By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This article introduces a set of etheric sciences that are so advanced that they may not be discussed in separate articles on this website.  I am grouping them together here for this reason, and because they are related.  For more basic theoretical concepts, please read The Theory Of Nutritional Balancing – Part I.  The advanced sciences include:


1. Esoteric anatomy and physiology.

2. Soul science.

3. Aura science.

4. Energy center or center sciences.

5. Array science

6. Double science

7. Down science

8. Creation science

9 and 10. Cord sciences (2 of them): Father science and Spirit-level science

11. Jolt science

12. Etheric reset science

13. Love Level science

14. Will Level science

15. Jeshua Level science

16. Adamantine particle science

17. Merkaba science.

18. Twin science.

19. Vector science.

20. Movement sciences.

21. Development science.




Before defining each science, here are some general comments that apply to all of them.


1. These are life sciences.  That means they have to do with living organisms only.  They are not physical sciences, in other words, although they create and maintain the physical bodies we see and use daily.


2. These are largely invisible sciences.  This means that the subjects of these sciences are quite invisible to the naked eye and even invisible to most detection equipment, but nevertheless are quite important.

Most people cannot see the aura, the energy centers, etheric bodies, merkabas, the silver cord, or other things described in this article.  However, a few, mainly children, can perceive the aura, the energy centers, the merkaba, and other amazing aspects of human and animal life.  In the future, I believe many more people will be trained to see at least some of these phenomena.


3. Nutritional balancing science works directly with these sciences.  Other approaches to healing do not do this nearly as much.  So the existence of these sciences and phenomena is a reason to follow a nutritional balancing program, no matter how strange or unusual it appears to be.

Unfortunately, one cannot know clearly how a nutritional balancing program is affecting the aura, the energy centers, the merkaba, the silver cord and other phenomena, but the effects are definite.  Later, I expect devices will be developed to help visualize the effects.


4. The effects described in these sciences are actually automatic results of a nutritional balancing program.  This is most important to understand.  One does not have to believe in the phenomena, or in the nutritional balancing program.  One just needs to do the program faithfully.


5. These sciences overlap.  However, I am listing them separately for clarity.




1. Esoteric Anatomy And Physiology.  This has to do with how the body organs receive subtle energies, and how they function in a developed human being.  It is a large and complex science of energy and physiology.


2. Soul science.  This is the science of souls, which are the controlling entities in all life forms.  For more details about souls, please read Soul Science, Living As A Soul, Journey Of The Soul and Soul Recovery on this website. 

Many aspects of a nutritional balancing program are geared to the needs of our souls.


3. Aura science.  Every living creature has a subtle glow, emanation or energy field around it.  This is also called the aura of a person, animal or plant.  Aura science has to do with reading and interpreting the colors, brightness, markings and movement patterns in the energy field of a person.

This is one of the most complex of the advanced sciences.  For example, people spend years learning just a little of how to interpret the signs in the aura.  It will become better known in the future.  For more details, read The Aura on this site.


4. Energy Center science.  An important part of the aura or energy field of a person is the condition of the seven main physical energy centers found on the human, animal and plant bodies.  These can tell one a lot about a person’s health, psychological condition, and more.  For details, read The Energy Centers.


5. Development science.  This is a large scientific area having to do with the advanced evolution of a human being or other creature.  It is discussed in about 25 articles on this website.  The first one is Introduction To Development.


6. Downward-Moving Energy science.  Moving energy downward forcefully from the head to the feet is a very special exercise that is part of every nutritional balancing program.  It is often the most powerful part of the program.

It balances the body, spins the energy centers correctly and evenly, helps undo many traumas, nourishes the body in unusual ways, and more.  For much more on this important topic, please read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.


7. Twin science.  Twins here refers to what some call twin souls.  Souls originate in pairs called twins.  They are male and female, just as are our bodies.  They may occupy either male or female bodies, and two souls in charge of a male and a female body can come together in marriage.  However, this is extremely rare because there are trillions and trillions of souls, and a soul is rarely the main soul in charge of a body.  They can live on different planets, so the possibility of coming together is very limited.

Twins, however, are always in close contact, even if they are far away from each other physically.  They help each other, love one another, and share at many levels.  For more details, read Twin Science.



8.  Merkaba science. The word Merkaba means a ‘vehicle of light’.  It is mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible, in the book of Ezekiel, mainly.  The merkaba is a spherically-shaped pattern in the aura of a person who is developed to a slight degree.

Nutritional balancing programs helps greatly to develop the merkaba, which promotes health and long life.  For more on this subject, read Merkaba Science on this website.


9. Vector mathematics.  This is a type of mathematics that is represented by arrows of varying lengths and varying directions.  The science has to do how these arrows or vectors interact with each other. 

Nutritional balancing is best understood in terms of vector mathematics.  However, I do not explain or teach it this way because it is a bit complex, and not necessary.


10. Movement science.  The word movement here refers to the sequence of events or patterns of activity of a person during his or her lifetime.  It is related to the law of cause and effect. 

A number of movement patterns are easy to discern on a properly performed hair mineral analysis.  In fact, each mineral pattern on a hair test has an accompanying movement tendency or aspect.  These are described in Chapter 23 of the 2010, 2014 and 2016 editions of Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis.  For more details, read Movement.


11. Love Level science.  The Love Level is a set of principles that one hears, at times, on Christian and other religious shows.  Several articles on this website discuss various aspects of Love.  The article that is best for this purpose is The Real Self.


12. Will Level science.  Development of the will and self-discipline is an important step for all human beings.  The Will Level is a set of principles about living that are described in an article on this website entitled The Will.


13. Jeshua Level science.  This is a large set of teachings, a few of which are discussed in some detail in the article entitled The Real Self.


14. Adamantine Particle science.  The term adamantine particles is explained in the book, Love Without End, Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green.  It is a most interesting book.  Adamantine particles are the smallest individuated particles available to us. They are quite a bit smaller than atoms or elements.  I think more will be written about them in the near future.


15. Array science.  An array is a set of at least two objects or phenomena that are conjoined somehow, or work together, usually energetically.  Together they focus energy, direct energy, and can be used to monitor, influence, and communicate with and direct souls, bodies, machines or other devices.

Array science is very complex and amazing in its outworking.


16. Creation or fractal science.  This is a very high level science about how our bodies are created.  It is a fractal science.  This means that it is about the repetition of simple whole number patterns, in this case 1 through 5.  Fractals are an amazing concept, basically that one can create the most complex forms through the repetition of specific sequences of simple numbers.  As this is very complex, it is not explained in a separate article on this website right now.  To read a little more about fractals, read The Theoretical Basis For Nutritional Balancing-Part I on this site.


17. Cord science.  Souls are connected to each other and to other beings via extremely fine silver cords.  These silver cords are actually  wave guides.  They are similar in structure to the coaxial cable that connects most television sets with their antennas, cable company or satellite.  For more details, read Wave Guides on this site.



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