by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Basic factors needed for development, as the word is used on this website, are described in more detail in the article entitled Introduction To Development.  However, certain other factors or aspects are also quite important for development and are described below.

These include purification, self-discipline, a sense of adventure, spending time alone or in solitude in your home, developing unconditional self-love, and separating the essential from the non-essential in your life.

Additional factors that may be important in some cases include developing logical thinking, ability to take direction, staying out of fear and arrogance, avoiding victim thinking, and avoiding liberal concepts such as diversity, moral relativism, valuing music and art too much, sexual laxness or excess, hating God or other spiritual figures, and generally sloppy thinking. 

In addition, the end of this article describes several things to avoid during this development process. 

I have also mentioned some special considerations for women, and suggestions for raising children so that the children will be more receptive to development.

Before beginning, let us review the amazing benefits of this type of development.  They are:

1. Much better health and longevity.

2. A sharper mind with a better memory.

3. Much greater resistance to all illness and even accidents.

4. The slow unfoldment of many unusual human abilities such as mental telepathy, seeing the human energy field, and others.


Now let us consider important factors for development.




The physical and emotional makeup of most people is hardly ready for development today.  Purification means a lengthy process that usually requires using a near infrared sauna and perhaps coffee enemas daily, as well, for at least 10 years, with most people.  This may seem like a lot, but so far this is what is required. 

Once one develops a routine, these procedures do not have to upset one’s day and can be rather enjoyable for many people as they also assist with restoring a high level of energy and health.  Here are more details.


The body.  A basic necessity for development today for everyone is to purify or detoxify the physical body.  All bodies contain excessive amounts of toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and infections.


The emotions and thoughts.  The emotional makeup and thinking of most people is also quite foul, thanks to the mass media, mis-education in the public schools, and modern reading material.  Learning emotional control and reading the correct material will slowly heal the emotional wounds and correct the thinking.  The Pushing Down Exercise is exceptionally helpful in this regard.


Drinking water.  The drinking water needs to be pure spring water, or carbon or sand-filtered tap water only.  Adults need two to three quarts or liters daily.  Other types of drinking water, so far, do not work nearly as well.  Be wary of alkaline water, reverse osmosis water,distilled water, and others.  They do not further development, even if they claim to assist one’s health.  In fact, they slow or even stop development because they are all yin.


Diet.  The diet needs cleaning up, in almost all cases.  Very few people eat enough cooked vegetables to remineralize the body.  Many people also eat foods that are not helpful for development.

Among the worst offenders are fruit and all sweets.  These are very low in etheric energy, very yin, and often upset the body chemistry in many ways.

Others harmful foods for development are all wheat products, nuts, seeds, and nightshade vegetables (red and white potatoes, all tomatoes, eggplant and all peppers). 

Another group of harmful foods are those made with refined flour and refined sugar, and ones that contain chemical additives such as preservatives, stabilizers, colors and flavors.


Nutritional supplements are also helpful, and in some cases absolutely needed to renourish the body properly.  These, in our view, are best recommended based on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis.




Discipline and persistence mixed with great love and compassion for the real self or higher self are also critical. 

Recall that the word discipline derives from the same root as disciple, meaning to follow one’s path.  It is not a forced effort, as some make it seem.  Everyone must develop self-discipline, as no one is born disciplined.

Without a certain amount of self-discipline, it is impossible to do the purification described above.

Larger capacity to hold energy.  Discipline does more than just train the mind .  It actually increases the amount of etheric energy the body can hold at once.  This is another subtle benefit of disciplining the body, the mind and the emotions.




Development is not known or understood in Western cultures.  As a result, one must be willing to venture into the unknown with development.

It can be a ‘rough ride’ and a ‘rollercoaster’, at times, when one begins to delve deep and undo old patterns of tension, stress and personality defense mechanisms.  One must have an attitude of wanting to just fasten one’s seat belt and enjoy the ride with its ups and downs.

As development proceeds, the ride becomes smoother.  This is because one gets used to the process, and the body becomes stronger and healthier.

The logical mind is very helpful.  When difficulties arise, the logical mind is often the only thing that allows one to progress with development.  The emotional mind is often fed up and perhaps quite fearful, and often ready to give up.

Logic alone tells one that all is really well and just keep moving through “the valley of the shadow of death”, as King David of the bible expressed this phase of the journey.  Others say it differently, but the thought is the same. 




Another requirement for development, at least at first, is some regular time alone.  This is needed to do the Pushing Down Exercise, mainly.  Later, once the process is well underway, it is less important.  This usually takes at least 10 to 20 years on a nutritional balancing program.

This does not mean one must live alone.  Indeed, it is often easier and much safer for women, especially, when they have a roommate or partner.

Spending time alone can be difficult in a family situation, but should be encouraged.  Many people in Europe, for example, live in tiny apartments, which hinders the ability to be alone.  Also, some families insist on doing everything together, which is also not helpful.




A very good use of one’s time is to change one’s perspective.  The need is usually to give up distractions, and to learn more about the body, and about development.

Distractions include a lot of shopping, visiting friends, speaking with or texting friends, a lot of vacationing, working in the yard or on the house all the time, watching a lot of television, and other time wasters.

Other ways people waste time, from the perspective of development, is by working harder than they need to, or by not wanting to work at all.

Simplifying all of one’s activities, such as cooking, shopping, and dressing can save a great deal of time, energy and money.  This makes room in one’s life for more rest and sleep, and more healing procedures.




This requirement for development cannot be overestimated in its importance.  One must love one’s flaws, illnesses, symptoms, neuroses, and fears.  Otherwise, when certain items come up for review, one may be unwilling to accept or allow them.  This will stop development.

This is a special type of self-appreciation or self-love.  It is not about seeing the self as something powerful or perfect, as so many affirmations would have one believe.  It is about learning to see self as a mixture of past events, traumas and experiences.  Then one must be willing to let them all go without regrets or sadness. 

It is not about indulging the ego self or becoming too involved with one’s flaws and dramas.  It is about learning to observe the self, and compassionately letting it all go.

This kind of self love must be learned by most people, as it is rare in society.  Although babies love themselves, this is a largely unconscious type of love.  One must develop a conscious awareness of the value of the self, regardless of its achievements and its flaws, losses or “failures”.  Actually, there are no failures, only trials and experiences along the way. 

Many people speak of their job or marriage “failures”.  They don’t realize that because a job, a marriage or perhaps a project or business does not succeed as planned, means very little.  Perhaps the marriage was incompatible, perhaps the job was unrealistic, and perhaps the loss of these things saved your life, or your savings. 

Even if savings were lost and life was compromised, you are still here and reading this article, so it was all for the best.  Otherwise, you may have been run over by a bus or caught up with your family or business.  This is how to reframe or look at your “failures” in a new way to let them go.

One must love oneself regardless of the work one does, the school performance, the intelligence, status, popularity, body shape or any other factor.  By doing so, a person breaks through the superficial self and comes to appreciate the essence of the Real Self, which is beyond all appearances.




Each of us has limited time for our lives.  How one spends one’s time is a central question of life.  Development takes plenty of time.  So everything must be fitted in or it simply won’t happen. 

Many people take on so much in their lives that no time is left for healing and development.  This is truly a shame, as development, you will find, is more important in most cases, than anything else.  For example, development of the type I am talking about, causes:


Š           Release of traumas.  This can save years of heartache, misery, disease, disability and more.

Š           Healing at the deepest levels of the body and mind.

Š           A better chance of connecting with the people who are one’s true ‘spiritual family’ rather than random people.  This can help with relationships.

Š           Unfoldment of advanced human abilities such as telepathy and others.


Other examples of how to spend your time are:

- Live in a smaller house.  A large house means bigger payments, more costs, more repairs, and so on.

- Live in a quiet area.  The big city may offer a better job market, more people to meet and more movies and clubs to frequent.  But it is usually less safe, noisier, dirtier and tends to foster a lifestyle that involves staying up late and not living as healthfully in most instances. 

- Limit your friends to a few really good ones.  Ask yourself if your friends really care about you, and do you do things together that are wholesome and will contribute to development, or are you just wasting time with them.

- Don’t spend all your time working or thinking about work.  This tends to slow development.


This is how one must think about everything - every purchase, every activity and even every thought.  Some call this living consciously, though it is even more than this.  It is learning to separate out that which is essential for development and that which subtly takes you away from development, no matter what other benefits it offers.


Youth and development.  Up until age 30 or so, most people do little independent thinking.  Instead, they follow their friends or the latest ideas on social media.  Please do not be one of these people.


Love and development. The Bible states, “First seek the kingdom of heaven (within) and all else will be added thereto”. This very profound verse is telling us, I believe, to first seek for development within by following the suggestions in this article and others on this website.  Then all of the outer benefits will be added, such as love, money, true friendship, knowledge and more. 

Most people do things the other way around, looking for love or money or a career first.  I was fortunate to encounter a counselor when I was 29 years old who alerted me that I was doing it backwards, as he put it.  He said I was living from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.

The key is if you focus on development first, all else will be added in good time and in the measure needed.




            1. Logical thinking. This has been mentioned above, but requires expanding upon.  Logic will keep you focused when distractions arise, and will keep you going when the emotions oppose change of any kind.  Logic will enable you to understand what you are doing and why.

            Logical thinking is much more than this.  It means to be able to follow a train of thought to its conclusions, and be able to reason from beginning to end logically.  Most people cannot do this.

Logical thinking is more than this.  It means carrying your logic back to basic premises and checking these carefully.  For example, progressives, liberals, socialists and communists are unable to reason that that their supposed goal of “equality for all” requires that wealth be forcibly confiscated from some people who work harder.  To do this requires a police force who are, in fact, more powerful or “more equal than others” and are given the power to rule over everyone else.  Therefore, the entire premise of communism, socialism and progressivism is a joke to anyone who can think back to basic premises and consider them logically.


              2. Learn to take direction without defensiveness. Development is not an instinctual process, in almost all cases.  Most people need to follow directions to the letter, and not stray far from the rules.  This is very difficult for many people, and is a skill that is well worth practicing.

Being raised by a disciplinarian is most helpful for this, in fact, as one learns to just take criticism without it causing too much of a reaction.


              3. Stay out of fear and arrogance. These feelings stop most people from progressing very far with development.  Fear mainly arises when deeper traumas and emotional issues surface to be released.  Not realizing what is happening, one assumes one is becoming mentally ill, dying, or that somehow the program is harming oneself.

Arrogance arises if one believes one has “arrived’ and therefore no longer needs the nutritional balancing program.  This is also common.


              4. Avoid all victim thinking and feelings. Development is extremely empowering.  However, millions of people in the world are invested in being a victim in some manner or other.  Some believe they are stupid, clumsy, ugly, poor, or no good in some other way.  Such beliefs will hold you back and must be let go of.  No one holds you back from development except yourself - and often a belief in victimhood.


              5. Stay away from liberal values.  I am sorry if this offends some people.  However, their values are wrong.  These include disliking the Christian religion, moral relativism (there is no right and wrong), sexual laxness or excess, easy abortions, homosexuality, transgender bathroom rights, group rights such as black rights or Hispanic rights, and affirmative action.

These concepts mix up the brain and lead people away from truth.  This will get in the way of mental clarity and development.




1. Never become discouraged or believe you are unworthy of God’s total love or of developing your real self.  Discouragement stops most people from even beginning the pursuit of development.


2. Never expect much support from friends, family members, counselors, teachers, or doctors. Expecting support is a trap that stops many people from their path of development.  Most people will not and cannot understand this article and the idea of development.

Also, I do not suggest trying to “teach” the ideas in this article to others.  Development is very personal and private in this regard.  It is not about anyone else, or about any group or association.  Actually, those who read this website are a sort of online community, but we are scattered.

Note that most people are interested in spiritual phenomena – visions and signs and powers.  Development of the type we are discussing in this article is about drastic improvements in health and not about phenomena.

Also, most spiritual groups are built around hierarchies. Their ‘steps to development’ are usually about moving up in the organization.  This is not at all the same as development, as discussed on this website.  There is no group to join.  Please be careful about entering these other paths of so-called development.


4. Never go off the deep end with this material.  Common pitfalls are:

- leaving a good job, or abandoning good friends and family to join a group or study with a guru.  In fact, with real development, you should be a better worker, partner, parent and friend!

- Following fad diets, especially raw food or vegetarian ones.

- Giving your money or time to groups or teachers that promise you faster development.

-  Entering into poor quality relationships with gurus and teachers

-  Believing that you must do various unpleasant maneuvers to develop oneself.


5. Never attempt to shortcut the process of development with any type of odd practices, deprivations, group activities or indulgences.  This is related to the admonition above.  There are many fake and lying people that offer phony seminars, practices and methods.

For example, practices that are dangerous today and discussed in other articles on this site in more detail include all fasting of more than a day or two.  Others are vegetarian and particularly vegan diets.  Another is eating only raw foods.  Others involve yoga, tantra, unusual meditations and so on. 

A few of these worked well in the past, but today do not work well at all.  Books written about them 50 or 100 or 1000 years ago just do not seem to apply as well today.

Other practices to beware of include most retreats and seminars, most sweat lodge ceremonies, staying up at night, 4 AM meditations, chanting and others.  Even worse are satanic rituals, sexual indulgences, and drug use of any type.  Anyone who suggests any of the above as ways to speed up development is not well-informed and may well be trying to control you or harm you.

I hope this does not seem overly harsh and restrictive.  However, most spiritual groups and practices just waste years of people’s lives.  I was sternly warned about this very early in my development.  I am most grateful for it, as it steered me away from many temptations over the years and continues to do so today.


6. Do not substitute energy medicine, acupuncture, ayurveda, herbs or homeopathy for nutritional balancing for the purpose of development.  This is another temptation because there seem to be so many methods that promise to detoxify the body, open the mind, clear blockages, tune up the intuition and more. 

My experience is they don’t work as well as nutritional balancing.  I check because I am interested, and I work with several thousand people at all times.  If I find a method that  works better, I will report it in this article.

Avoid the ionic foot baths such as the Q2 and the Bio-cleanse.  These are harmful.  Use caution with all other machines and energetic methods as well.  They can produce amazing symptomatic results, but this is different than the development that is the subject of this article.  More on this topic is in the article entitled Energy Medicine.


7. Be wary of anyone who claims to have “improved upon” the information, procedures or regimens described here.  If they truly have, ask if they have discussed the improvements with me.  I am open and ready to improve nutritional balancing.

Everything on this website has been checked and double-checked many times.  So if someone is improving upon it, I would like to know about it so I can share it with you. 

If a person has not shared it with me, either they are not sure about what they are doing or don’t want it shared, either of which is not good.




Women often have a harder time with development than men.  The reasons seem to be:

- Anatomy.  This is discussed in the Pushing Down Procedure article.

- Women often want to focus more on the physical world as adults than men.  They tend to be more social, for example.  Men, in general, seem to have an easier time detaching from all worldly concerns in order to focus on development, if they are so inclined.


            So, women must often learn to let go of grown-up children, ex-partners if you divorce them, brothers and sisters if they are not interested in development, and even parents and friends to a degree.  Otherwise, these will hold you back.

This advice applies to both men and women, of course, but particularly women, in our experience.  More on this topic is in an article on this website entitled Women Today.




            There are things a parent can do to help prepare a child for development:


1. Talk about development.  This way it will not sound strange to your children later on when they become more serious about it.

2. Start early with good discipline.  This is not so much to control your child.  It is to teach and model self-discipline.  Your children will need this to develop.

This is not about berating or scolding a child.  It is about setting up logical and fair rules, and reminding children of them over and over until they learn them. 

Also, remind them that rules are important because life has rules.  One can either learn them at a young age, or flounder around and waste years, and possibly become ill or die because one does not know how life works.

Sadly, most children grow up without this knowledge and must flounder for years until they figure out what is important, who to listen to, who one’s true friends are, what sex and love really are, and so on.


5. Ideally, anyone your child is in contact with should model everything you wish to teach your child.  This can be difficult, but is well worth the effort.  It means carefully screening teachers, other adults who may be in contact with your child, and even your child’s friends.

Of course, it also includes you - the parents.  By living the principles in this article, you will automatically transmit the vibration of development to your children.  This is really the best way to do it.  Just reminding a child to act a certain way if you are not doing it usually works poorly, and causes rebellion.

Many parents are afraid to discipline their children today.  I believe a lot of this is because the parent is afraid to be disciplined and is somewhat rebellious.  Letting go of your rebellious nature will help your children let go of theirs in a powerful way.


6. Preferably do not have children until you are firmly on the path of development.  Wait to have children if you have questions or issues to resolve, especially with a partner, so that your children will not be pulled in different directions by immature or confused parents.


7. Use humor with children whenever possible.  Never become too serious.  


8. Take the time to explain everything.  Children have millions of questions that need patient answers. 


9. Work to resolve your own issues and traumas, so they don’t confuse things.


10. Never bully a child with your physical strength, as this tends to cause resentment and rebellion.  Instead, try to be playful as you teach and discipline.


11. Include your children in your life as much as possible, and be open and honest with children at all times to encourage complete openness.  Take the time to sit and talk with children.  If your child is not the type who likes to just sit and talk, find times when the child is a “captive audience” , such as when sitting in the car with you, or while sitting at dinner, or perhaps on a bus, train or plane ride.  Do not just allow children to just talk on the phone, text their friends, or look at the computer at these times.


12. Protect your children at all times, especially if send your child to a school, which I never recommend.  Protection means going to bed early, limiting time on computers and phones, few “overnights”, parties and other occasions where you cannot control what goes on, early curfews for teens, chaperones for camping trips, no late-night events, and other seemingly old-fashioned methods to keep children and young adults safe.


13. Observe your child for signs that he or she is being influenced too much by anyone other than you.  This is very important.  Beware of the influence of teachers, friends, parents of friends, other family members, and of course influences from television, movies, social media, computers, etc.  This cannot be emphasized enough. 

Explain carefully and peacefully that the mind is a precious thing and not to be wasted or distracted in negative ways.  This is exactly like allowing weeds to sprout up and grow in your garden – it ruins the flowers.  Children like to think in terms of flowers, in many cases.


            14. Intellectually, children need to read the Bible, and not just textbooks and descriptions of classic books. They need the Bible today as a moral compass.  This does not mean shoving down their throat lots of rules and details of the scriptures.  It means teach the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments in the Hebrew bible, and the many good moral virtues and stories the Bible contains as literature, mainly.  The moral values are critical.


15.  Children like to question, so encourage that.  But the reason for the moral emphasis is because liberal values are in the mainstream and children need a counterbalance that is rarely found in the media, the schools, and among many of their peers and teachers.

You can send your children to Sunday school at a church, but ever there be careful.  Too many teach fear and dogma, and can distort the central messages of Christ and of the Old Testament.  I would always accompany your children to all classes everywhere for this reason.

Home-schooling is generally best.  There are just too many disruptive influences around, in my view.  There are sick children, children from homes in which the parents are ignorant, tired and ill, children with liberal values, and more.


16. Like any precious possession, parents should never turn over control of their children to any school, or teacher without extremely close supervision.  If you do hand your child over to any teacher, school or other adult, check carefully when the child returns to see how the child is reacting, his or her mood, interest level, level of joy and so on.  This is the only way to prevent subtle damage to a child from contact with careless, unthinking or poisonous adults or other children.


17. One must closely monitor every child’s computer use, including emails, text messages, websites visited and more.  I suggest not allowing a child to have an internet connection in the bedroom unless absolutely needed.  Today’s new cell phones have internet connections so this kind of protection is becoming more difficult, but there are ways to block sites or even to block the entire internet. 


18. Also monitor phone use, television viewing, video games, textbook use and, of course, the friends your child plays with.  This is sad that so much effort must be placed here, but is needed because there is so much negative material available freely to children today, unlike the past. 

Have all computers where you can see them easily, such as in a family room.  If it is in the child’s bedroom, explain that you reserve the right to check in at any time for the child’s own good, and no other reason.  If your child accuses you of spying on him or her, ask what he or she is hiding.


19. I suggest limiting all movies, even G rated ones.  Most all of them portray a very loose sexual attitude today, and too much false values and false information is presented.  Instead, there are hundreds of fabulous documentaries and movies available from libraries, the History Channel, Christian groups and elsewhere that can entertain and teach the child the truth instead of the soft porn that often  passes as G or PG entertainment today.  This may sound like wanting to live in the past century.  However, it might save your child’s life. 


20. Children should not have cell phones, in my view.  If you want them to have one, it should only dial your home and 911.  Hopefully, you do not need to leave your child alone, which is the only reason I can imagine giving a phone to a young child.  Peer pressure here is a problem, I know.


21. Join with other families who think just like you do for some schooling, and have your children play with the children of other families who think exactly as you do.  This can be essential today so you do not feel isolated, yet your children will be protected from the peer pressure to have all sorts of needless gadgets, free access to pornography on the web, viewing the latest trashy movies, and so on.

You may say this is being overly protective.  However, your child will have plenty of opportunity as he or she gets older to interact with “the other children and adults”.  The idea is to show them the contrast so they can appreciate what you offer.


22. Social networking is basically a huge waste of children’s time today and should be limited or stopped. Explain to children why it is not wise to spend your time basically just evesdropping on other people and putting your every photo on the internet for the world to see – a practice that is backfiring for more and more young people today as these photos can be doctored and used against one too easily. 


23. The theme of all this must be that we love you so much and care so much that we need to protect you, and it is our duty and privilege as parents or guardians to do so.  It is not about limiting your child.  Indeed, it will broaden your child if you expose him or her to exciting information.  However, today this requires protection and caring.

I know this is a fine line and it won’t go over well with some children.  So raising children in the 21st century will be a struggle in this regard, but I don’t know an alternative.



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