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I. Introduction – definition, the Bible

II. The Rating System – examples using the 7 system: physical habits, emotional and sexual misconduct, lying, sloppiness, stealing, improper diet and more

III. What To Do – follow the development program better, ask your planning souls in prayer, and more

III. Other Topics – current events, and is it a little like the legend of Santa Claus?



This article is an extension of the article, The Law Of Cause And Effect. We are told it is a most important subject at this time in history.

The basic idea is that our behavior either helps us to be free, healthy and happy, or it enslaves us - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or a combination of these. If one lives properly, life will go well. If not, life will end prematurely and/or it will be difficult and sad.


The above idea is found often in phrases from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible such as: “As you sow, so shall you reap” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


There is a record our actions starting at birth. Behaviors are classified from very good to very bad.

What does it rate? I am told it mainly rates our behavior, not mainly our thoughts, although these definitely matter. Most people have evil thoughts, at times. However, we are not supposed to act upon them.

EXAMPLES OF THE RATING SYSTEM (according to the 7 system)

1. Improper physical habits. These include improper eating, not getting enough rest, going to bed late, getting no exercise or overdoing exercise, too much activity of some kind such as shopping or watching television or surfing the web. These are extremely common problem areas today.

Sloppiness and uncleanliness. Another bad behavior is sloppiness and uncleanliness. Washing hands often, wearing clean clothes, and keeping your home and other spaces such as offices and cars clean are needed. This is also why everyone needs to wear light-colored clothing so you can see the dirt. Compulsive cleanliness is not necessary, however, and is a waste of time (see Wasting Time below).

2. Improper sexual thoughts or sexual misconduct. Many people have sexual thoughts regarding others who are not their wife or husband. These are not proper.

Very bad behavior is sexual misconduct of many kinds. This includes rape, adultery and fornication, which is casual sex outside of marriage. It also includes sexy dress, showing off the body, manipulating others sexually, seduction, molestation, and other sexual-related behaviors that are not wholesome such as pornography, sex with children, masturbation, making sexual jokes, and bestiality (sex with animals).

We are told that the Bible could be stronger on this aspect of behavior. Sexual behavior almost always affects other people, and this makes it worse than some other “sins”. Humans are sexy by nature and we are told this is not helpful and needs to be controlled. For more details, read The Reasons For Strict Rules About Sex.

Holding on to improper emotions and attitudes. These include being hateful toward anyone or anything, including God. Another bad behavior is resenting your life, your parents, your teachers or others. Another is coveting, which means you are always wanting more or what others have.

Many people indulge negative emotions instead of holding positive attitudes such as wanting to help others, being happy for what you have, and being grateful for living in a decent house and having enough food and clothing and warmth. A very positive emotion and attitude is wanting to help others, to truly serve others.

3. Improper habits related to power and control. This can include manipulating or controlling others for your own gain. Another common improper behavior is general laziness.

4. Improper social behavior and thoughts. These include spending too much time with friends or isolating oneself from everyone. It includes spending too much time on social media or on the phone.

Gossip. This is a form of murder!!! Do not gossip about others. Do not spread rumors. Look for truth, instead. Watch your words carefully so that you do not harm others. This is one of the main problems with social media, for example. It is full of gossip, lies, half-truths, exaggerations and more filth. It is why we suggest avoiding most of it altogether.

5. Improper work-related and marriage-related behaviors. These include unwillingness to work and give service, improper motives for work, or overworking – putting more into a job or career than it is worth.

This can also be not treating your spouse correctly, such as ignoring him or her, or spoiling and doing for others that which they should do for themselves.

6. Improper intellectual or mental traits and behaviors. Among the worst is lying. Lying to others is worse than lying to yourself, but both cause serious problems for many people, even if it seems that you get away with it. Lying to others is worse because it affects others. There are different kinds of lying. For details, read Lying.

Wasting time. This is a very common behavior, such as spending too much time on the computer, too much time shopping, too much time on the phone or with friends, or even too much time lying around the house or worrying too much about one’s work. Surfing the web and time on social media are almost always mostly a waste of time.

7. Improper spiritual behavior. This can be burying your head in the sand instead of seeking for the truth and acting upon it in all things and all situations.

Other common spiritual flaws or bad behaviors are to curse God, or deny the possibility of a higher power in your life, to hate God, to deny that love exist, or even to deny that you are loved by your Creator. This is a huge lie and spiritual mistake.

Another common error or “sin” is when one believes in God or a higher power, but does not act upon it, including failing to set aside time each day, ideally, to pray or communicate with the higher power or God. This is a violation of the Commandment to observe the sabbath day. For details, read The Ten Commandments Given To Moses.


Another very common bad behavior is stealing. This includes much more than stealing money, objects or information that is technically not yours. The following is unusual, but I am told it is stealing!

Eating any fruit at all is stealing. We are being told that the only fruit that is human food are s a few botija olives per week and technically, green beans are a fruit. All other fruit is food for some birds, some mammals, some snakes, mice and other animals. If you eat it, you are stealing from them!

We are told that the Bible story of Adam and Eve and the apple is real and actually occurred. The couple was told to stay away from all fruit and they disobeyed. We know the Bible also say “I have given you every herb bearing fruit to eat.” However, we are told this is a mistranslation. It means I have given you every plant that produces food (but not fruit).

Stealing is also eating pig products of any kind, shellfish of all kinds, and all chemicalized and denatured or so-called junk food. We are told that eating these foods are “sins”, not just bad habits or sloppiness. As sins, they need to be cleared, not just stopped. You do this by starting to eat correctly and slowly the sins of eating badly fade away.

Eating raw food is also a sin, except for dairy products and brazing meats, which is very light cooking, and a few other exceptions. Humans, we are told, are supposed to take the trouble to cook their food. There are many reasons for this such as cleanliness and breaking down tough fiber. We discuss these reasons in the Raw Food article and other diet articles.



We are told the development program is excellent way to work on yourself. The program teaches many excellent habits involving all seven areas of the rating system described above.

However, we are told that the program may not be enough. Each person has behaviors that are particular to her or him that need attention. We are told it is possible to ask a person’s Planning Souls for more specific actions to take to clear their curses or karma.

Eventually, if you stay with the program long enough, you will hear them yourself and they will tell you directly about what to work on. This is wonderful and a huge benefit of development, but it takes years on the program for most people. A few are born somewhat developed, so it takes less time for them. This takes us to the next way of working on yourself.


Ask your planning souls often for help because they are very aware of what you need to work on. Ask often and listen for any advice.

Reread the section above - The Rating System – and think about how you may be living and thinking improperly.


When you send in a hair sample to begin or update your development program, you can ask that we check with your planning souls and tell you what you need to work on to clear your karma or curses.

Warning! This is personal and possibly embarrassing.



This is somewhat controversial information. We are told that current events on earth, including the Chinese virus craziness, the election fraud in the United States, and other problems around the world, have been set up to help everyone on earth to work on themselves. This is good, we are told, so do not resent it.

They say most people, even “good people”, are much too selfish, often too sexy, and have abused their freedoms, among other problems. So events have been set up to change that. They say this is all that is going on right now in the world.

They say when people work on themselves sufficiently, the events will end – and not before. So we all need to get to work on ourselves if we want a happy planet to live upon.


Someone commented that the idea that our behavior is recorded sounds somewhat like the legend of Santa Claus - he knows if you have been naughty or nice. We are told there are similarities and this is one reason the legend of Santa Claus continues to this day.

In fact, teaching the legend of Santa to your children is extremely beneficial in this way. True, he does not ride around on Christmas eve, but the legend is not all wrong and silly. For more details, read Saint Nicholaos of Myra And The Legend Of Santa Claus.

Another longer article about the same subject that answers many questions is The Law Of Cause And Effect.


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