By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Sciences can be classified according to the number of major forces or directions they contain.  This article is about the science of twoness, or two dimensionality.




Two sciences are dual forces that oppose and balance one another.  The two forces move, and they move in opposite directions at all times.  In this sense, they are a two-dimensional world.  This can be described as a line with arrows at both ends.  This is a vector drawing that indicates twoness.




Yang and Yin.  This is an ancient Taoist physics understanding of twoness that encompasses many aspects of twoness all rolled into one.  For example, it includes hot and cold, contracted and expanded, centripetal and centrifugal, upper and lower, and more. 

For more on this “two” science, read Yang And Yin, Yin Disease and Yang And Yin Healing on this website.

Expansion and contraction.  This is a materials concept.  All materials expand and contract as the temperature varies.  Water expands as it freezes.  Other materials contract as they cool.  It is a dual science that is very important in industry.

Dilation and contraction.  This is a physiology science.  Many parts of the body go through these phases.

Muscular contraction and relaxation.  This is another “two” science or aspect of physiology.

The politics of Right and Left.  This is an important concept in political science.  For details, read Left And Right In Politics on this site.

Tension and compression.  This is a basic idea in the construction industry and in materials science.  All materials have a certain tensile strength and compressive strength.  One must know about these in order to build almost any structure.




Emotion and sex “two” concepts in our bodies.  Emotion means motion, but only in one plane.  It is a back and forth motion only.

Sex is also a “two” concept.  It involves two people who oppose and balance each other’s body parts and activities.

The second energy center.  “Twoness” always has to do with the second physical energy center of a human being, animal or plant.  On a human being, this is located just below the navel or bellybutton in the middle of the front and back of the torso.  For details, read The Energy Centers on this website.


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