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The theme of this article is that the spiritual level of the people of earth has not kept pace or matched the level of scientific advancement on our planet. This could be the reason for recent problems on earth.

A question arises, however, as to how to measure the spiritual level of the people of earth. Below are some ways to do this.




We believe a good way to assess the spiritual quality of the earth’s people is to check the quality of what people eat. Over the past 100 years, there have been positive changes, such as reduced starvation on the planet. Most economists say this is due to the spread of capitalism, which is nothing more than economic freedom to build businesses.

Also, technologies such as the so-called green revolution of the twentieth century have resulted in much greater agricultural production. However, there has also been a tremendous increase in consumption of refined, processed and chemicalized food of very poor nutritional quality.

The cause has been centralized government control of food regulation in most nations and subsequent bad laws that have permitted and encouraged the sale of refined and adulterated food. We know this because in a few nations that have no central government food regulatory agency, poor quality food has not taken over as it has in America, Europe, Canada, Australia and other nations.

The absolute horror of government regulation of our food supply is amply documented in the book The Crime Against The Food Law by Harvey Wiley, MD. Dr. Wiley was the first director of what is today called the American Food And Drug Administration.

This agency was established in 1906. Six years later, Dr. Wiley resigned because he said he could not protect the American people from adulterated food. He wrote that within six years the agency was thoroughly infiltrated by special interests who thwarted his effort to clean up the food supply.

This is an excellent example of the failure of centralized government regulation of an industry. The same has occurred in over 40 other government agencies in America and in most developed nations around the world.

Among the worst technologies that our centralized food and drug agencies allow today are: white refined flour, white sugar, food irradiation, genetic modification of food, freezing of food and the use of several thousand food additives, preservatives, colors, flavors and more that are “generally regarded as safe” but have not been proven so scientifically.

As a result, the nutritional quality of our food overall has declined sharply over the past 100 years. This is amply proven by government records of the nutrient content of food 100 years ago compared to that of today. For example, according to government records, most of our common foods contain one tenth or less of the minerals that they contained 100 years ago!

Books that document this are Food For Naught – The Decline In Nutrition by Ross Hume Hall and Empty Harvest by Dr. Bernard Jensen.


Over the past 100 years, there has been a tremendous increase in knowledge about the body. This includes biochemistry, pathology, nutrition, toxicology, microbiology (infectious diseases), histology and other medical sciences. However, the health of the world’s people is not much better than it was one hundred years ago, and by some standards, it is worse.

Disease rates. The incidence of some diseases has declined over the past hundred years. However, over the same time period there has been a sharp increase in other illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and mental illness.

Lifespan. Today the average lifespan is longer, but if one removes deaths in childhood, the lifespan is not longer. If a person survives birth and childhood, the chance of living a long life is about the same as it was 200 or even 400 years ago.

For example, two early US presidents, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, lived to age 84. The Bible also mentions many people who lived very long lives.

A false religion. For many people, medicine is the new religion. Physicians are like the high priests of the new religion and accorded high status in most modern nations. The amount of money most nations spend on health care is staggering!


Most people would say this has remained the same or declined over the past hundred or so years.


Starting around the year 1400 AD, there was an increase in human freedom in many nations. Historians call this the renaissance and later, the age of enlightenment or the age of reason. It was a very hopeful time in Europe.

There was a slow decline in the power of the kings and queens, and a corresponding rise in the rights of the individual.

This gave rise to the Magna Carta in England and similar documents in other nations. These were statements of the rights of the people and restrictions on the power of the elites. This culminated in the formation of America in 1776.

However, starting soon after the founding of America and really gaining speed at the turn of the twentieth century, the concept and amount of human political liberty has declined. In its place has come the regulatory agencies, licensing in many areas of work, and much greater government control over every area of life. We wrote about this in the article entitled The Regulatory State.


This is a mixed picture. Murder seems to have fallen over the past 100 years. However, rape and child abuse have remained the same or even increased.


This has been a mixed picture. On one hand, there has been a great increase in business and management skills, which includes teamwork.

However, other partnerships such as marriage have experienced a decline over the past 100 years.


There has been a tremendous increase in human knowledge in the past several hundred years. This is evidenced by the number of books and scientific papers and the thousands of inventions that have occurred during this time. It is unprecedented in recorded human history.

However, many would say there has not been a corresponding rise in wisdom. A definition of wisdom is:

The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. Wisdom is associated with attributes such as unbiased judgment, compassion, experiential self-knowledge, self-transcendence and non-attachment, and virtues such as ethics and benevolence”. - from Wikipedia.

Many people would say the Bible, for example, is a book of wisdom and it is under severe attack today because some say it is “unscientific” and “out of date”. However, wisdom does not go out of date. In fact, one of the qualities of wisdom is its timelessness or eternal truth.

Some would say we are wiser today. However, many others would say that there is less wisdom taught in schools, colleges and in the media. Most people would also agree that the rate of increase in wisdom has not at all kept pace with the incredible increase in technical knowledge.


Some branches of the Christian religion have grown over the past 100 years, such as the evangelical movement and a few others.

However, overall, there has been a decline in church attendance, synagogue attendance and all traditional religious worship in most nations on earth. Also, there has not been the creation of a new religion to replace the older ones.

It seems like as technology advances, many people believe they no longer need God. They can just turn on the television of go to the hospital emergency room if they don’t feel well.

The new religion. For many people, science is the new religion. They say that the old religions are about superstition, and the new religion is about scientific truth.

We wish it were that simple! However, anyone who studies the history of science knows that science has fashions, fads and superstitions that are later proven to be completely wrong. Therefore, worshipping science is definitely dangerous.

A good example of this today are the rather insane pronouncements of Dr. Fauci and others about the Chinese virus:

- They confuse the number of cases with the seriousness of the disease. In fact, to develop herd immunity, the more people that get the disease, the better!

- They confuse deaths from the virus with deaths due to other causes in those who happen to have the virus. According the American Center For Disease Control and Prevention, 94% of those whose death certificates list covid-19 as the cause actually died of other causes. They died with the virus, not from the virus.

- Most testing is inaccurate. Some say the false positive rate is up to 90%.

- They ridicule simple remedies such as hydroxychloroquin and zinc.

- They recommend illegal economic shutdowns although statistics prove they don’t work. They have also destroyed millions of jobs, led to much higher suicide and drug addiction rates, and caused many other social problems. A local newspaper headline a few days ago (January 2021) was that there are so many teen suicides in the state of Nevada, USA that the government is going to reopen the schools to help stop the suicides.

- The medical authorities completely ignore and ridicule known nutritional prevention and cures.

- The authorities force people to wear masks in many nations even though the health statistics in nations and states without mask mandates are just as good or better.

Such scientific “wisdom” we can do without.

In contrast, this website and development science blend older wisdom and religious concepts with advanced scientific concepts. Many of the ideas are not new and we take no credit for them. They have either been forgotten or suppressed, or for other reasons are not widely known.


From the above, one would probably conclude that overall, there has not been a great increase in the spiritual qualities of humanity in comparison with the large increase in scientific knowledge over the past 100 or even 1000 years.

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