by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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In our experience, today the bodies of all men and all women are too yin.  This word is from the ancient Hebrew language and is also found in the Chinese, Japanese and other languages.  Yang and yin is a profound physics concept about the interplay of two basic forces in the universe that give rise to all of creation.

To give you an idea of its importance, it is discussed right at the beginning of the Hebrew Bible in Genesis, chapter 1 where it states that God created the light and the darkness, the land and the sea, male and female, and more.  The Bible quotes are in the Yin And Yang Healing article.




Yin means colder, more expanded, and today it means more sickly.  We find this understanding very important, although it is not considered at all in modern medical or naturopathic disease care.  It is discussed in acupuncture and macrobiotics, which are both older healing systems.

Women’s bodies are a little more yin than those of men. This has to do with their hormones and perhaps other factors.  As a result, women are more prone than men to certain health conditions.  Among the most common yin conditions are yeast problems, thyroid problems, fatigue, liver toxicity, kidney toxicity and some cancers.  Among the mental conditions are depression, anxiety, sadness, and anger.




The answer is to make the body much more yang, which is the opposite physics quality.  The only ways to do this quickly and safely is to eat a more yang diet, live a healthy lifestyle, and watch your thinking carefully.




Here is what to eat:

1. Cooked vegetables are much more yang than raw ones.  You do not need to eat salads, and we would avoid them completely.  Human beings do not absorb nutrients well from raw vegetables.

Eat 2 to 3 cups of well-cooked vegetables with each meal, at least three times daily. 

However, do not eat the nightshade vegetables, which are really fruits and are much more yin.  These include all tomatoes, all peppers, all regular potatoes (sweet potatoes and yams are better), and eggplant.  Other vegetables that are really fruits are squash, okra and cucumber.


2. Meats are more yang foods, especially red meats.  Eat 4-5 ounces of lamb twice per week.  We also suggest two 4-5 ounce servings of grass-fed beef each week.

Have flesh food each day, but do not eat animal quality protein (meat, poultry, fish or dairy) more than twice daily and only 4-5 ounce portions.

Dairy products are more yin and are not needed on a development program except we recommend 8 ounces per week of plain goat yogurt.


3. Eggs are more yang, but women should eat only eat 6 eggs per week.  Otherwise, they have a toxic effect on the liver.  Also, eggs must be cooked so that the yolk is runny.  Avoid hard-boiled eggs, for example.  Soft-boiled or poached or lightly fried are best.


4. Blue corn tortilla chips.  These are a fairly yang food.  If the body is too yin, you may not tolerate them.   Do not eat:

a) raw grain such as granola or trail mix,

b) soaked grains,

c) sprouted grains

d) fermented grain or fermented anything except a little cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut or miso.  Fermentation makes food more yin and some fermented food contains aldehydes, which are very toxic chemicals.  Among these are kombucha tea, for example.

5. Have sea salt with your food.  Preferably add it after cooking the food.  Do not go salt-free or low salt.  Avoid regular table salt, which is a junk food and much more yin.

6. Avoid the following yin foods:

1. Fruit or fruit juices.  These are all very yin.  An exception is one or two botija olives per week, if you wish.  They are not needed, however.

2. Salads.  Raw vegetables are much more yin.

3. Smoothies or shakes.

4. Protein bars or other food bars.

5. Sweets, or sweeteners of any kind.  If you crave sweets, have some hot tea (but no lemon with it) to ward off your craving.

6. All vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diets.

7. Minimize herbs and random vitamins, especially a lot of vitamin C and B and E.

8. Homeopathy, which is extremely yin.

9. Essential oils.

10. Also avoid too much exposure to water, such as swimming in pools, hot tubs, baths more than twice weekly, or colonic irrigations more than once every two months, in most cases.  Water is very yin.

11. Avoid ALL sugars, alcohol, and drugs including marijuana.  These are all extremely yin and will sicken you, no matter what anyone claims to the contrary.  Please do not fall into these common traps.




The important lifestyle principles to make the body more yang are:

1. Move energy downward through your body at all times – from the head to the feet.  This is the yang flow of energy and is vital to make the body more yang.  It is the basis for the Pulling Down Exercise.

2. Go to bed early – by 8 or 9 PM and not later.

3. Get plenty of rest and sleep.  Most people need at least 9 hours of sleep every night.  Sleep is not a waste of time!  It is critical for health and makes the body more yang.

4. Do some gentle exercise daily, but do not become exhausted.  Exhaustion due to excessive exercise makes the body much more yin, even if it feels good.

5. Stay busy, but not so busy that you become uncentered, ungrounded and stressed.

6. Hold on to your sexual fluid as much as possible.  Down sex is excellent for this.  Ordinary sex wastes your sexual fluid and the less of it, the better.  Please read about it.  Women usually love it.  Men may need to adjust to it. 




Yang thinking is very important to make the body more yang.  General principles are:


1. Do not believe in victims and do not think of yourself as a victim.  Instead, take responsibility for everything in your life.  This is a tall order, we know, but most important.  It is extremely empowering to know that you help create everything in your life.    This includes your appearance, your health, your finances, your friends and relationships, and all else. 

Try not to feel sorry for others because they, too, are powerful and responsible for their lives, even children and animals.

2. Keep your thoughts positive and uplifted.  Read and listen to uplifting, spiritual and positive material and associate with others with uplifted thoughts in order to help keep your thoughts positive and uplifted.  This means avoid focusing on the negative and on sex and on lying, cheating, stealing and this sort of mental and physical activities.

Also, do your best to stay out of sadness and depression.  One of the best ways to do this is to follow a development program to improve your health.  This program has very positive effects on your mind.

4. Let go of all anger and resentment as soon as it shows up.  Learn to love yourself a lot and learn to forgive everyone for everything because we really do not know why things occur.

5. Stay out of fear by focusing on being “in love”.  This can be done.  Other articles on this website discuss this important aspect of thinking.  Fear is very yin. 

For example, women make themselves more afraid by dressing in sexy clothes, living in large cities that are not safe, having boyfriends instead of making the commitment to marriage, staying out late at night, too much dating, and loose sexual behavior.

6. Learn about the benefits of political liberty, equal justice for all, and capitalism or free market economics.  These are yang political concepts.

Their opposite is liberalism, socialism, progressivism, communism and the welfare and/or entitlement mentality.  These are yin political concept that don’t work and make everyone poor and angry, except for the elite ruling class.

7. Strive to be honest and to live in integrity.  Integrity means that all parts of your life fit together well and are consistent.  This is much more yang.

Lying is very yin and makes the body yin.  Do not deceive yourself and do not deceive others. Always seek the truth and try to live in truth and integrity, which are very yang mental ideas.




Living and thinking in a more yang manner is not always easy.  Becoming yang tends to “bring up your issues” and this is painful for all of us, at times. 

However, the discomfort is temporary and the rewards are great.  Becoming more yang will help keep you alive and much more healthy.  You will learn to love yourself more and forgive others more, as well.




This a common trap.  What occurs is that making yourself more yang brings up your issues and conflicts, and feels really bad.  As a result, you don’t eat and live and think properly.

Instead, one finds that becoming more yin makes you feel better, so you do it.  It might even give you a high (that is really a low).

Ways people make themselves more yin include:

- Eating more yin food such as fruit, juices, kombucha tea, candy, cookies, sugar, ice cream, or chocolate.

- Drinking alcohol in any form.

- Using marijuana or other drugs.

- Having more ordinary sex.  In contrast, Down sex is much more yang and excellent.  You can do that every day.

- Spending more time bathing in the tub or going into a hot tub or pool.  The latter are actually filthy.

- Using essential oils or homeopathy.


Beware of this trap!



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