The Physiology Of Beauty

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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To be more beautiful, become healthier by following a nutritional balancing program.  This is what many clients report to us.  While looking beautiful is not the main goal of a nutritional balancing program, I often hear the following:


“I look ten years younger.”

“The cellulite just went away!”

“I lost the weight in the right places, and without effort, except to follow the program.”

“I am standing up straighter.” 

“People say I have a sparkle in my eyes again.”

“My husband is envious and says I’m prettier than when we married twenty-five years ago.”

“My skin has tightened, and breasts have firmed up again, after years of sagging.”

“My hair is thicker, grows longer, holds a perm, and looks much healthier.”

“Fingernails are strong and pretty again, and the stretch marks are gone.”

“Libido is back.  Me and husband are happy.”

“Breasts actually grew larger (they were small).”

“Breath odor, and odors on body and below smell better.”

“Varicose veins disappeared, as did hemorrhoids”.

“I have a lean look again - not the same as just losing weight.”

“Skin color is better, and cellulite is gone!”

“Stomach bulge goes away if you follow the diet exactly”.

“The brain works so much better – I’m not a space cadet or foggy any more”.


Even if your facial features are not the most beautiful on planet earth, you may be surprised how much better you will look and feel as you become truly healthy with a nutritional balancing program.  It will take some months and often a few years, but it is well worth the effort. 


Both men and women who are healthier are definitely more beautiful.  Here is why:


Your hormone balance:

It is known that the sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, in particular, will increase secondary sex characteristics, and are associated with being and feeling beautiful.

When one becomes healthier these hormones definitely begin to come into better balance automatically.  Their quantity in the body tends to increase to a normal level if it is low.  If they are too high, they tend to diminish to a normal level.


Hormone replacement. I never recommend taking bio-identical or other hormone replacement unless the organ has been surgically removed.  There are too many side effects of hormone therapies, in general.  Also, hormone replacement therapy slows or even stops “mental development”.  This is a very special improvement in the body and brain described in other articles on this website.

In my experience, it is not true that people need hormone replacement if the hormone levels become low.  This is an error perpetrated by many doctors, conventional and holistic ones alike.  They just do not know how to restore appropriate hormone levels.

A better way to balance your hormones is to follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  It works, and we have proved this with thousands of people of all ages.  It requires the cooked vegetable diet, detoxification of the entire body of all the toxic metals, not just a few, and restoring the balance of the vital mineral ratios in the tissues.  It takes a few years, but it is well worth the effort.  The entire body is rebuilt, literally, in this manner, including the hormonal system in a man or in a woman.

For more on this topic, please read Hormone Replacement Therapy on this website.




Another way that being healthy is beautiful is that higher hormone levels is associated with higher overall vitality, or higher adaptive energy.  This is a crucial concept that is not taught in medical, chiropractic or naturopathic schools nearly enough, if it is taught at all.

Libido.  Vitality is critical for feeling beautiful.  Most people know that when they become tired or burned out, sexual desire and general interest in sex diminishes greatly.  This may be because sex is not a vital function, so the body shuts it down if the energy level is too low.

When clients complain of low libido, in most cases their energy level, according to a hair tissue mineral analysis, is very low.  As their vitality and energy level rise due to an NB program, their attractiveness and libido also generally increase.

Exceptions are: 1) When tired, some people develop an excessive interest in sex, perhaps because of hormonal imbalances, or the person is acting as an energy vampire during sex.  In these cases, a nutritional balancing program can actually help normalize sexual desire and help a person stop acting as a vampire.  For more on this, read Energy Vampirism on this website.

2) When depleted, many women, in particular, develop a craving for sexual fluid.  This slowly vanishes with a properly designed nutritional balancing program.  With it, the unnatural interest in sex for selfish reason also goes away.  For more on this topic, read Sexual Fluid Craving.




Nutritional balancing programs get rid of cellulite in women, tighten the skin without the need for surgery, and remove layers of toxins in the skin and elsewhere.

Many people have lost 100 pounds or more easily, without the need for vigorous exercise, drugs, hormones, or low-calorie diets.  All of the preceding methods I consider extremely dangerous, stupid and unnecessary.  Read the articles on this website, for example, about HCG Diet Dangers.  Also, read Exercise And Its Dangers.  Also read the articles about the Paleo diet, Weston Price diet and GAPS diet.  You can lose weight on these diets but they are too high in fats, so you can end up with cancer easily.  Fat always contains some Estrogens, and this is a carcinogenic substance in all cases.




This is a large area.  As an ideal, the shoulders should be the widest part of the body.  The waist should be trim and small on both men and women.  Arms and legs should be well-proportioned, and not unusual-looking.

Men tend to have larger feet and wider shoulders than women.  Women often have wider hips, though this is not always true.

The head shape is discussed below.


The effect of diet. 

Fat.  Eating a lot of fat, as on the Paleo and Weston Price diets, will give women, in particular, more of a curvy, voluptuous-looking body with larger breasts and hips.  However, it also tends to cause cancer, in my experience.

Meat.  Eating a lot of meat causes a heavy, sagging look to the body.

Bread and other complex carbohydrates.  These cause the familiar expanded, doughy, somewhat watery look to the body.  Often there is a pot belly look, as well.

Sugar.  This causes a more pale and pasty look, perhaps due to mineral deficiencies.

Nutritional balancing.  A nutritional balancing diet with loads of cooked vegetables – 6-9 cups daily with cooked vegetables at every meal – produces an overall slim and lean appearance that is much healthier.

Nutritional balancing is a detoxification program, first and foremost.  Paleo diet, GAPS diet, and Weston Price diet are not.  If you don’t detoxify today with diet, as well as with other methods such as near infrared saunas and coffee enemas, you will not live as long.  Also, you will not retrace your traumas as well, which is another key to being and feeling beautiful that is explained in a section below.




 Small breasts.  These tend to grow on a nutritional balancing program.  Chlorine toxicity and iodine deficiency produces small breasts in many women today.  During a nutritional balancing program, the chlorine is removed and iodine replenished (without using chemical iodine products). 

The breasts often suddenly grow very large, such as size A to D+ or B to D+.  Then, within a few months, they decrease to about a size C.  This is the most common pattern we observe with small breasts.  The jump to size D+ followed by a decrease to size C appears to be due to removal of chlorine and other toxins.

The breasts are healthier, cancers and other lumps tend to diminish, and the appearance of the breasts improves, in general.


Large Breasts.  If a woman is overweight, her large breasts decrease in size as she loses weight.  Now and then, a woman complains about this.  We tell her to remain on the program and usually the breasts will settle to a size B or C.


Other changes. Breasts also become more firm, tighter looking, and sag less.  “Empty” breasts fill out.


Additional techniques for increasing breast size besides following the nutritional balancing program. These include:

1. Rub the feet in the breast reflex area (see below under reflexology).

2. Rub the breasts a lot.  Do this daily for at least one month.  Some women say it helps small breasts grow, in some cases, provided one is on a nutritional balancing program to build health, too.

3. Press on the foot reflex areas related to the shoulders and hips using reflexology.

4. Down sex can help heal and grow the breasts. 

All the methods can be used together.


Height.  Adrenal body types do not grow as tall as the thyroid types of bodies.  Some people, however, are so malnourished they simply do not grow as tall as they should.  Medical science is aware that adequate zinc, for example, is absolutely necessary for growth.  Other nutrients are needed for proper growth, as well.

If you are not growing as you should, adding extra zinc, along with a complete nutritional balancing program, may cause you to grow taller.  Most people do not grow taller, however, after about age 18 or so, so begin early.


For Men.  Men will also thin down on a nutritional balancing diet, compared to most other diets.  Some men don’t like this, as they feel it is weak looking.  However, it is definitely a sexier and healthier look.  Men, the bulked-up look is usually a cancerous one that you don’t really need.

Men also start to smell better, skin improves, and hair may come back, though not that often.

Men also become stronger in their personality on a nutritional balancing program.  A few women do not like this and leave their men, sadly.  Most will appreciate it, however.

A secret is that the male sex organ and testis may grow a little larger if they are not used much, and if one follows the correct healing regimen.




Beauty has a lot to do with the condition of one’s skin.  A nutritional balancing program will improve anyone’s skin and produces a more vibrant and healthy look, feel and glow of the skin.


Common skin types. 

Young people – more moist, women have more fat under the skin than men, giving it a softer appearance.

Slow oxidizers and especially older people – the skin dries out, and often flakes and thins.

Developed people – moisture comes back into the skin, women have less fat under the skin.

Fast oxidizers – skin often looks watery.


Using a near infrared sauna, coffee enemas, and brushing the skin as part of a complete nutritional balancing program are often quite amazing in what they can do for the skin, often starting in a few weeks or less.

We recommend trying black salve for moles, warts, infections, cancers and pre-cancers.  Skin tags are sometimes associated with blood sugar imbalances, in which case they will go away with a better diet and a program.  For more details, read Healthy Skin.




Many people, even young adults, have a stale odor, or a yeasty odor, or a toxic odor to the body, no matter how much deodorant they apply every day.  This is because the interior of the body is unclean and is supporting bacteria, fungi or other micro-organisms that generate foul odors.

Also, when one eats incorrectly, often food rots or putrefies in the large intestine, causing not only smelly gas and bloating, but the production of very toxic and odorous chemicals in the colon.  These are reabsorbed to a degree and come out, in part, through the skin.  All of the body secretions are affected.  Your urine, feces, sweat, breath, and oils of the skin will take on different odors depending upon which toxic chemicals are being formed inside the body.

Coffee enemas remove often layers of toxins from the colon, removing odor-causing bacteria and yeasts such as candida albicans.

As the body is cleansed and balanced properly, these odors definitely are reduced and replaced more by a “baby odor”, which is much sweeter and more pleasant.  This applies to both women and men.




As you build your health with nutritional balancing, but often not with other methods, your teeth and gums, especially, will begin to look much better.  Many people have so much gum disease that it is a wonder anyone would want to kiss them.  Correcting gum disease usually occurs easily and rapidly on a nutritional balancing program.  The gums take on a light pink color, receding gums often correct themselves, tooth decay eventually stops, and the teeth can even straighten on their own.

If you combine this with brushing the teeth with hydrogen peroxide, this will also whiten the teeth slowly and easily.  Brushing with a mild soap solution, while not tasty, is another way to brighten up your mouth area.  Use a little peppermint soap to leave a nice odor.  This is often better than toothpaste.  Always avoid fluoride tooth pastes, and harsh mouth washes.  For more about teeth, read Biological Dentistry on this website.




One of the main goals of a nutritional balancing program is to make the body more yang, in Chinese medical terminology.  This means more compact, tighter, and today it means healthier.

If one does the program correctly, this always happens.  It results in tighter skin, breasts, vagina, hips and everywhere else on the body.  It also results in tighter facial skin, important for many women.  To read more about yin and yang, read Yin Disease and Yin And Yang Healing on this website.




Dr. Paul Eck found that mild fast oxidation is more associated with more interest in sex and a more beautiful body, in general.  One reason is the person is literally more alive, more sensitive to touch, and the tissues, and hair are more moist and juicy.

Another reasons for this may be complex, having to do with yin and yang aspects of body chemistry.

Body shape and the oxidation rate.  Faster oxidation tends to cause more weight carried higher up on the body, and less on the hips and legs.  This is also a more beautiful look.  (Very fast oxidation causes the apple-shaped body with a big belly and thin arms and legs).

If the oxidation rate is too fast, a person is also likely to be anxious, nervous and perhaps paranoid and angry. 

Slow oxidizers tend to have more of a pear-shaped body with more weight carried on the hips and legs.  This is associated with a sluggish thyroid gland and sluggish adrenal glands.  The body shape will change as the oxidation rate is slowly corrected.  This can be more complex, because some people have a combination, so it is not always one or the other.  To read about the oxidation rate, please refer to The Oxidation Types and a study: Determination Of The Oxidation Rate By Means Of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.


Softening calcified bodies.  Slow oxidizers, as they age, tend to build up calcium and other minerals in the soft tissues.  This “hardens” the body in a sick way, making the tissues less flexible, dry, and less attractive.  This condition is a part of aging.  As it is reversed, the skin, muscles and elsewhere become softer to the touch and more flexible, more like the tissues of a young person or child.  You can read more about this phenomenon in the article entitled The Calcium Shell Pattern.


Importance of Retests.  Nutritional balancing programs are set up to balance the oxidation rate and other mineral ratios.  Retesting is necessary every 3 to 6 months to make sure the oxidation rate and other mineral ratios remain balanced.




Posture improves because adhesions are broken up that hold the body in a poor posture.  Also, some poor posture today is due to fatigue.  In particular, copper imbalance is associated with adhesions, scoliosis (twisted spine) and kyphosis (rounded shoulders).

Teeth and bones also become stronger as the body heals, and this can assist the posture, as well.  Several clients also report that their teeth becoming whiter after several years on a nutritional balancing program.  This could be due to the replacement in the teeth of darker-colored toxic metals such as lead and aluminum with calcium, which is white in color.

While smiling is definitely a habit, the desire to smile can also be due to feeling well.  It is much easier to smile if one is not in pain, and if one’s energy level and health are excellent.




Many people have twists in the spine that make them look strained, shorter in height, with smaller breasts and a strained look to the body.  These subluxations and/or twists in the spine, and also the elbows, knees and other joints may be the result of an accident or fall, for example.  It can also be just the result of bad posture over a period of time.

You may be surprised to see how nice the body looks after its twists and subluxations have been released.  Usually, you will be taller, the chest will be more pronounced and broader, and the spine straighter.  Read Chiropractic for more on this topic.




Interestingly, we find that a person’s head shape can shift on a nutritional balancing program.  I experienced this myself when my narrow skull changed, quite forcefully, one day while I was in the sauna.  It required several cranial adjustments by a competent chiropractor to balance it out.  However, the skull is now less narrow and more of a square shape that looks a lot better.




Some people are starved for oxygen.  They are often somewhat pale, or their skin tone is somewhat purplish or a little pasty white.  This is because enough oxygen in the blood turns the blood bright red and gives one a rosy appearance.  This is what arterial blood should look like.  Low oxygen causes the blood to be a darker, purplish color.  This is seen in venous blood, which is blood that has had its oxygen removed.

Oxygen starvation can occur due to:

1. Shallow breathing.  This is very common, especially among some women. 

2. Those who do no exercise at all. They need some mild exercise to learn to breathe deeper.

3. Those with chronic lung or bronchial infections, asthma, bronchitis, etc.  This is also common.  As a result, a person may not extract enough oxygen from the air.

4. Mild anemias.  These are usually copper imbalance anemias, which do not respond well to iron supplementation.  However, there are other causes of anemia, such as high lead, high cadmium and others.

5. Living or working in low-oxygen environments.  These include many cities, some office buildings and apartments, and perhaps some other locations.  In general, rural areas with more trees and shrubs have a higher oxygen level.  Outside air may be higher in oxygen than inside air.

To increase the oxygen level, I suggest everyone buy an ozonatior/ionizer air purifier for their home.




I find that those who shine a reddish heat lamp on the skin for up to one hour daily, or use a heat lamp sauna for 20 minutes or more daily, improve their skin quality and tone dramatically.  For more, read Sauna Therapy on this website.




Fruit-eating and too much raw food can cause the face to take on a reddish color.  This is a yin effect.  Please read Fruit-Eating and Raw Foods to understand this effect better.

Cancer in the body, which is common, causes a whitish or grayish color of the skin, and a dullness in the eyes.  It goes away on a nutritional balancing program.

Too much dairy products, especially milk, causes a type of weight gain in which one looks fatty and the skin looks whitish or pale.

Too much meat, especially red meat, causes a rigidity of the skin, sort of like a cadaver.

Eating many nuts and seeds often causes a bloated belly because these foods are harder to digest.  I recommend only a small amount of toasted almond butter or nut butters, but not nuts or seeds of any kind.

Beer-drinking causes a watery type of large belly.  This may be due to a yeast infection in the intestines, although I am not sure.

Eating a lot of bread or carbohydrate causes generalized weight gain.  If you must eat bread, make it a whole grain bread and preferably not much wheat, an irritating food today.

Yin causes redness or paleness of the face.  More yang gives a good color.




Pressing on the chest reflex area of the feet, for example, along with a nutritional balancing program, may help the appearance of the breasts.  This is what several women report.  One must do this daily for about 5 minutes at a time, on both feet, for at least one month.

Foot reflexology on the shoulder area can also cause tight, constricted shoulders to expand a little.  Rubbing the hip area can do the same for twisted and tight hips.  For more, read Reflexology on this site.




A nutritional balancing program often will bring up and resolve old emotional and physical traumas that many people carry.  This includes a variety of sexually-related traumas such as rape, molestation, beatings, humiliations, and more.  The incident may have occurred at a young age, so one may not remember it at all.  If it was severe, one may block out the memory of it.

Releasing these traumas, as will usually occur on a nutritional balancing program when the body’s vitality is raised high enough, can cause gigantic shifts in attitudes and behavior related to sexuality.  Often, a much healthier, more wholesome and balanced attitude about the body returns, or occurs for the first time. 

For example, rape always affects women to some degree.  It does not have to be an actual physical rape, but even the fear of it or a mild incident affects the pelvic area of the body, and often other aspects of sexuality. This is true for both women and men.  For more on these topics, read Pelvic Syndrome, Molestation, Rape, and Healing Rape on this website.  The Rape article contains a technique that is called rape self defense, that some women report also makes them look more attractive.




Those with a healthy energy field or aura tend to be more attractive, regardless of their age.  They have a healthier glow or sparkle to them.  Following a nutritional balancing program tends to cause this effect.  Just eating a “better diet” and taking vitamins does not often cause this effect.




A large and interesting area of nutrition is the effect of specific minerals on one’s appearance.  I will just touch on it briefly.

Trace minerals and beauty. Specific minerals play critical roles in our feelings and secondary sex characteristics.  This is a very unusual and interesting area of trace mineral science.  For example:

ZINC in sufficient quantity gives a person a light an easy step and appearance.  Zinc is also critical for good skin, in general.  Zinc may help with muscle definition, a beauty trait may people lack today.

SELENIUM causes a silky smooth appearance of the hair and skin, and is critical to supplement today, as it is low in foods.  The only food sources that I like are blue and yellow organic corn, and sardines with skin. 

SILICON has a similar effect and is high in corn silk, for example.  It helps give the hair, nails and skin a silky feel and look to it that is very attractive. Foods high in silicon are blue corn chips, in particular. 

COPPER is called the emotional mineral.  Most people have too much biounavailable copper.  This is associated with a sweet, pale look, in general, as it damages the liver.  This is seen in many vegetarians because vegetarian foods are higher in copper.  The breasts may also become soft and saggy because copper is needed for proper connective tissue health.  Connective tissue holds the breasts up and helps make them firmer.  Too much copper is also associated with acne and many other skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and others that are quite unsightly.

IODINE is called the breast mineral, as it is needed in this area.  Women low in iodine and/or high in copper develop lumpy breasts, also called fibrocystic breasts.  This goes away with a proper nutrition program.

IRON gives the body a hard look that is the “ironman” look.  Too much iron, however, is common today and causes the body to look stiff, less flexible, and “angry”.

NOTE: Just any food that is high in silicon will not do.  This is because there are different forms or compounds of silicon, and not all are helpful.


Toxic metals and beauty.  High levels of any of the toxic metals often causes a less attractive appearance.  For example:


NICKEL overload is highly toxic, though somewhat attractive in any angry way.  It comes from drinking rooibos tea or the “red tea”.

CADMIUM causes a “veiny” look to the skin of the face, and is highly toxic.


  They all cause a darkening of the overall aura of a person.  Just a few of the effects of the toxic minerals such as mercury, nickel and cadmium are

1) Bags under the eyes, or dark circles under the eyes. 

2) A stooped over posture, a protruding belly, lips that are too large, and rough skin.  If you remove the toxic metals correctly using a nutritional balancing program, large lips actually will become smaller.  They reflect a more yin condition of the intestinal tract.


A discussion of this topic is also found in Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis, 2010 and 2014 editions, Chapter 43.  To look through the table of contents of this book, click here.




A nutritional balancing program may change the roles men and women wish to play, and this can make a person seem more or less beautiful.  This has to do with hormonal correction in some cases.  For example, women who are very “masculine” in their looks and role may find themselves softening and becoming more beautiful for this reason.  Women who are too shy, blushy and fearful will gain strength and poise.

Men who are too feminine, or too rough, may also find this changing as they follow a proper healing program.  This is nothing more than bringing the body and brain into a better balance.



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