by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition. Every cell in every coarse matter and fine matter creature, including human beings, is divided into the nucleus and the plasma or cytoplasm.


Location. The nucleus is found roughly in the center of each cell. The plasma or cytoplasm is all around it. There is a membrane that separates the two. One must eat enough omega-3 fatty acids to nourish this membrane or the nucleus cannot function properly.


Activities. The nucleus performs seven critical activities that are the subject of this article. Advanced souls control all of these activities.


Tasks. Within each of the seven activities are seven steps or tasks. However, this article does not discuss each step of each activity at this time. We will focus on the seven activities of the nucleus.


Pleural word. The word nuclei in this article means more than one nucleus.






The first three activities all have to do with making chemicals. In medical jargon, this is called biosynthesis or genetics. The word genetics comes from the word generate, which is to make things. Here are the three activities needed to make chemicals inside the body.


1. TAKING CARE OF THE DNA (or deoxyribonucleic acid)


THE DNA. The nucleus is the location where the body stores and works with the DNA. This is the rather famous double helix-shaped molecule that contains the blueprint or plans to make every chemical in our bodies and every structure, as well.


An almost unknown fact is that only about 2% of your DNA has to do with the basic biochemistry of the human body. About 98% of your DNA has to do with development. This will give you an idea of the simplicity of the human body in relation to the complexity and extent of the process we call development. For details, read Introduction To Development.


Scientists have decoded the 2% of human DNA having to do with the chemicals needed for basic body functioning. They call this the human genome.


Sadly, they falsely tell you they have decoded all the DNA. However, if you read carefully, you will learn that there exists what the scientists call “junk DNA”. You will also read that this consists of about 98% of our DNA!


The junk DNA. This part of our DNA is so small and so compacted that with current technology, scientists cannot figure out what it is for, so they call it “junk”. This is a horrible deception, in our view. They should admit the truth – that they don’t understand most of the DNA.


Zipped or compacted. In fact, the mysterious 98% is in a zipped or compacted form in almost everyone. This is just like a zipped computer file. It is a form that takes up less space.


In the zipped form, the junk DNA takes up about 98% of our DNA. However, in reality, if you were to unzip it, it makes up about 99% of our DNA. In this sense, scientists have really only decoded 1% of the DNA.


DNA Activities. Souls who work in the DNA department of the cell nucleus are continually repairing the DNA when it becomes damaged. The worst source of damage is radiation exposure.


However, exposure to certain toxic metals, toxic chemicals and biological toxins (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) also damages the DNA. One of these toxins is the pesticide, Roundup or glyphosate. We hope this chemical is soon banned everywhere on earth.


Some medical drugs also damage the DNA, as well. This is why it is best not to take medical drugs unless all the natural alternatives don’t work – and this is very rare! Drugs should be used a last resort only!


Repair Food. Repairing the DNA is an extremely important activity that requires that one eat the proper food. An excellent food for the DNA is sardines. The best ones are the little ones called Brisling sardines.


Nutritionists know that sardines are exceptionally rich in DNA and RNA. These are the chemicals required to repair your DNA.


Other excellent DNA repair foods are other high-purine proteins such as grass fed or organic beef and dark meat chicken. Organ meat also contains the right chemicals, but we do not recommend it except a little in a few supplements because it is too high in toxic metals.


Keeping the DNA in perfect condition is a tedious and continuous task. It goes on your whole life. As the body ages, it becomes more difficult for the souls to keep it in good order. As a result, the chemicals produced from the DNA start to become defective. When this occurs, disease, aging and degeneration of the body occur.


A measure of the quality of the DNA is a little tag on one end of it called a tell or telomere in medical jargon. These should remain long and complex. Their complete function is beyond the scope of this article, but they are a check or fail safe system to make sure the DNA is perfect. As one ages, the telomeres shorten until they disappear completely. This is a bad sign.


We know that the development program is much better than other medical, holistic or naturopathic healing programs.  The reason is that the development program lengthens the telomeres the most.  Most remedies don’t lengthen the telomeres at all! For more details, read The Telomeres.




In this department of the cell nucleus, very highly trained souls go through seven steps to prepare for the manufacture of chemicals. This part of the chemical-making process is called transcription. The steps are:

- They receive a request for a chemical the body requires.

- Then they open a large book. It tells them where to find the tiny segment of DNA that contains the instructions to make the requested chemical. You might say it contains the address or URL of the requested chemical.

- They go through the DNA and locate the correct segment.

- They separate the two DNA strands of that segment a little bit.

- Then they bring in certain chemicals called the four bases and attach them properly to one of the DNA strands.

- They make a copy of just this segment of the DNA. They make the copy out of a material called RNA or ribonucleic acid.

- When they are finished making the copy, they reunite the two strands of DNA and make sure the DNA is in perfect condition. This is a very tedious and difficult job to do well.


Problems in the copying process. Most “genetic defects” occur due to problems in the copying of the DNA segments required to make the chemicals. Here are the problems:

- The presence of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the cells interfere with the copying process.

- Nutritional deficiencies that most people have also makes the job much more difficult because required proteins are not available. The body must substitute others that do not work as well or as fast.


So please pay a lot of attention to your diet and follow the development diet, not others! We know this sounds arrogant, but there is a lot of false information in books and on the internet. For details, read Food For Daily Use and the other food articles mentioned in this article.


3. MAKING THE CHEMICALS (actual biosynthesis)


This operation of the nucleus is more exciting. This department takes the RNA copy of the segment of DNA. They bring in certain chemical elements and often apply electricity to the mixture and amazingly, they are able to make the chemical.


At times, many steps are needed to make a chemical. At other times, it is a simple process with just one or two steps.


A healthy body, which is rare, makes chemicals at a very fast pace. A sick body make them much slower because it is missing nutrients and because toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the cell nuclei get in the way. For much more detail about the first three activities that take place in the nucleus of every body cell, read Introduction To Genetics.




The next two activities of the nucleus concern energy production. This occurs in special structures in the cell nuclei called the mitocondria.


Producing energy, or really the correct form of energy, is one of the most important activities of the body.


ATP is analogous to the “refined gasoline” that powers our automobiles. The cars cannot run on crude oil. It must first be refined in certain ways. ATP is a special formula that the body can “burn” in its “motors” that, in turn, power every bodily activity.


These activities include the immune response, muscular activity, the heart and circulation, the nervous system and much more. Any problem with the energy production systems have severe consequences for your health. Low ATP production is one of the most important “common denominators” of all disease and aging in the body.


Most people today suffer from an energy crisis. This is due to malnutrition and poisoning of the body with toxic metals, toxic chemicals and biological toxins such as infections. It is also due, in some cases, to other imbalances such as an incorrect oxidation rate.


The 800-pound gorilla. The condition of the body’s energy production systems is almost totally ignored by medical and holistic and natural healing professionals. It is truly the 800-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the room that the esteemed health professionals ignore.


In fact, their healing methods usually make the problem worse by adding more toxins to the body. Their preventive systems, such as vaccines and too many x-rays, also make things worse for the same reason.


A major goal and effect of a development program is to increase the adaptive energy production of the body. The program uses at least 10 methods at the same time to accomplish this. It is the reason we require the hair mineral test, and why the diet, nutritional supplements and healing procedures of a development program are precise and must be done correctly.


Now let us discuss the two ATP production systems that occur inside the cell nuclei:




We will call this a system, not a cycle, as other do, because it is not really a cycle. It is a series of seven basic steps that begins with fats and ends with the production of a lot of ATP or adenosine triphosphate.


This energy generation system is well-known in modern biochemistry so we need not dwell upon it. For details, you can look up the carboxylic acid cycle or Krebs cycle on the internet or in a biochemistry books.


The electron transport system. The last part of the carboxylic acid system often receives too little attention. It is called the electron transport system. Over 30% of the body’s energy is made here. Any problem in the electron transport system causes a severe energy shortage in the body that commonly gives rise to cancer and other diseases.


Iron and copper. Electron transport requires certain forms of iron and copper that are low in our food supply and in most people’s diets. They are the foods in the development diet.


As a result, the body is forced to use inferior forms of iron and copper. This greatly reduces the amount of ATP available to the body to power all of its activities.




This is an energy system of the body that converts sugars into ATP or adenosene triphosphate. It is not as efficient as the carboxylic acid system and produces much less energy. However, it is a backup system.


This system involves breaking open the ring-shaped molecules that form sugars and then converting the chemicals into ATP.


The hair phosphorus level. A rough indicator of the speed at which the body makes ATP is the hair phosphorus level. The ideal level is 16 mg%.  The blood phosphorus is not a good indicator.


Seven energy systems. Our bodies actually have seven energy production systems. The others occur in the plasma or cytoplasm of the cells, not the nucleus. For more details about the body’s energy systems, read Restoring The Body’s Energy Systems.




This is another extremely important activity that takes place of the nuclei of our body cells. The method used to duplicate a cell in an animal body is called mitosis.


The fabrication of some of the required structures takes place in a special location in the nucleus called the Golgi bodies (named after the scientist who found first them, Dr. Golgi).


The process. Cell reproduction is complex! First, a copy is made of all of the DNA. This is formidable because of the amount of DNA and the need to check the copy carefully for mistakes.


As a person ages, or if there is ionizing radiation nearby, mistakes are more likely. These are called mutations. They usually kill the cell. However, at times a cell with defective DNA survives and reproduces itself. One disease of this type is radiation sickness. The cells are weak and full of mutations. This usually kills the person eventually.


After the DNA is copied properly, other structures in the nucleus such as the mitochondria, the Golgi bodies and the vacuoles (storage areas) need to be duplicated, as well.


In addition, the plasma or fluid of the nucleus is divided between the new cell and the old one.


Finally, the souls decide which of them will stay in the old cell and which will migrate into the new cell to operate it. Other souls must be brought in and must be trained to make sure there are enough souls to handle all the tasks that take place in the nucleus. Only then can the cell division process proceed.


Next, the membrane or skin between the nucleus and the rest of the cell must be cut and then resewn to form two smaller nuclei. Then more membrane material is brought in to grow the membrane to the proper size. The size varies a little depending on what kind of cell is involved.


Reproduction of the main part of the cell. The above results in two nuclei in one cell. Then others take over the process of cell division. They first separate the main cytoplasm of the cell into two sections. Then they add a two-layer membrane called a dividing membrane in the middle of the cell.


One layer forms part of the wall of one cell and one layer forms part of the wall of the other cell. They sew this in place so that it does not leak. One layer is sewn to the old part of the cell and one layer is sewn to the new part of the cell. They sew it with a special thread that is made inside the body. Once in place, the body absorbs the thread within about 2 weeks.


Once the dividing membranes are tightly sewn in place, the two layers of the dividing membrane are separated and you have two complete cells. The only remaining task is to bring in more cytoplasm and more structures so that both cells are perfectly ready to function.




This is one of the most complex activities of the nucleus of every cell. It involves hundreds of different steps, each of which is unique. These steps slowly cause very specific changes in the brain, the immune system and all the body systems. In this article, we will just discuss a few of the early steps of development that are mediated by the cell nuclei.


Big Stage 1, Little Stage 1 of development. This begins the development process. A request comes into the cell nuclei for certain selenium compounds. These are to be used to assist brain activity and actually grow the size of the thinking part of the brain.


These selenium compounds are not easy to make. They require at least 10 steps. This is a slow process in most people that can cause fatigue. The reasons for this are:


- Weak bodies barely have enough energy to make them.

- Most people lack the basic nutrients needed to make them.

- Most people have so many toxins in the body that this, too, interferes with making these selenium compounds.


These are also the main reasons why development rarely occurs on earth. A shortcut method that can help is to eat certain foods.


The best one happens to be blue corn chips. Preparing blue corn as a bread, cereal or as tortillas does not work as well. We suggest eating blue corn chips because doing so makes it much easier for the body to begin the development process. Sardine skin also has a little of the required selenium compounds.


Big Stage 1, Little Stage 2. At this stage, certain souls in the chest area ask for certain iron compounds that begin the growth of the merkaba. This is very exciting because the merkaba is a mark of development. An excellent food that contains some of these nutrients is lamb. For details, read The Merkaba.


At the same time, souls elsewhere request certain nutrients needed for the opening and continued growth of the seven physical energy centers of the body. Some of these are also found in lamb and in other meats. Along with meats, some of these nutrients are found in cooked vegetables. The vegetables must be cooked until soft or the body cannot absorb enough nutrients from them to obtain much benefit from them.


We could go on through the hundreds of steps of development, but this gives you an idea of how the process works. It also helps you understand why we suggest specific foods that we call development foods.


(to be continued)


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