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WARNING.  This short article is a warning for men and women of all ages.    It is disgusting and disturbing to write about, but very real and important for everyone to know about.


Definition.  In the context of this article, streetwalkers are mostly women, but also some men who are attractive, and often dressed in a sexy way.  They look very normal but they are really brainwashed slaves who will have sex easily if asked.

The streetwalkers number in the hundreds of thousands and are found in every nation, though there are more in the Western nations such as America, Canada, Australia and in Europe.

Some call the female streetwalkers Jezebels, the name of the evil and sexy queen in the Old Testament of the Bible.


Goals.  The goals of the streetwalkers are:

1. To infect men and women with sexually-transmitted diseases.  Wearing a condom wonÕt help because they can infect you by scratching you with an infected fingernail or many other methods.

Some of these are designer diseases.  These are diseases that are concocted in a laboratory in order to inflict harm on people.  For more on this, read Designer Diseases.

2. To drain out men and womenÕs sexual fluid and give them orgasms that wear them out.  These severely weaken people and are part of human trafficking techniques.

3. To lead men and women into ambushes by inviting them to their homes or apartments where their ÒfriendsÓ lie in wait to beat, gang rape or even kill them.

4. To recruit operatives and agents.  This is done by first raping the person a number of times, often accompanied by beatings, until the person agrees to be their agent and slave.

5. At a society level, their goal is to damage marriages, infect the entire population with diseases that are difficult to heal, and by so doing degrade and ruin the entire society.




We call them the rogues.  To read about them, read The Rogues on this website.




              Men, strictly avoid casual sex, especially with strangers.  DonÕt even think about it if you are smart, no matter how alluring a woman is.  Also, run away from any sexually aggressive woman.

            Women, do not date strangers for any reason.  Also, begin dating with phone dates for at least one month, and never get in a manÕs car or go to his home unless you know him very well.  Women can do much more than this to stay safe.  The Prevention section of the Rape article has a complete discussion of the subject.  It is unfortunate that women must be so careful, but it is well worth the effort.


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