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I. Introduction

II. Power

III. The Real Self




The science of one postulates that there is only one force in the universe. One may call this force love. Some also call it the ether or God. The basic idea is that there is really only this force in the universe. All else is just a lack of love or a lack of ether or misqualified or misused love or ether.


Basic sciences can be divided into the science of one, the science of two, and so on. This article is about the science of one.

Articles about the science of two on this website are the articles about the forces of yang and yin. Articles on this website about the science of three are those about nutrition.


Part of the Science Of One is that each person is always powerful. However, each is free to give away his or her power. This is exactly what most people do.

Giving away power makes a person seem weak, frightened and oppressed. Learning to take back one's power is a basic life lesson.

I am told that coffee helps one take back one's power. It works best in enemas, although even drinking it works a little.

EXCUSES TO GIVE AWAY POWER. Reasons people and other creatures give away power include:

1. - I don't deserve power.

2. - Having power is not as much fun. (Not true!).

3. - Taking back power does not feel good. (This is only because most people are accustomed to giving away power.)

4. - Everyone else is giving away power, so it must be a good thing.

5. Taking power means I will have to help out or work in some way that I won't like. It brings with it too much responsibility and I am lazy. (This is very important.)

6.- Having power is not a good idea. Having power is not “being nice and cooperative”. Power corrupts.

7. God does not want us to be powerful.


The small book, article and audio program, The Real Self, explains a lot more about the science of one.

To be continued …

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