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         Medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists and others use hair mineral testing in the following ways:


        1. Most doctors and many nutritionists and naturopaths, as well, take little interest in hair mineral testing and have a negative view of it.


        2. Most practitioners who use hair mineral testing do so mainly for the detection of toxic metals.  Most of them then suggest chelation therapy to remove the metals.


        3. A few doctors use the test to detect low levels of the nutrient minerals and trace minerals.  Most then practice replacement therapy to raise or lower the levels of the trace minerals and the electrolytes.


        4. A number of practitioners follow the advice of Trace Elements, Inc. laboratory.


        5. Some practitioners follow the computerized recommendations of Analytical Research Labs.


        6. Some follow the advice on this website, which is an updated and expanded version of Dr. Paul EckÕs original method of interpretation of hair mineral tests.




        Here is more detail about each of the uses of hair testing described above.




        Most physicians, nutritionists, dietitians and some naturopaths have been brainwashed by a few, well-publicized Òhatchet jobsÓ that were purposely designed to discredit hair mineral testing.  This is similar to the propaganda that discredits chiropractic, for example, and other non-conventional methods of healing that work well, cost little, and threaten the drug and medical device industries.

        If doctors really understood the implications of hair mineral testing, they would stop using most medical drugs.  Many operations would also become unnecessary.  At this time, this is unacceptable to mainstream medicine. 

        The article, Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis, explains a few of the fraudulent studies of hair mineral testing in detail.  The Hair Analysis References on this site list some of the extensive medical literature from the past 80 years or so on the subject of hair mineral testing.




        Some doctors and nutritionists use hair mineral testing to identify toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum and nickel.  This is fine as far as it goes.  However, problems with this method are:


        1. The test does not evaluate the total body load of any toxic metal.  It only reveals what is currently in the hair tissue.  This is a common misconception.

        2. Hair testing, as with urine, blood, feces, and urine challenge tests, miss most toxic metals.  This is because many toxic metals are stored deep in the body organs and glands, and are thus hard to find on any test.

        3. I do not use the hair test primarily to identify toxic metals.  Much more can be learned from the test, if it is performed and interpreted correctly.

        4. Hair analysis and other tests on those who cannot eliminate metals very well often reveal very low levels of toxic metals.  This is confusing, since most people have plenty of toxic metals.  This is discussed in the article entitled Poor Eliminator Pattern on this site.

        5. Most doctors who only use the test for detection of toxic metals then recommend chelation therapy.  I find this therapy is not safe, and not necessary.  It is also much less effective than nutritional balancing science.  For more on this topic, please read Chelation Therapy on this website.




        A number of practitioners use hair mineral analysis to assess trace minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, lithium, boron and others.  They may also look for abnormal levels of the electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and sulfur.  They may also look for abnormal levels of the ultra-trace minerals such as rubidium, cobalt, molybdenum and others.

        This use of hair testing is valid to a degree.  However, problems with this method are:


        1. Interpreting the value of the trace minerals and electrolytes on a hair mineral test is not simple.  I would contend that without the concepts of Dr. Paul Eck, it is basically impossible or very unreliable.  Many factors can potentially affect the levels of all the minerals in the hair.

        2. Many practitioners make the mistake of thinking that the mineral level in the hair reflects the total body load of the mineral, which is definitely not true.  The hair reading only reflects the amount present in the hair at the time of the test. 

        3. Most practitioners try to use replacement therapy to correct the levels of the trace minerals and electrolytes.  Replacement therapy is the use of either dietary restrictions or supplementation of minerals to normalize the hair levels of the minerals.

        Replacement therapy, in my experience, does not work well.  It does not balance body chemistry and does not adequately replace missing nutrients.  For more on this topic, please read Replacement Therapy on this website.




        The founder of TEI was an employee of Dr. Paul Eck until around 1983.  He was then fired, and founded his own laboratory, TEI.

Beneficial aspects of TEI include 1) not washing the hair at the lab before testing it and 2) TEI reads more minerals than does Dr. EckÕs lab.  This is helpful at times, but not needed.

Problems with TEI include spotty accuracy of the test, in my view.  This is a critical problem. 

Also, this lab does not suggest the detoxification procedures and the Roy Masters meditation.  Without these, one cannot get well. One may feel better, but it is not the same as getting well.  For this reason alone, there is no comparison between nutritional balancing as we offer it, and TEI.

Also, TEI does not offer current nutritional balancing science.  Their test interpretations are different, and the products are different.  They do not recognize the newer patterns such as four lows, sympathetic dominance, the hill, the bowl, the criminal patterns, the trauma patterns, step up, step down, the shell, the death patterns, patterns of the second four minerals, and others.

In addition, at this time, TEI does not list the ideal values on their graph.  These are needed to identify the patterns properly.  Their test interpretations and diet suggestions are not at all similar to ours.  The results we see are not nearly as good.




            This is better that the methods above.  However, the lab computer was altered somewhat after Dr. EckÕs death, and it has not been updated for almost 10 years.  The recommendations lack adequate kelp, fish oil, adequate vitamin D, TMG and, in most cases, need other adjustments.




            I have restored some of Dr. EckÕs original thinking in designing the nutritional balancing programs.  In addition, over the past 18 years I have researched of a number of new patterns on the hair test and improved the supplement and dietary programs.  Together, these changes make the programs much more effective and safer.

General principles of the changes are discussed in the 2010 and 2014 editions of Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis and in numerous articles on this website.

For the best results, at this time I set up the programs.  Anyone interested in using this method can contact me and I will assign a personal coach to review the hair tests.  Currently, there is no fee for this service if they use Analytical Research Labs because the lab pays us a little to teach you.

The coach reviews the practitionerÕs hair tests with me, and then assists the practitioner to administer the program properly.  I insist that practitioners offer the programs as we set them up for safety and effectiveness.  I would love to train every practitioner personally, but time does not permit this.

This scientific system of healing works well for most health conditions.  It is specifically geared for todayÕs health challenges, unlike most healing sciences that are older and not as well suited for 21st century health challenges such as extreme environmental toxicity, widespread ionizing radiation toxicity, a depleted food supply and EMF toxicity.

Dr. Eck was a brilliant scientist who incorporated principles of healing from both ancient and modern sciences, both Western and Eastern medical sciences, and combined them in a unique way.  Most of this website is dedicated to explaining and teaching this amazing scientific synthesis.

For details on how to begin the training procedure, please read Beginning Training and Advanced Training on this site.



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