by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Problems With Being Attractive

III. Solutions


Most women like to dress and groom themselves to look attractive. They are also often told by the negs, crud, Satans or Rogues that they must dress and look attractive and perhaps sexy or they will be beaten and raped even more.

However, there are problems with this. This is a short version of a much longer article, How And Why Be Unsexy.


The main problems with being an attractive woman are:

- Attractiveness tends to draw men's attention away from God and away from their wives and families. This disrupts marriages, families and the general society. There is nothing loving about it.

- Distracting men also causes car accidents, fantasizing, rapes, affairs, sexual fluid loss, confusion and sickness.

- Attractiveness makes other women angry and makes them insecure because you might take their husbands away from them.

- The energy of attractive is up and it is horizontal or across energy. All of this is incorrect and to be avoided as much as possible. For details, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.

- Women, and men, are supposed to learn to broadcast or radiate, rather than to attract. Making oneself attractive is therefore bad training because it teaches the opposite of broadcasting. For details, read Women And Maturity and Broadcasting.


The four-steps to action. To solve the problem of attractiveness requires four steps:

1. Desire. This is the desire to solve the problem. This requires at least some understanding that being attractive is a problem.

2. Intention. This is the intention to solve the problem. This is sustained desire.

3. Allowing. This is tuning into God or Thy Will to seek answers and allowing yourself to follow the guidance you receive when you ask for help.

4. Surrender. This is to completely let go of your old lifestyle of being attractive and to submit your will to a Higher Power and to live completely differently.

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