By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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                  We highly recommend a book and video by Raymond Moody, MD entitled Life After Life.  It is a research report based on the experiences of over 2000 people who had near-death experiences.  That is, they were pronounced clinically dead and were revived.  The amazing part is they all had similar experiences.  Here are the highlights of these experiences.


1. Death is not the end of life.  It is only a transition.  The life of the soul continues, free of the body.  People interviewed said they could look down on their body and realize they were free of it.  They could move freely anywhere they wished.  Just by thinking about a place, they were there.

                  They could see, hear, smell and taste.  However, those with physical bodies could not hear or see them.  The exception was very young children, who could hear and communicate perfectly with them.


2. People interviewed said they were soon met by "guides, beings of light, Jesus, Moses" or other beings.  These beings radiated incredible love, as they had never before experienced.  The warmth and love was unconditional and with deep understanding of all that had happened to them during their physical life.


3. They were told they were forgiven for all they had done or not done in their physical life, they were loved always, love is all around, and love is forever.  Love is what counts most, more than one's accomplishments, and much more than money, friends, family or anything else.

                  They were also told that one’s knowledge and wisdom acquired during physical life is also valuable and one takes it with oneself to the next stage of life. 


4.  They reported that they underwent a panoramic review of their life, somewhat like an IMAX theatre view.  The moments that counted, they were told, is when they loved others, not in a calculated, conscious way, but unconsciously and spontaneously.  It is the little things, the little kind things one does for others without thinking about it that count, they were told.  There was no judgment of their life, only a review.

So incredible was the love they felt, that none of the people interviewed wanted to come back to the physical life.  However, guides or beings explained that there were reasons to come back, sometimes to care for others or to complete or correct unfinished business.


5.  People who underwent a near-death experience came back transformed.  They were no longer the slightest bit afraid of death, and many only wished to be the presence of love for others, giving up their former careers and attitudes.         


Reading this book, the amazing part for me is its striking similarity to the teachings of ancient religions.  I am told by some that even Judaism and Christianity, in the beginning, embraced the concept of reincarnation, that life as we know it does not end and often the soul just moves on to another body.

Also, each person is loved more deeply than can be imagined.  You can learn more about the video and the book at



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