by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The development program offers an unusual way to solve most problems and concerns. The method is to change who you are and to shift your ‘vibration’ using the program, especially the pulling down exercise, the diet and the procedures.

As you do this, you actually become a different person. As a result, you will attract a new set of circumstances to you that will be superior to those of your past. This is the essence of solving most problems by doing more of the development program.

This method can reduce anxiety and fears. It will also bring you answers for most concerns such as love, friends, money, careers and more - in ways that are often unusual and wonderful.


Developing yourself is also the best way to help others and actually to save the world today. We know this statement may sound presumptuous. However, if you understand what occurs with development, you will come to understand the truth of the statement above. For more details, read Empathic Blending.

Below are some ways that others describe the same phenomenon.


Most people live from the ego mind or outer mind. Most of us look around and decide what we need and then we go after it. This is living from the outside in.

The alternative is to alter who one is using the development program. Then the universe will bring you what you ask for, or what you really need. This is living from the inside out.

The Bible discusses this idea in the verses: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Seek it not outside of yourself.”

Seek first the Kingdom of heaven (within) and all else will be added thereto.”

Know the truth (which comes from within), and the truth will set you free.”


Most people do not live in the present moment. In fact, it is quite difficult to do this consistently. J. Krishnamurti, the Jeshua material found in the Real Self book, and a number of other authors discuss this topic.

It takes work to live in the present all the time because the present moment is actually quite rich and complex. The mind tends to run away from it for this reason.

In contrast, living in the future or past are relatively easy because they are largely mental constructs and not that real. When you are in the past or future, you are “up in your head” and not grounded in reality. For most people, this is a much easier place to be rather than in the complex world of the present moment.

You will know you are living in the past if you are experiencing guilt, regret or remorse. You can know you are living in the future if you experience anxiety and fears.

Living in the present means doing what is before you at all times. If you are following a development program, then this is what is right in front of you in the present.

As you do this, answers will come for most all problems. Hence the importance of the idea of living in the present moment.


This is the way Mr. Roy Masters expresses the two ways of living. Living by faith requires that you work on yourself and although you cannot see the results, in most instances, you have faith that you are different and therefore you will think differently and come up with creative answers to problems.

Most people, however, live by cunning, which means they live in their ego selves and see themselves in competition with others and having to always “outdo” others. Living by faith is quite the opposite and others can truly be your friends, rather than your competition.


This is how the Jeshua material used for the Real Self book describes the two ways of living. Allowing is the same as doing the program, which opens your mind and body and allows more of the Creator’s energy to flow into and through you.

Striving is the activity of the ego mind or monkey mind that is always trying to be in charge and trying to figure out the answers to all problems without consulting the Real Self or high self or god self that is in each of us.


The group we call the Rogues do not want people to be happy and successful. They seem to thrive or live on our suffering, sickness and decay.

They have ways of tuning in to the vibration of our souls. Then they tell us what to do, where to go, whom to be with and more.

Following more of the development program seems to be able to shift a person’s vibration in a way that upsets the rogue’s ability to track you and communicate with you. So I call it ‘running from the rogues’. I have done it for years.

You must keep doing the pulling down exercise and the rest of the program each day because after a few hours or a day, perhaps, the rogues readjust their equipment and can track you again. To prevent this, you need to alter your vibration once more to throw them off.

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