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This is a companion article to the larger articles entitled Soul Science and Soul Upgrading.  This article focuses on what occurs with the souls when a personŐs body dies.




Close to the time of death, or perhaps right at the time of death of the body, the main soul and about a million others who are associated with that body must leave the dead or dying body.  Ideally, the souls move immediately and literally Ňinto the lightÓ.

Essentially, the souls look around and they will see a tiny ball of very intense white light.  They move toward this ball of light.  When they are very close to it, they suddenly begin to move through what seems like a tunnel and away from the earth.  This is sometimes called the tunnel experience.  Some people who have had near-death experiences or out-of-the-body experiences, also called OBEs, describe the same experience.




Often, the tunnel leads to one of the seven ŇheavensÓ spoken of in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  I am told these are real places, located away from the earth out in space somewhere.  They are hidden, and cannot be seen with our telescopes, however.

Here a soul usually meets with other family members who have passed from the earth.  Alternatively, the souls may meet with more advanced beings such as Jesus, Buddha, and angel, or another with whom the soul is familiar. 

This person explains to the soul what has occurred if the soul is confused, as many of them are.  In addition, this advanced being, or a deceased family member or friend, take the soul literally by the hand and guide the soul to the next stage of the soulŐs life or evolution. 

This topic will be discussed in a separate article.  Basically, however, the soul begins its preparation to begin a new cycle of evolution by joining with another body in the future.  Before this can proceed, it must go through a life review process that can take a few days to a few weeks.

During this time, it reviews and evaluates its former life, looking for its accomplishments, shortcomings, faults that can be corrected, and more.  Then it is given new information or teachings to help speed the soul on to its next assignment or next lifetime.  I realize this is a different teaching than that taught by the Christian and Jewish religions on earth.  However, other religions have taught this doctrine for thousands of years, and I believe it is the truth.




Moving into the light, as described above, is really the only option for a soul once the body to which it was attached has died.  This is the only way out of the earth for a soul.  This truth needs to be taught to all people while they are on the earth.  It is mentioned in an oblique way in the Hebrew Bible, I believe, but it is not emphasized in the Jewish faith or in the other major religions on earth at this time.  This is unfortunate and needs to change.

If the soul does not understand where to go at the time of the death of the body to which it was attached, then a problem arises.  The soul remains near the site of death, usually, or may go back to a previous dwelling on earth, and it is often confused and unsure what to do and where to go.




There are only a few reasons for this:


1. Confusion.  The soul may not realize the body has died.  This may sound strange, but some souls are confused about this.  It occurs especially if the body dies quickly in an accident, for example, or if the body was young and should not have died so young.


2. Ignorance.  The soul may not know what to do once the body is gone.  This occurs often in modern earth society because most people are not taught that when the body dies, a) the soul is still perfectly healthy, and b) one needs to move into the light and all will be well.

This is the only choice for the soul.  The soul can delay the process, but there is no other option in the end.  This idea is not taught in modern earth society to most people, sadly!


3. Fear.  The soul may be afraid of the light.  Reasons for this include:

a) If the soul committed a horrible act and grew up in a Christian home, it may fear that now it will go to hell.  Since this is terribly scary, it may not want to move into the light.

b) The soul perceives that it must do a life review at the other end of the tunnel, which is the truth.  Some souls are not proud of their life here, and the review is likely to be painful.  The soul knows this, and wants to avoid it as long as possible.

c) The soul learned a false doctrine, such as modern secular humanism that teaches that there is no life after death.  In this case, the soul may know it must go toward and into the light.  However, the soul feels deceived, which it is, by the false teaching and it is very frightened and afraid to move on, as a result.  This is one of the main evils of secular humanist, socialistic and communistic thought.

d) Other.  There can be other reasons for fear of the light, as it is called, though the above covers most of them.


 4. Other.  Some souls do not want to move into the light because they prefer to fly around and visit their friends who are still in bodies.  Some devious souls figure out they can make noise, ŇtalkÓ to living people, and cause havoc in these and similar ways.  Still other souls prefer to fly around for a while and just be voyeurs.  They may enjoy watching their neighbors undress, take showers, have sex, and so on.

Rarely, a soul has an assignment that it wishes to finish on earth.  So it stays around another living person with whom it is working, for example, until the project is done.

At times, a discarnate soul decides to attach itself to another person.  This occurs often today, in part because the energy field of many people is too yin and porous, so to speak.  This process is called entity attachment.  If it is deep or severe, it is called entity possession.  Many books have been written about this because when it occurs, it causes disease, depression, anger and other problems for the living person who experiences it.


Discarnate entities or ghosts.  Souls that are stuck on earth due to ignorance, fear, attachment or some other reason are called discarnates, discarnate entities, or ghosts.  They can appear to some people as tiny balls of light, or they can take on the appearance of the person who died, or they can take on a different personŐs appearance.  If they look like a person, they sort-of float around and we call them ghosts.

Sometimes, this is benign and the souls basically rest until they are ready to move on.  Other times, however, discarnate entities are a real problem.




If a discarnate soul is too angry, frightened, mischievous or even murderous, it can:

1. Taunt and bully living people, giving false information or saying things that are untrue and frightening, often.

2. Affect physical objects.  It may be able to turn on and off light switches, and occasionally they can move furniture or toss an item off a desk and have it break on the floor.

3. Rarely, it can lead a person to his death by inciting him or her or daring him or her to step off a high balcony or drive their car off a cliff.

4. Sometimes it can even rape a young girl by moving into the vagina and giving the girl an orgasm.  This is not a true rape, but it can feel like an invasion of the girlŐs body, and it is truly so.  Boys can also be molested in a similar manner.

5. Other horrible things, such as causing a fire in a home, causing an automobile accident, and more.


All this is terribly scary, especially for a child.  Parents are often at a loss of what to do, as the child will complain about it, and may call it a nightmare, a visitation, a demon or a devil.  Please listen if your child is telling you that this is occurring in your home.




One needs to understand what has happened, and how to help the discarnate soul move on.  This is not too difficult in most cases.  Here are the steps to take:


1. Do not be scared.

2. Talk back to the discarnate or ghost.  If your child is communicating with the entity, instruct your child to talk with the entity and find out what it wants.

3. Tell the ghost or entity firmly and politely that it does not belong here, and what it is doing is not good or right.

4. Then instruct the soul that it must look all around and nearby it will find a small, round ball of bright white light.  The soul must move toward and into that light.  This will lead the soul to where it needs to be, and all will be well.

5. One must realize that the discarnate souls are usually somewhat confused and frightened, and may not wish to go into the light.  In this case, you must address the fears and reassure the soul that this is the right thing to do and the only thing to do, and that all will be well.


This is usually all that needs to be done to assist a discarnate soul to move into the light.  If you donŐt want to do this, or if it is affecting a baby who cannot communicate this way, then you can either do it yourself if you are the parent, or you can hire a priest, a pastor, or someone similar who will come to your home and do this procedure for you. 




The process of removing a soul from a person or place is called an exorcism.  Often it is easy, and just involves the steps listed in the section above.  At times, however, it is difficult because the soul does not want to leave, or for some other reason.

Anyone can perform an exorcism.  However, some church leaders and others are trained in the process and may do a better job.  Many mainline Christian churches, for example, have prayer groups or individuals who regularly perform exorcisms.  If you believe you are in need of this procedure, I suggest contacting a few local churches and asking if they offer this service.


To be continued É



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