by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Vegetables contain hundreds of nutrients, including many that are not found in other foods. For this reason, many health professionals recommend eating raw salads.

However, we find that human beings cannot digest raw vegetables well enough to extract most of the nutrition from them. Eating salads also fills up the stomach and may satisfy hunger. For this reason, people don't eat nearly enough cooked vegetables and other foods they need.

Also, all the food on earth is low in nutrients to begin with. This is due to modern agriculture and rogue removal of vital minerals from the earth. For details, read Superphosphates and The Rogues.

Also, raw vegetables are not that clean, especially those in some restaurants. Many are contaminated with bacteria or chemicals that further weaken digestion.

The overall result is that eating salad causes malnutrition! You don't need salad and it is not a good food today.


Proper cooking of vegetables by steaming or pressure-cooking for only about 2 minutes until the vegetables are soft increases nutrient absorption. It does not decrease it.

Cooking increases nutrient absorption it because it breaks down tough vegetable fibers that we cannot digest. It also warms the food, which is beneficial.

There is some loss of vitamin C and a few other nutrients. However, this problem is minor compared to the serious digestion problems of most people:

Almost all human beings today have poor overall health, do not chew nearly long enough, have parasites, have poor eating habits, and women, in particular, are all fearful and anxious. For all these reasons most everyone cannot digest raw salads very well.

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