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Positions Of Power



A Mental Illness

Arrogance Can Be A Compensation


Teaching Arrogance

Nutritional Balancing And Arrogance

Physical/Energetic Causes

Guidance And Arrogance

Meaning Of The Word

Positive Aspects







“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

 - Matthew 5:3-12.


“The last shall be first, and the first will be last.” – Matthew 20:16.


These phrases from the Bible are ALL about arrogance and its opposite, humility.


This is the most important article on the website because arrogance is the worst of human failings.  It can affect anyone, from young children to the wisest leader of a nation.  It affects both men and women, and those of all religions, creeds and races.

Arrogance is also the most important article on this website because its consequences are often disastrous for the individual who is arrogant, and for everyone to whom he or she is responsible or in charge of.

Arrogance is also the most important article on the website because it is a topic that is not discussed nearly often enough in schools, on the internet, or in the mass media.  So this article is helping to make up for this deficit.

Arrogance is also the most important article on the website because few realize the seriousness of it.  So I am lifting it up in status to emphasize its serious nature.

Arrogance is also important because this website contains a lot of unusual information that could lead anyone to becoming arrogant, including this author.  So it is a warning about reading and learning about health, healing, nutrition, and the other topics presented on this site.





1. A personality flaw.  Arrogance is a personality flaw of thinking you are better, smarter, superior to, or worth more than others.  Words with a similar meaning include prideful, assuming, elitist, puffed up, full of oneself, know-it-all, egotistical, self-important or pretentious.

2. Violating a commandment.  Arrogance may be seen as a violation of the Biblical Commandment that “You shall have no other Gods before Me.”  The reason is that arrogance is when one sets oneself up as a god or as a superior to another.

One does not recognize the true superiority of the One God over everyone, and that we are all dependent upon, and brothers and sisters under, the One God.  An expression in English is “He lorded it over others”.  It means to play god.

3. Any violation of the 10 Commandments of Moses.  These Commandments are designed to prevent or minimize arrogance, among other purposes.

4. Neurosis or psychosis.  Arrogance can be mild, expressing as a neurosis or fixation of the mind.  However, arrogance can also become a psychosis, or break with reality in which one does terrible harm to others.

5. Imbalanced energy centers.  Arrogance is also always an imbalance of the 7 energy centers in which the lower centers are better developed than the upper centers.

6. Always an ego trait.  Arrogance is always an ego out of control, to some degree.

7. Always a blindness.  Arrogance always has a degree of blindness to the truth associated with it.


The opposite.  The opposite of arrogance is humility.  This may also help to define arrogance.




Arrogance can manifest itself in seven basic ways, according to the 7 System, which is discussed elsewhere on this website. 

Below are the seven basic levels of arrogance.  A person may be quite humble in some of the seven levels below, but arrogant in another of these levels:


1. Arrogance having to do with survival in life, in some way.

2. Arrogance in regards to emotions, intimate relationships and sex.

3. Arrogance in regards to power and control.

4. Arrogance in social situations.

5. Arrogance related to work or creative endeavors, such as the arts, music, dance or other creative arts.

6. Arrogance in intellectual or academic matters.

7. Arrogance in spiritual or religious matters.

            Let us examine each of these in more detail:


1. Successful people.  They can become arrogant because they may have better health, or be successful for some other reason.  Many are well-coordinated, talented, mentally fit, better looking, and perhaps excellent business people.  They may just come to believe they are superior, when it is not true.


2. Emotional arrogance – two types, at least. Those with a fast oxidation pattern easily become arrogant.  Some are in the group above, but this is a little different.

Those with a very fast oxidation rate do not like self-examination, are moving fast, and often enjoying their lives a lot.  Many seem to be healthy, as well, although some are anxious and just running away from life.

Their fast oxidation rate can result in a kind of arrogance where they are blinded to their reality and don’t want to slow down enough to carefully consider and evaluate their attitudes.

This can be quite deadly for them, and is one reason some die of fatal heart attacks.  In the hair mineral analysis work, this is the Step Up Pattern, a very deadly pattern.


Slow oxidizer arrogance.  Although less common than fast oxidizer arrogance, some people who have a slow oxidation rate can become “proud” of their sluggishness, diseases, fatigue, and even paranoia.  It becomes an identity for them, and this leads to a type of subtle arrogance, even though they may appear quite humble.


3. Mental arrogance due to manganese toxicity or just a good mind.  In my experience, those high in a particular toxic form of manganese found commonly on the East coast of the United States often demonstrate arrogance. 

This arrogance may manifest as a skeptical attitude.  Many professional and intellectual people have this type of arrogance, as do some religious people of any religion.  It is a mental arrogance brought on, often by manganese toxicity or by a superior intellect.

This cause of arrogance is difficult to determine from a hair mineral analysis, however, because there are several forms of toxic manganese, and the test does not differentiate between them.  So please do not accuse anyone of arrogance based on their hair mineral analysis!

This arrogance, perhaps more than other types, is due to a large ego.  A strong ego is not arrogant, but an inflated ego is a cause of arrogance.


4. Social arrogance.  This type of arrogance is due to being beautiful, or very outgoing and personable.  Some of these people become social butterflies, and feel rather superior because they are invited and attend the fancy parties, wear the nice clothing and perhaps model it, and hobnob with the rich and famous.

Hollywood people often develop this kind of arrogance, even if they are not personally wealthy.  Everyone wants them around just to look at them, or maybe for their ingratiating although phoney personality style.  Some are very sexy, as well, and this gets them invited to the parties as well.


5. Creative arrogance.  This is found among the great artists, musicians, politicians, athletes, and inventors.  It also affects other “giants” in society, such as famous engineers and computer wizards.

Society rewards them lavishly, in some cases, with money, prestige and positions of power, in some cases.  As a result, these people are easily tempted to let their creative genius “go to their head”.  It results in arrogance of a type that is difficult to heal as long as they are “on top of their game”.


6. The “smart” intellectuals.  This is a sad kind of arrogance that is very common in society.  It is found in many college professors, and other teachers and leaders of society. 

These individuals are wise in some ways.  But it “goes to their head”.  Often, they don’t live in the real world, but rather in an academic land of unreality that some people call an ivory tower.  They are often incorrect in their beliefs and understanding, but it is difficult or impossible to reason with them.


7. Spiritual arrogance.  This is another sad type of arrogance.  It is common among priests, pastors, rabbis and some Eastern masters and gurus, as well.  It also occurs in their church members or congregants.

These people really believe they have “arrived”, and know the truth about everything.  They may have a lot of knowledge and wisdom.  However, they are missing a kind of love and caring for others that should be present along with their wisdom.  They do not see the whole truth about life, although they think they do.  “A little truth is dangerous”, and in reality, this describes them.

This type of arrogance is also difficult to cure because society often rewards them, as it does the leaders and the creative people.  So it tends to persist throughout the lifetime.




People who are sure of their facts, or sure of themselves, can sound arrogant, when, in fact, they are not arrogant.  Such people are often accused of arrogance by those who either do not agree with them, or who are unsure of themselves.

For example, some people think that Christians and Jewish people are very arrogant because they are clear about their beliefs and values.  This is not arrogance.  It is simply being sure of one’s values and opinions.

However, if one believes that his or her values make him or her a superior being, then it becomes arrogance.  Some people of all religions and creeds are certainly guilty of this type of judgment of others.  However, being sure of oneself is not the same as being arrogant.






Arrogance is common in those who are in positions of power over others such as politicians, leaders, doctors, parents, and in other situations.

This may occur because those in positions of power can easily come to believe that they are superior in rank or intelligence, relative to others.

In terms of economics, the capitalist or free market economic system is best to minimize arrogance, as it involves competition between vendors and producers, and sometimes between buyers, as well.  It is not a perfect system, but it is much better than the socialist, communist or government-controlled economic systems in regards to helping prevent arrogance.




An area in which arrogance often shows up and can ruin things is human relationships.  For a relationship to succeed, both people must see each other as equals, at least in an overall sense.  This does not mean that both have the same abilities, interests or talents.

However, there must be a deep respect one for the other.  If this does not occur, usually the relationship will not continue, or it will be rocky until the arrogance is corrected.




Arrogance is always cowardly.  The same egotistical personality disease that makes one blind to the truth of one’s limitations also tends to cause a person to be a coward or to take the easy way out.




This was a teaching from Michio Kushi, one of my teachers.  He believed that arrogance is an illness, and the most difficult illness to heal. 

One reason it is hard to heal is that it feels good, unlike most other illnesses.  So most people are not motivated to change themselves away from arrogance.  It often requires a crisis or disaster to see that arrogance or pride was a cause or contributor, and must be addressed.

Another reason it is hard to heal is that arrogance is a kind of blindness to reality or to the truth about oneself.  This also stops most people from asking for help.

Arrogance may cause vampirism that feeds the body, so the body may seem healthy.  This is one way arrogance blinds a person to his reality.

Arrogance can also blind a person because one is so busy enjoying oneself that one does not stop to observe the situation enough to notice a problem.




In some situations, an arrogant attitude is definitely a compensation for feeling inferior, or feeling like a failure.  Bullies sometimes act in this fashion.

Some would say that arrogance is always a compensation because if one really felt good about oneself, there would be no need for arrogance or feeling superior.  However, we are not sure about this, since arrogance may be viewed as a temptation, and not just a compensation.

It is a temptation when one is big, strong, mentally powerful, or in a position of power or control over others or over nature.  This is when arrogance easily becomes a temptation.




The radical Islamic ISIS fighters, for example, believe they are so superior to others that they can rape and murder anyone they wish.  While this is an extreme situation, there are many other situations that are perhaps less intense, but nevertheless can cost lives.

Another serious situation is that doctors are often arrogant.  They really think they know a lot more about health than they really do know.  As a result, they do not listen to criticism, and they maim and kill at least 400,000 people every year in America alone (and many more around the world) with toxic drugs, unnecessary surgeries, hospital errors and infections, and other avoidable medical mistakes. 

This is one reason why their malpractice insurance is quite costly compared to that of nutritionists or chiropractors, for example.




In the course of my medical education, the students, including me, were taught arrogance.  I vividly recall an instructor asking me a question that I could not answer.  When I said I did not know the answer, he shouted back at me “Never say to a patient that you don’t know the answer to a question.  If you don’t know, make up an answer.”  I thought this was very strange.

There are other ways to teach arrogance, and it is done all the time.  Parents may tell their children they are better than other children, for example.  Students who get good grades, or who excel at something, may be lauded or rewarded too much, and this can lead to arrogance.




Following a complete development program helps some people get rid of arrogance.  This occurs, in some cases, because this program, unlike many others:

1) Requires a lot of effort.  Many arrogant people just don’t want to work that hard.  Forcing one to work hard on the program can reduce arrogance.

2) Causes one to retrace, or go back and examine all of one’s life and traumas, and clear them.  This process of self-examination may bring up arrogance.

Danger in development.  There is a danger that one will come to believe that one is superior for developing oneself, and this will cause arrogance.  So be careful about this as you follow your program.

One is wise to follow a development program, we believe, but this does not make one superior to others.

Gratitude.  If you understand it well, you will want to assist others to embark on the program.  This is not arrogance, but gratitude, a perspective that is the opposite of arrogance and helps heal an arrogant attitude.




Toxic metal arrogance.  Some toxic metals blind a person to reality.  These include cadmium and sometimes other toxic metals such as too much copper, or too much nickel, mercury, or lead.  In any of these cases, one can become arrogant and blind to reality, leading to illness and even death.

Other patterns such as four lows pattern are also possible with arrogance, but less common.


A closed seventh center. Some traumas such as beatings and rape can close or damage the seventh energy center.  This will disconnect a person from his or her spiritual side, high self or God.  This causes another sad type of arrogance in which one thinks one is independent, and can do as one wishes with others.   It is definitely a type of psychopathology.




Those who lead and guide others easily fall prey to arrogance because they exert power and control over others.  This is always a temptation for those who provide guidance to others in any capacity or form.

Those who receive a lot of guidance can also become arrogant.  They may feel superior to others because they receive help and guidance from others.  So this is another temptation having to do with guidance.

If a person who receives guidance becomes arrogant, the one guiding should issue a warning about this trend.  If the warning is heeded, the guidance will continue.  If it is not heeded, often the guidance will end.




The double r in English is a warning.  It is found in words such as arrow, borrow, narrow, worry, horror and others.

The letters ant in a word indicate putting oneself out front or in front of others.  Words containing this include anterior, elegant, antenna, and ante room.

The word rogue, related to arrogance, means a liar and a thief.




Arrogance can cause a person to move ahead with a project or idea in spite of criticism, and in spite of all evidence pointing toward its failure.  This has led some people to make great discoveries, for example, or to exercise great courage.  Now and then it has led a person to save an entire nation from ruin when everyone else gave up.

Leaders can be somewhat arrogant, and this helps them ignore their critics and just push on with their ideas.  Some would say, however, that the above is not arrogance.  It is just self-confidence or being sure of one’s ideas or plans.  It is a fine line, at times. 




It takes some work to remain humble and full of gratitude in every area and every level of our being.  This is the challenge for us all.

The Bible admonishes us to always be “Vigilant for the Kingdom”.  Another biblical phrase is that “Pride comes before a fall”.  These wise statements both have to do with avoiding arrogance in every area of life.



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