a finer substance called fine matter. For details about this substance, read Bodies In Space. Their body structure and functioning are also somewhat simpler than ours. However, they have a digestive tract, a nervous system, a circulatory system and all the other body systems.


Each soul also has a tiny wire that ties into the soul in the area of the heart and upper chest. The other end of the wire connects to a larger type of creature that the souls call the Fathers. Thousands of these Fathers exist in space. They are fine matter creatures that are about the size of a human being or a little larger.

The tiny wires from each soul don’t end at the Father. The wires actually pass through the body of a Father and go up to a higher level being that the souls call a Grandfather. (The male gender designations, father and grandfather, have nothing to do with the gender of the beings. The beings are both male and female).

The Native people on earth. Many native people around the world worship the grandfathers, such as the Native Americans. This is a high level of worship, when done correctly. It is the reason why development science makes use of quite a lot of knowledge from the Native people of the world. For example, our emphasis upon food and nutrition, and procedures such as coffee enemas, sauna therapy and reflexology come from these traditions.

Back to the souls. Eventually the wires from each soul connect together to a much larger creature in space that the souls call the Radiant One or God. This creature is also both male and female. In biology, this is called a hermaphrodite.

Therefore, you are directly connected to God or the Radiant One. This is is how life really works. God does not play favorites and you don’t need to belong to a particular religion or culture to connect with and even to speak with God or the Radiant One. This is most important.


From the simple set of facts described above come certain basic spiritual axioms or principles.

PRINCIPLE #1. God exists. God is not a theory or a belief. God is a real creature. He/She is a huge being who lives in outer space. God is both male and female and called a Creator Being because this being is capable of creating entire universes.

PRINCIPLE #2. God is one. There are not lots of gods. There is only one. This is the first Commandment in the Hebrew Bible among the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses.

This idea became all mixed up with some thinking that their God is someone else from another person’s God. NO! God is one.

This was the great innovation of the Hebrew religion on earth because previous religions of the Greeks, Romans and others had lots of gods who fought with one another all the time.

PRINCIPLE #3. Every soul is directly connected to and dependent upon God for his or her life. One can truly say that all souls are the children of the Radiant One or the one God.

PRINCIPLE #4. Souls are what animate all human beings, with no exceptions. (Souls also are the animating force in all other life forms including animals and plants.)

PRINCIPLE #5. Therefore, each person is directly hooked up or connected to God at all times. You have no choice in the matter! This, by the way, is the basis for true guidance and tuning in.

PRINCIPLE #6. Every person is totally dependent upon One or God for your life and everything else.

PRINCIPLE #7. Because all souls are the children of the same God, all souls are related to each other, and all human beings are thus related to each other. At some level, there are no strangers and we all know each other because we are all children of the same God. You can say, we are all brothers and sisters.


Now things get a little more complex! I hope you can follow along because the principles above lead to some interesting conclusions:

PRINCIPLE #8. We are all not only related. We are all needed. Somehow, creation is not complete without every soul and every body. One can say that together we are one system. This is a modern word to describe a situation in which all parts of something are related to and needed together. That is a good description of life. It’s a big system!

PRINCIPLE #9. A related principle is that at highest level, no one is more important than anyone else. This means that it does not matter how old, how beautiful, how smart one is. Also, one’s skin color, race, religion, nationality, language, and gender don’t matter.

All are needed and all beings were created equal by the Radiant One or God. (This is written in the American Declaration Of Independence as “All are created equal.”)

PRINCIPLE #10. From the above comes the important idea that we must work together and love and care about one another much more than most people do today. Most people are selfish, think mainly about themselves and their families and friends, and do not realize that they are part of a larger system that can be called the Creation or Life.

These are the basic principles of life.


Working together is essential today because we are in a spiritual war to save planet earth from the Rogues. You don’t have to believe this, but it is true.

Their main military tactic is DIVIDE AND CONQUER. They love and teach the false Marxist theory that life is about warfare between groups of people. That is all wrong. Life is about souls!

But they try to divide people by race, by social class, by wealth, by skin color, by gender, by sexual preference and more! Our need is to stay together – all of humanity – and we must not be selfish. We need to work together to oppose their effort. This is the big picture of the spiritual battle on earth today and the truth about life!

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