By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Sciences can be classified according to the number of major forces or directions they contain.  This article is about the science of one-ness.  This is part of a series of articles about the sciences of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.




One-ness means unity, wholeness and integrity.  “One” sciences have a single direction, vector or force that needs no other force or direction to balance them.




Love.  Love is a “one” science.  A person cannot have too much of it so that he or she goes out of balance.  It may seem as though a person can be “too loving”, resulting in gullibility, or wasting one’s time caring for the poor, perhaps. 

However, upon close examination, these examples are not an “excess of love”.  They are a lack of understanding about love that causes a person to become involved with the wrong kind of people, or to waste time that could be used more productively.

You may say, “Well, what about hatred?”  Isn’t that the opposite of love.  The answer is that hatred is the opposite of attraction or liking something or someone.  However, it is not the opposite of the force called love.  The only “opposite” of this force is a lack of love or less love.  This is not truly an opposite.  It is just having less of it.


 Wholeness.  This is another “one” concept.  It needs no opposite.  One cannot be too whole.  In fact, with love or wholeness the rule is the more, the better.  This is the idea of the “one” sciences.

The idea of wholeness, as it is meant here, is that of having all aspects of oneself.  It is related to the idea of completeness.  It is not possible to be “too complete”.  It is just better to be whole or complete.  This is the quality of the “one” sciences.


Pushing down and the pushing down mental exercise.  This is a “one” science that is explained and referred to often on this website. 

It is based on the fact that the human body is polarized and charged electrically.  The pushing down process simply amplifies the polarity, which enables the body to function better.  The pushing down exercise cannot be overdone, and does not require an opposite exercise or force to balance it.


The one God in the Hebrew, Christian and Islamic religions is an important “one” idea.  One can express the same idea by saying that God is all there is, and al is in God.  God is all-powerful, all-knowing and present everywhere.  He is almighty.

God is a “one” idea because more of God is wonderful.  One cannot overdo on God, and God needs no one or thing to create balance and harmony in the world.

You may say, “What about the religious fanatics who murder in the name of God?”  The answer is they do not understand God very well. 

If God is in all things, then murdering in cold blood is destroying a part of God, which is highly offensive and damaging to God.  In other words, those who behave badly do not understand God and, in fact, are “taking the name of God in vain.”




Life. Life is another “one” science.  Life needs no opposite to balance it.  One cannot have too much life, in other words.

Survival of the body is another “one” science.  One cannot have too much of it, and it does not require an opposing force.

The first physical energy center.  “One” sciences always have to do with the first physical energy center of a human being.  It is located between the legs, and it is funnel-shaped, with the open end facing downward toward the ground if one is standing up.  For details, read The Energy Centers on this site.



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