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1. The act by which a man entices a woman to have sexual relations with him by means of persuasion, solicitation, promises or bribes, without the use of physical force or violence of any kind. Violence includes not only physical force. It includes verbal threats, stares, other gestures and other means.

2. Seduction can be any manipulation of one person by another person for any purpose or reason.

3. Seduction can just mean attraction, temptation, allure, draw, pull, or charm.

4. To lead astray.  This is the meaning of the word from the Latin language.


We believe that instinctively all young women want sex only with a present or future husband in order to have a family. This is more than just a romantic notion. It is a natural protectiveness regarding the body, especially the part of the body involved in reproduction. We think this is true regardless of the lies that women are taught about how fun casual sex is and that more of it is better.

Seduction is not rape. Seduction is voluntary, whereas rape always involves some force, threats or other violent means. However, young women are so vulnerable to “seduction” that we consider most seduction to be rape. 

For example, if a big man puts his hand on a woman’s arm and squeezes the arm, that is enough force to cause many young women to decide they better go along with a request for sex even though they do not want it. If a man who is obviously stronger than most women stares at a woman intently or raises his voice to her even slightly, this is enough force to cause many young women to say yes to a request for sex, although she does not want it.

We know that everyone will not agree, but this is a warning to men not to seduce.  Men, you may end up in a jail cell or worse.

This article is primarily designed for women to help them stay safe.  However, it is also a general article for everyone about an important subject.


Another way men obtain sex from women is bargaining. The man offers something the woman wants or needs and she gives him sex in return. Bargaining can be a form of seduction. However, bargaining is usually more of a simple trading agreement, whereas seduction does not involve a trade or bargaining procedure. One simply talks the other person into doing what one wants.

Bargaining can be seductive. For example, a man may offer a woman a very high-paying job or prestigious job. However, he also tells her that having sex with the boss is part of the ‘package’. This is bargaining, but can be quite seductive.


 Seduction can be part of the system called operant conditioning, which is how manipulators of all kinds get people to do what they want.

This is also known as using “the carrot and the stick”.  Seduction is the carrot – it tempts people and draws them in.  The stick is the use of threats or actual force to get people to do things.  Conditioning uses a combination of the two.

Seduction and conditioning is used by:

- parents with their children

- children with their parents

- spouses with their partners

- politicians with their constituents

- doctors with their patients

- patients with their doctors

- teachers with their students

- students with their teachers

- etc. – in other words, seduction is common.


 One can understand seduction best by using the 7 system:


Level 1. Physical seduction. 

This is a common area of sexual seduction. 

Seductive situations:  Some situations are just very physical and can end up causing sex and other problems.  What comes to mind are athletic team events where high school or college boys and girls play coed sports or the girls’ team travels with the boys’ team to other schools.

Boys and girls are often dressed scantily wearing thin, tight, short shorts and tight tops.  Flirtation is everywhere and sex can seem like just “part of the sport”.  Rape is also common in these situations and this is one reason we do not suggest girls join sports teams, although we know many like it.

Another situation is men and women who do biking together, especially overnight retreats and biking outings.  Once again, it is very physical, everyone is sweating anyway, dress is sexy and having sex can just seem like part of the package.

Seductive behaviors. These include the way a person looks, smells, touches you and sounds to you.  Men (and women) do this to each other all the time with their pats, kisses, colognes, sweet whispers, blowing in the ears, stroking the body and all the rest.


Level 2.  Emotional seduction.  This is a powerful level.

Seductive situations.  Some situations are just very emotional and can lead to trouble.  It might be a friend’s wedding or even funeral where men and women are sighing, laughing or even just crying together.  These are all emotional situations and it can turn sexy easily.

Another situation is acting, for example.  Actors and actresses are in the “emotion business”, and they can get carried away with “falling in love”, sentimentality and other emotions that end up with sex.

Seductive behaviors.  Some seducers are very good at appealing to a woman’s emotions.  They may weep and beg you for sex with tears in their eyes (usually fake ones).  They may say they are ready to commit suicide because no woman will have sex with them and they are in such pain and torture because of this.

Another type of emotional seduction occurs when a man tickles, teases and jokes with a woman until she laughs and laughs some more.  He makes her smile, in other words.  Then when she is feeling good, he says something like, “Let’s take off our clothes – it will just get better”.  Some women go along.


Level 3. Power and control.  This level is more subtle, but very powerful for seduction.  The seducer lets the woman feel that she is in charge of him and has power over him.  This is a very sexy feeling for some women.

Seductive situations.  A man who has a fancy car may give the keys to his date and allow her to drive the car.  The man is letting her know that she is in charge and he must go along.  By implication, were they to get together sexually, it would be the same and she can have whatever she wants.  Some women fall for this tactic easily.

Politicians, doctors, teachers and other use this technique of basically ego stroking to make a woman feel powerful and in control so she will let down her guard.

Cowering in fear around some people has this effect.  It makes the feel in charge. 


Level 4. Social seduction.  

Seductive situations.  Male-female friendships can become too chummy.  As a result, the friendship can start to involve sexual talk, sexual dress and then more.

This can happen to a girl with her brother, for example, or maybe her brother’s best friend whom she trusts because of her brother.  He might just ask if she would mind helping him “learn about women” or “become more comfortable with a woman” and many women go along.

Seductive behaviors.  This is the use of acts of friendship for seduction.  A man acts like a friend, does nice things for a woman, and in this way gains her confidence and by this method can get her to do what he wants.

Another example at this level is the use of peer pressure to seduce.  A man tells a woman to “look around”.  “Everyone else is having sex.”  “It is just what friends do together.” 

Parties and double dates can be setups for seduction.  A nice girl is invited to a party or on a “safe” double date so her parents will allow it.  What the parents and the girl don’t realize is that things have been set up with a group of sexy teens or adults. Everyone is going to take their clothes off at the party or on the date.  She will be the “oddball” if she does not go along and participate in the “fun”.


 Level 5. Teamwork situations. 

Seductive situations.  At times, men and women work very closely together.  For example, this can occur with nurses and doctors working in a hospital.  It can also occur in volunteer organizations, even churches, and in other situations. 

The man and the woman might need to be very close to one another for a few hours or sit next to each other for hours on an airplane or a bus.  They might need to stay up late at night together, eat together, change their clothes together, stay in adjoining rooms in a hotel, or stay the same home together.  It can get quite sexy! 

A man and woman might “team up” for a work project.  The man suggests that “we could work better together if we get to know each other at a deeper level – and you know what that means”.


Level 6. Intellectual or Ideological Seduction. 

Seductive situations.  Some women are caught up in or can be convinced of the truth of ideologies such as “unconditional love”, “tolerance”, “acceptance”, “feeling sorry for minorities”, or “doing whatever it takes to promote the cause or the movement”.  Manipulators often use these intellectual arguments to talk women into having sex and then raping them.

A seducer may say “Sex is such a good form of bonding”.  “Sex helps people relax together”.  “We can talk so intimately about what really matters after we have sex”, “Sex is getting real and authentic with each other”, “Sex is who we really are as human animals”, and more.

An important seductive lie is when a man may tell a woman who he knows has had sex before that she is already diseased so it really doesn’t matter if she has more sex or sex with someone else. This is not true.

The way it works is that one often picks up a few sexually-transmitted diseases from one sexual encounter or a rape. However, usually it is just a few. Having more sexual encounters will cause a person to pick up many more sexually-transmitted diseases, and is a very unwise idea.


Level 7. Spiritual and religious seduction.

Seductive situations. This can be a guru situation – the man is so spiritual and she just wants to be around him and do whatever he says in order for her to “feel closer to God”.  He could be her pastor, her college professor, a sports coach or her orchestra conductor.

Some men are very good at playing the role of older brother, father, teacher, mentor, or another type of leader to a woman.  He really seems to care only for her welfare and happiness.  He seems to want only the very best for her and would never do anything to hurt her.

He certainly does not seem selfish.  So when he suggests sex it is hard for some women to say no.  He can frame it so it sounds so beneficial for her, even that he would prefer not to do it, but it is so necessary and helpful for her.

Often, seducers use a combination of the above methods.  So beware! 


Women are very vulnerable to seduction.  Many women do not realize the danger they are in any time they are alone with a man.  We know this sounds negative, but it is true.

Reasons for the danger are that most women are not as clever as most men.  Women also tend to be a little more gullible, more romantic and more sentimental than men. 

Many women’s bodies are also very sensitive.  Predators and seducers know this and usually know how to cause a woman to become sexually excited.

Many younger women also crave male sexual fluid and may “take a chance” with a man for this reason.  For details about this and how to heal it, read Sexual Fluid Craving.


What to do.  The best and sometimes the only answer to the problem of seduction is to stay out of the seductive situations and stay away from seductive people

At times, women can spot these men fairly easily.  However, one can also be fooled, so be careful.   Avoiding seductive situations is not always easy, especially in some school and job situations.

Very dangerous places these days are college campuses, which are known for seduction.  Many seducers hang around college campuses just so they can seduce women.  We suggest that women go to college online unless your occupation demands a classroom situation.  Online is just much, much safer. 

We find that most college education today is not worth the money and the education is often poor quality, even at the most prestigious universities.  There are a few good colleges, but not many.

Many women also deeply regret that they chose to take a well-paying job as an executive assistant, for example, in which they had to spend a lot of time and perhaps even travel with their male boss.  They end up soiled, diseased and perhaps raped and pregnant.


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