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One of a series. This article is one of the series about religion on this website that seeks to clarify certain Biblical ideas. For a complete list of these articles, see the religious section of the Read Articles page.

The souls. I tune into souls and they ask that this article be written to clarify and glorify the major religions of the world. There is no intent to offend anyone, but only to deepen our understanding of important religious concepts.


In both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, God is often referred to as the Father. This article seeks to explain the intended meaning. To understand the term, as it is used in the Bible, requires at least three elements:

1. This being is real. It is not a spirit or just “Source”. The souls call this being the One. It lives in our area of space and is a special type of being called a creator being.

2. A personal relationship. I am told that the word in Hebrew for Father used in the Bible is Aba. This word refers to one with whom a person can have a personal relationship.

This is is extremely important to understand. It means that God is not to be thought of as a distant or unreachable being. In truth, one can know this being and can communicate with it.

3. Both male and female. I am told that this being is both male and female. This is very important because the Bible sounds male-oriented and this is not the way it is supposed to be.

Some souls say the word Father was added and originally the One was used as the name of God. A few say the reason the word Father is used in the Bible is because at the time the Bible was written, life was quite rough on earth. Muscular strength was the primary force used for most everything. Men tend to be stronger than women, so in describing a powerful God, a masculine word was chosen.

The souls do not like the word Father. They encourage us to use the One when referring to God. The Creator being, they say, is both male and female dow not favor one gender over the other.

For more details about the One, read Another Interpretation Of A Famous Hebrew Prayer – The Shema.

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