By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© March 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


On planet earth women are under attack and much more prone to certain types of subtle attack because their bodies are considerably more yin than those of men.  Please do not disregard this article, ladies!

By attacks, I do not just mean rapes and that kind of attack.  I also mean much more subtle attacks at a soul level.  Some readers know what I mean.

There are not too many answers for this problem, but a very important one is overlooked by most people, including most women.




Yin is a Chinese word that means colder, more expanded, and today it means more sickly.  However, in this article I want to emphasize another quality related to being more yin.  It is that the body and the soul are much more easily attacked when the body is more yin.




The answer is fairly simple, but not attractive for many women.  The answer is to make the body much more yang, and keep it that way.  The only ways that I know of to do this quickly and safely, are to eat a more yang diet and to watch your thinking carefully.




Here is what to eat:

1. Cooked vegetables are much more yang than raw ones.  You do not need to eat salads, and I would avoid them completely.  Eat 2 to 3 cups of well-cooked vegetables with each meal, at least three times daily. 

However, do not eat the nightshade vegetables, which are really fruits and are much more yin.  These include all tomatoes, all peppers, all regular potatoes (sweet potatoes and yams are better), and eggplant.  Other vegetables that are really fruits are okra and cucumber.


2. Meats are more yang, especially red meats.  Eat red meat (lamb is best) twice or three times per week.  Never eat raw meat, which is more yin and not clean enough.

Be sure to have a flesh food each day, and eat mostly animal quality protein (meat, eggs or cheese) and not mostly vegetable quality protein.


3. Eggs are more yang, but only eat 6 to 8 eggs per week.  That is enough in almost all cases.  In other words, do not eat two eggs for breakfast every morning.  It is too much.


4. Cooked grains are not bad for making the body more yang.  Some whole grain is good unless you do not tolerate it well, which is a sign of a yin body.

Beware, however!.  Do not eat:

a) raw grain such as granola or trail mix,

b) soaked grains,

c) sprouted grains

d) fermented grain or fermented anything except a little cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut or miso.

Unfortunately, all of these food preparation methods make the food much more yin, so do not do this.  I know this advice goes against much that is taught today by the Weston Price Foundation, and other groups.  However, I find it to be very critical.


5. Have sea salt with your food.  Preferably add it after cooking the food.  Do not go salt-free or low salt.  Avoid regular table salt, which is much more yin.

What to avoid.  A more yang diet in macrobiotic terms means:

1. No fruit or fruit juices whatsoever.  In fact, I would avoid all juices, even carrot juice that is recommended elsewhere on this website, at least until the body is more yang.

2. No salads.

3. No smoothies or sweets, or sweeteners of any kind.

4. No vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diets.

5. Avoid a lot of herbs or vitamins, especially a lot of vitamin C and B and E.  I would also avoid homeopathy, which is very yin.

6. Also avoid too much exposure to water, such as swimming in pools or hot tubs a lot, or baths more than twice weekly, or colonic irrigations more than once every two months, in most cases.  Water is very yin.

7. Avoid ALL sugars, alcohol, and drugs including marijuana.  These are all extremely yin and will sicken you, no matter what anyone claims to the contrary.  Please do not fall into these common traps.

If you crave sweets, have some hot tea (but no lemon with it) to ward off your craving.  Eat more meals per day if you get too hungry between meals.  Taking some chromium picolinate, up to 1 mg daily, may reduce some sweet cravings.




Women often fall for yin thinking that makes their bodies even more yin and more vulnerable to attack.  Examples are:

1. Believing in victimhood.

2. Feeling sorry for people, or animals, or anything.

3. General sadness and depression.

4. Holding on to anger, especially at men, for example (no matter how you have been treated, ladies).

5. Living in such a way that you are always afraid.  Fear is very yin.  Such lifestyles include dressing in sexy clothes, living in large cities that are not safe, having boyfriends instead of making the commitment to marriage, staying out late at night, too much dating, and loose sexual behavior.

6. The welfare and/or entitlement mentality.  This is wrong, no matter what you think about it.

7. Lying for any reason at all.  Face the music, rather than lie to yourself or to others.




This occurs when you don’t feel that well and eating yin, bathing in the tub, or thinking yin makes you feel better, and may actually give you a high.  Yang, meanwhile, brings up your issues and conflicts and feels really bad.


Living and thinking this way is not that easy.  However, the rewards are great and it may keep you alive these days.  Becoming yang tends to “bring up your issues”.  It is painful, at times, but is well worth some temporary discomfort as you learn to forgive and move on.



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