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            Protandim is a formula of five herbs that is sold through a multi-level marketing company.  I am writing about it because some of our clients have asked for more information about it.

            A stimulant.  Protandim has a stimulant action on the body.  This means that many people will feel better on it for a while.  However, all stimulants eventually weaken the body.  Therefore, after a few months or longer, you will feel weaker on this product.  For this reason, I suggest avoiding it.

            Yin.  Herbs are also all quite yin in macrobiotic terminology.  This is a physics quality that means expanded, cold and energy moving outward or in a centrifugal direction. 

This type of energy is very harmful to the body, even if improves symptoms and makes a person feel better for a while.  The reason is that the bodies are all somewhat yin to begin with.  These products worsen this type of imbalance.

Stress fast oxidation.  Protandim can put a person into a fast oxidation rate.  However, it is not a healthy fast oxidation rate, based upon their hair mineral tests.  It is a stress pattern that weakens the body.

Effects on development.  If the body becomes too yin, Development stops and health will decline.  This is one reason I donŐt recommend taking most herbs, even if they have powerful symptomatic effects.



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