By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Rubidium is one of the most important minerals.  It is an ultra-trace mineral.  This means one does not need a lot of it.  However, it is extremely important!

Rubidium is a connector, a sedative mineral, a radiator, a development mineral, and a feminine spiritual mineral.  It also helps keeps a person out of four lows, which is vital for health.




Food.  Our food is quite low in rubidium today, due to modern agricultural methods and other factors.  All the food is somewhat low in it.

The most is found in cooked vegetables, especially the preferred vegetables on the development diet.  These are all types of onions, cauliflower (especially the orange and purple ones), cauliflower leaves, daikon radish, carrots, shallots, leeks, green beans, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage.

Tarragon.  This common herb is quite rich in a few rubidium compounds, and that is why we use it to help people get out of a four lows pattern.

A different rubidium compound is found in the herb, myrrh.  We don’t use this herb much, however, because it is a little toxic.

Rubidium is not found much in fruits or most grains.  It is found in organic blue corn, but not in other kinds of corn.

Coffee.  Coffee contains a little rubidium.  The best way to absorb the rubidium in coffee is with an enema, and this is one reason we recommend coffee enemas with every development program. 


Supplements.  Rubidium supplements are not available that we are aware of.  The best is a capsule of tarragon, which you can make yourself or just sprinkle tarragon from the supermarket on your food.  It has a strong taste, but it is helpful as a source of rubidium.




1. Development.  Rubidium is excellent to speed up development.  That is why on a nutritional balancing program, everyone must eat a lot of cooked vegetables and blue corn, and must eat the preferred vegetables mentioned in the section above.


2. A connector.  Rb seems to help connect a person to other realms that some people call the High Self, Oversoul or Holy Spirit. This is one reason why Rb helps development.


3. Prevents aging.  Rb opposes the activity of the radioactive minerals that damage the body.  It has other anti-aging properties, as well, by acting as a sedative mineral, for example.’


4. A sedative mineral.  Rb is one of several minerals that includes calcium, magnesium, and zinc, that calms the nervous system.  Calcium and zinc are masculine minerals, while magnesium and rubidium are feminine. 

Calcium and magnesium have more to do with physical life.  Zinc and rubidium have more to do with one’s spiritual life, which is the same as Development.

A deficiency of rubidium can contribute to Sympathetic Dominance.  If the deficiency gets worse, one can move into a Four Lows Pattern.  Both of these patterns are autonomic nervous system imbalances caused by a lack of the sedative minerals, among other things.

In the mineral balancing system, rubidium lowers sodium, as does zinc, calcium, and magnesium.


5. A feminine spiritual mineral.  Spiritual refers to the connection to other realms.  Feminine, in this case, means that one is yin to God or dependent and subservient to God.  This is the correct relationship with God or the Holy Spirit.


6. A radiator.  Rb helps one to radiate love into this world, instead of absorbing negative energies from others.  This is truly a gift that helps many spiritually-minded people live safely in the world.




1. The H-P-A axis.  Rubidium is needed for proper functioning of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, and for the entire autonomic nervous system.  Problems here cause a four lows pattern.


2. Glandular health.  Rb helps all the glands of the body to function properly.




Having sufficient rubidium helps keep people out of a four lows pattern.  This can help explain why adding one teaspoon of dried tarragon leaves from the supermarket to the development program of an adult with a four lows pattern can hasten getting out of the four lows pattern.  Tarragon contains a rubidium compound.




1. Congenital.  Almost all children today are born with a deficiency of rubidium.  This is because their mothers’ bodies are low in this critical mineral.

2. Stress depletes Rb.

3. Trauma such as rape or accidents depletes Rb.

4. Oppression and other mental and emotional stress can deplete rubidium quickly.  This is seen in people who live under socialist and communist governments.




Deficiency symptoms.  These include hypothyroidism, fast or early aging, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, other heart diseases, dry hair and brittle nails, respiratory ailments, sympathetic dominance pattern and four lows patterns on a hair mineral analysis.  Death is the ultimate result.

An important symptom of rubidium deficiency is premenstrual syndrome in women or PMS.  Rubidium deficiency tends to cause a low estrogen PMS.

Rubidium deficiency is also associated with many brain disorders such as autism, ADD, hyperactivity or hyperkinesis, and others.  Many of these conditions are similar to those caused by zinc deficiency.

Loss of sexual fluid in men can result in a rubidium deficiency.  This causes manganese accumulation in the ears.  This, in turn, can cause deafness or ringing in the ears. 

Violence.  We have received reports that rubidium deficiency in young men is common and causes them to be angry and even occasionally violent.

Excess.  Excess is very rare.




All chelation therapy can remove some rubidium from the body.  This is one of the main reasons to avoid ALL chelators, both the drugs and the natural chelators such as high-dose vitamin C, drinking distilled water (except for very short-term use for a day or two during a healing reaction), and herbs such as yellow dock and bugleweed.

For details about chelation, read Chelation.




Rubidium is not tested by most hair testing laboratories.  It is possible to measure it in the hair, however, and it gives reliable readings.




Gender.  Rubidium is considered a female element.  Some female elements are so named because women need them more than men.  However, in this case, female refers more to the effects of the mineral, which are calming and gentle.

Nickname in the Scogna system.  “Increase in power”.  Rubidium has to do with enhancing the radiational side of life.  This is an advanced healing concept related to Development, which is the ultimate goal of our programs.



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