by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Issues About Forgiving Parents

III. What Parents Do Incorrectly




This short article is about a most important topic. Most people, at some time or another, must let go of anger toward parents and forgive them. Most parents are not perfect, no matter how hard they try. It is very easy to make certain mistakes that I will discuss below.

However, if you don’t forgive your parents, you will be forever crippled and life will not work out well. So begin today to forgive your parents for everything they did and for that which they did not do that they should have done.



This is usually because we expect the most of our parents.  We are dependent upon them for life, and we naturally believe as children that they love us and know how to care for us.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case:

* Some parents are just young and inexperienced.

* Some parents are immature and more concerned with themselves than with caring for their children.

* Some parents are smarter than others when it comes to caring for children.

* Some parents had good parents themselves, so they know what to do.  Others did not have good parents, so they learned wrongly how to care for children, or they learned very little from their family.

However, you still must forgive your parents.  Reasons it is harder to forgive parents than others include:

1. One expects more of one’s parents than one does of one’s friends.

2. Parents are closer to you.

3. If a parent messes up, it might be your fault, or so most children think.

4. Other, such as that the traumas go deeper, in most cases.  In fact, many people focus on the problems of their friends because focusing on forgiving parents can mean opening up deep wounds from the past.  Please do it anyway.


This is a very important reason to forgive parents. It is somewhat mysterious. However, forgiving parents unlocks other traumas and allows you to release them.


This is an important point. It may sound strange, but as you become stronger, mentally clear, and more focused and healthier using the development program based on a properly performed hair mineral analysis, forgiving everyone becomes easier. 

In fact, if you set your intention strongly to forgive your parents and follow a program, in most cases the forgiveness will begin to happen automatically. You may go through phases of anger, depression, anxiety or irritability.  However, you will get through it easily, in most cases.

If you have difficulty, rub the feet more, do more coffee enemas, use the red heat lamp more, and do the pushing down exercise more. In most cases, this will help you get past any blocks that arise. Also, be patient and persistent.

Advantages of development program are you do not need to know exactly what a parent did or did not do that was incorrect, and correction and forgiveness often begin to occur quickly – at times, within a few months.


The only purpose of presenting the following is so that you can recognize them and realize that these are all common mistakes that occur, at times.

The problems fall into two large categories.  The first are things they did that they should not have done.  The second category is failing to do what they should have done.

Examples of problems in the first category are:

1. Molest their children.

2. Rape their children.

3. Speak harshly.

4. Hit hard.

5. Spoil children.  For example, many parents allow children to stay up too late so they are tired much of the time.

6. Lie to children at all. (Most children can see through lies much better than adults believe they can.  A parent may get away with it once or twice, but children catch on and hate for it.)

7. Make promises they cannot or will not keep.

8. Drink alcohol and become violent, or just gross or disgusting.  They also become inattentive and accidents occur.

9. Smoke marijuana and become aberrant, absent and stoned.

10. Smoke cigarettes and filth up the air and their breath.

11. Dress inappropriately (or not at all) and cause embarrassment, shame, and confusion.

12. Other things that cause embarrassment to a child.  This can be being too critical of a child, spilling things on a child, not changing a diaper in a timely way, or other things.

13. Divorcing, especially for selfish reasons.  (Very few children understand why parents would divorce if they love their child.)

14. Acting inconsiderate, rude or impolite.

15. Speaking too loudly or yelling.  This is very bothersome for young children, but also for any child.

16.  This is just the start, but it gives an idea of the kind of things parents may fail to do.


Examples are:

1. They do not stop a rape or a molestation.

2. They fail to see when the child is having trouble with a bully, with drugs, with teen pregnancy, with school grades, or something else and they let things get out of control.

3. They do not discipline fairly, sanely and consistently.

4. They just do not care enough.

5. They do not understand the child’s mind and thinking.

6. They do not respect a child’s privacy, especially in the sexual area.

7. They allow a child to make bad mistakes in friendships, drugs, relationships, work, school or something else.

8. They do not insist on eating only nutritious food, so the child becomes ill.

9. They do not avoid vaccines, and most medical drugs and shots.  As a result, the child becomes poisoned and ill.

10. They do not insist that girls, particularly, cover up well when they go out.  They also allow girls to show off and put themselves in danger with boys in other ways.

11. They are not careful enough so their child has an accident or a fall.

12. They are so overprotective that the child feels smothered and never learns to be independent.

13. They do not answer a child’s questions.


1. Set your intention right now that you want to completely forgive your parents for everything they did wrong, and for all that they did not do.  This is a very important step.  Repeat it to yourself often, that you do not want to hold any resentment against your parents, no matter what happened.  You want to let it all go so you can move on in your life.

2. Along with #1, care for your health and nutrition properly with a development diet and hopefully an entire program.

3. Be patient and persistent.  Forgiveness often takes a number of years because there can be layers of anger and resentment to undo.


We recently had several clients go through forgiving their parents at the same time. Here were the patterns their tests revealed:

- They temporarily went into a four lows pattern. This is often needed when one forgives parents.

- They had left pivot patterns. These are insights about others.

- They had 9 or 10 anchor patterns. This is also called a wise person pattern. This indicate healing of the brain. We are not sure if these are a cause or an effect of forgiving parents, but it is an excellent pattern indicating much improved brain functioning.

- They had a forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. This is another excellent pattern. I indicates much better energy and usually a better emotional condition, as well.

- Many numbers decreased. This indicates a building phase of the body, as opposed to a detoxification phase.

- They had a double low ratio or trauma pattern. This has to do with retracing old issues.

- I was told they had new person pattern. This is a combination of the above that is excellent.

To understand the topic of forgiveness much better, read Forgiveness on this website.

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