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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Modern development science is a synthesis of the work of a number of medical and nutritional researchers, most of whom lived during the 20th century.  Listed below are many of them. They are not listed in any particular order.


Abram Hoffer, MD.  Dr. Hoffer is considered the founder of orthomolecular psychiatry, and wrote many books and papers on this subject.  He also founded the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.


Hans Selye, MD.  Dr. Selye proposed the stress theory of disease and the General Adaptation Syndrome, which is a method of metabolic typing.  He also coined the term homeostasis, and taught about how bodies respond to stress.  He authored over 1200 articles and a number of books.


Maria Montessori.  Although she was not involved in nutritional research, one of her key concepts of education - that the lessons a child learns are often not the same as those that adults wish to teach - has direct application to the therapeutic method used in modern development science.

Like her method of education, we do not impose the order and timing of healing upon the body.  We let the souls decide and we just support the planning souls.


George Watson, PhD.  Dr. Watson worked at University of California Los Angeles, and coined the terms fast and slow oxidizers based on odor research and the pH of a blood sample.  He also researched foods and vitamins that would balance the oxidation types.


Roger Williams, PhD.  Dr. Williams was a prominent nutrition researcher who wrote about biochemical individuality, a key concept in development science.


Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD.  Dr. Pfeiffer operated the Brain Bio Center in New Jersey, USA, where he offered orthomolecular nutrition for schizophrenia and other ailments.

 He wrote an excellent book, Mental And Elemental Nutrients that is no longer in print, but used copies can be obtained from various book sellers.


Florence Nightingale.  Florence wrote extensively about nutrition and natural healing about 100 years ago.  A number of her ideas are incorporated into modern development science. 


Melvin Page, DDS.  Dr. Page taught doctors about the importance of balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  He wrote about this and other topics in a small book entitled Degeneration, Regeneration.


William Kelley, DDS.  Dr. Kelley built on the work of Max Gerson, MD and others to establish a very effective natural or metabolic cancer therapy.  Dr. Kelley wrote a small booklet, One Answer To Cancer.  For more on this subject, please read The Cancer Pioneers and The Kelley Metabolic Cancer Therapy.


William Albrecht, PhD.  Dr. Albrecht was a brilliant agricultural scientist who realized that minerals affect each other in very special ways, and the balance of the minerals is a key to health.  He designed the Mineral Wheel that is still used today on the cover of many hair mineral laboratory tests.


Adele Davis, PhD.  Dr. Davis was one of several prominent 20th century nutrition experts who influenced Dr. Eck as he sought to understand nutrition and its relation to health.


Leslie Klevay, PhD.  Dr. Klevay was a very brilliant copper researcher who wrote many papers about the role of copper in human and animal bodies.


Henry A. Schroeder, MD.  Dr. Schroeder was a pioneer and world authority in the field of mineral nutrition.  He understood that minerals that “look” similar at an atomic level can replace each other in some enzymes.  This is a key concept in development science  and part of the concept of preferred minerals.

Dr. Schroeder inspired Dr. Eck, and wrote several books that are very clear and insightful about minerals.  The most important one is The Trace Elements and Man (1973).  Dr. Schroeder wrote five other books and authored over 100 medical journal articles as well.

He held many important positions in government and the private sector and conducted important research on health and disease, as it relates to mineral nutrition.

The Trace Elements and Man will help you understand how minerals work in the body, how they interact with each other, and the dangers of the toxic metals to our health.

The main incorrect information has to do with mercury, which Dr. Schroeder felt was not that much of a problem because it has been with mankind for thousands of years.  If he were alive today, I know he would correct this, as we are now seeing so many problems with mercury from dental amalgams, and from eating fish and seafood.


C. Louis Kervran, PhD.  Dr. Kervan was a French research scientist.  He learned about biological transmutation of the elements, a concept that dovetails beautifully with development science.  He wrote a very easy to read book entitled Biological Transmutation that is still in print.


Andre Voisin, PhD.  Dr. Voisin was a medical researcher who wrote about the relation of minerals to soil, animal and human health.  He authored Soil, Grass and Cancer and was a strong influence on Paul Eck.


Ray Leroy, DSci.  Dr. Leroy was the laboratory director at Analytical Research Labs for many years.  He perfected the measurement of some of the hair minerals, and wrote several papers on hair mineral analysis and the problems with washing the hair at the laboratory.

Alexis Carrel, MD.  Dr. Carrel was a brilliant doctor who lived about 100 years ago.  He is famous for having kept a chicken heart alive and beating for 32 years by simply keeping the nutrient solution it was sitting in clean and nutritious.  Chickens usually live only a few years.  This can help us realize the importance and potential of proper nutrition.

Dr. Carrel made other contributions to natural healing science, and inspired Dr. Paul Eck and myself.


Francis C. Ellis.  Dr. Ellis designed and sold a machine called the Microdynameter from the 1930s until the US Food and Drug Administration destroyed them in the 1960s.  Dr. Eck worked for Dr. Ellis early in his career, and learned a lot from working with this interesting machine.


Dr. Paul C. Eck.  Dr. Eck synthesized many concepts of the scientists above into an individualized healing program which he called mineral balancing.  It involved a diet, nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle.  It is the forerunner and basis for the current development science we offer.  For details, read Paul C. Eck.


In addition, the following people influenced us, but not Dr. Eck.


Bernard Jensen, ND, DC.  Dr. Jensen wrote about nutrition, retracing, and the importance of cleansing the colon, among many other topics.


Michio Kushi.  Mr. Kushi brought Macrobiotics, an ancient Japanese healing system, to the Western world.  This author studied with him and learned much from him.  The most important idea was the concept of yang and yin qualities of foods, supplements, therapies,  procedures, and more.

We added this amazing knowledge to Dr. Eck’s original mineral balancing science.  We do not use the macrobiotic diet, however, which we find to be too high in grains, and too restrictive in some ways.

Adding the yang and yin concept has greatly increased the effectiveness of development programs.  I find that the macrobiotic understanding of yang and yin are more accurate than the traditional Chinese medical understanding of the same subject.  For more on this, please read Macrobiotics on this site.


Roy Masters.  Mr. Masters trained and worked as a hypnotherapist.  However, after a number of years he realized that most people are already somewhat hypnotized, and this is the real reason for many of their problems.

He then began teaching people how to break their hypnotic trance, using a simple meditative exercise he says he did spontaneously as a child.  He also became a radio talk show host, and I learned a lot by listening to his broadcasts.  He teaches a spiritual psychology.  His specialty areas are man-woman relationships, energy vampirism, and understanding resentment, among others.

I began doing his meditative exercise in 1979, and found it did wonders for my physical health.  In time, I found I was doing it incorrectly, moving energy downward instead of just being aware of my hand, as he recommends.

This Pushing Down Exercise is actually very ancient and universal.  It was kept secret on earth.  It is now a key component of all development programs, and greatly enhances their effectiveness.


R. Buckminster Fuller.  Architect, designer, mathematician and visionary thinker, “Bucky” was a great inspiration to me when this author was in his 20s.  One of his great contributions was his deep understanding an appreciation of systems theory.  He also wrote about subjects such as integrity, the correct use of technology, and many other scientific topics. 

Dr. Fuller was a prolific inventor, designer and writer.  His books are not easy to read, but are most interesting and inspiring if you can get through them.


Norbert Weiner.  Dr. Weiner was the founder of cybernetics, also called information science.  It is the basis for computer science, which was just beginning when he lived and worked at MIT.  He studied complex, regenerating systems and wrote about how they work and how to build them.

The human body, he wrote, is one of these complex, self-regenerating systems.  His ideas helped me tremendously to understand how development works, and how to apply it correctly.


The Jeshua material available from the Shanti Christo Foundation.  These were channeling done between 1994 and around 2001 that seemed to come from a high level source.  We were very skeptical about them, at first, but found they contained excellent insights about the Bible, about love, power, relationships, and other topics.

They helped us overcome a lot of negative thinking and present a new perspective on many subjects.  They form a unified “thought system”.  Some of the ideas are incorporated into development science.


Love Without End - Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green.  This book influenced our thinking, and has provided certain ideas that are now part of development science.



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