by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              At this time in history, there is a need for rapid development, particularly for women who develop more slowly, at first.  One answer is the use of down sex.  This can greatly speed up development if two are at similar stages of development or if they are at different stages.

If a man and woman are already married, doing down sex is a simple matter.  However, problems arise if two are not in an intimate sexual relationship and want to engage in down sex for development.  These problems are:

1. Blending problems.  Any time a man and woman have sex, even down sex, blending upsets the energy fields of both of them.  This can slow down development later on.

2. Physical safety, particularly for the woman.  She could be raped, molested or hurt physically in some other way.

3. Psychological safety.  Down sex can cause embarrassment and humiliation.

4. Disease.  Intimacy easily spreads infections.

5. Pregnancy.

6. Other.  These might include a manŐs competency, personality conflicts, or something else.

The answer is a special, short-term marriage, and nothing less.




This legally binding contract sets forth the terms and conditions of our down sex arrangement.



A. This down sex agreement is about love and nothing else.

B. We will never knowingly harm each other in our thoughts, words or actions.

C. We agree to always do all we can to assure the safety and health of ourselves and our partner.  This includes strict cleanliness, and to fully honor and respect each other at all times.  We also agree to be kind, considerate and patient with each other at all times.

D. If we harm the other accidentally through words or actions, we agree to 1) apologize immediately and 2) learn not to repeat it.  This is one of the most important habits we both want to learn if we are to be happy together.

E. Pregnancy.  If pregnancy is possible, we agree to always use healthful contraception.



A. We agree to only have down sex, and no regular sexual intercourse.

B.  We agree to always exercise the utmost care, consideration, cherishing and respect for each other in the sexual area.  We agree to do our best to avoid any physical, mental or emotional harm, embarrassment or humiliation in this area.

C. We agree to discuss our needs and wants in this area openly, as often as needed.  For example, one or both may want to use down sex sessions to help resolve past traumas.

D. While this contract is in force, we will not date or have sex with anyone else.  There are no exceptions.

For example, if a woman is already married, but wants to engage in down sex to speed her development, she must divorce her husband while she does down sex with a more developed man.  She can remarry her former husband afterwards, but she cannot have sexual relations with both men at the same time.

This is to avoid spreading disease and to enhance the effects of down sex by avoiding distraction.



A. We agree to continue with a complete nutritional balancing program in order to enhance the developmental effects of down sex.

B. We agree not to use drugs or alcohol.

C. We agree to disclose to each other any illnesses or infections that we currently have, including their location and type.  This is to minimize the spread of disease.



A. We agree to limit all of our friendships and family contacts so they do not interfere with our down sex sessions.  This means restricting the number and length of all emails, phone calls and visits to and from our friends and other family members.

B. For the duration of this contract, unmarried partners will wear a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand.  This signals to others that one is not available for a relationship.


              5. TEAMWORK. 

A. Down sex for development is a team effort.  We agree to work together as a team, at all times.  This includes planning our down sex sessions together.

B. We agree to have a down sex session (daily, every second day or every third day).

C. We agree to do the pushing down exercise during all down sex sessions.

D. We agree to at least explore other enhancements of the down sex sessions such as visualizations, deep breathing together, neck pulls, jolts, and spinning the three energy centers.

E. If one partner is significantly more developed than the other, that partner will have the final say if we disagree on procedural matters.



A. Communication.  We agree to communicate honestly and openly.

B. During each down sex session, we agree to devote a few minutes to check in with each other, to see how things are going.  We will allow each other to speak freely about anything having to do with our sessions.



Down sex is part of the philosophy of development.  We both agree to support this concept and live by its tenets.




A. COMMITMENT.  This contract is valid for a period of  ____ months.  At the end of this time, if the partners wish to extend it, they may negotiate a new contract.


B. TERMINATION. Either partner can terminate this contract at any time.  wishes to terminate this contract at any time.  No explanation for termination is required.


C. LEGALLY BINDING.  If one or both partners break this contract, the down sex arrangement ends until a new contract is negotiated.


D. PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY. All matters relating to this arrangement shall remain private and confidential, unless we both agree otherwise.

Also, if a breach of privacy occurs, we agree to heal it as rapidly and thoroughly as possible.


E. INTEGRITY AGREEMENT.  If we become embroiled in a dispute that we cannot solve ourselves, we agree not to consult attorneys.  We agree to first consult a mediator whom we choose together, to resolve our problem.  If this does not work, we agree to binding arbitration by an arbitrator whom we choose together.


F. AMENDMENTS.  We may amend this contract at any time by mutual agreement.  Amendments must be dated and signed by both of us, and in the presence of at least one witness.


G. COMPLETE CONTRACT.  This agreement constitutes the entire contract between us.


Dated ________________


Her signature______________

His Signature______________

Witness  ___________________




In some cases, other issues will arise that can be handled by adding clauses to this contract.  Examples are:


1. Financial arrangements.  This might come into play if a person wants to pay for down sex, and another person is willing to accept payment.






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