By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Nutritional balancing is based on some simple principles:


A. All is minerals.  This was a principle of Dr. Paul Eck’s.  It just means that minerals often control chemical reactions in the body, and the formation of all body organs, tissues and other structures.


B. All is souls.  Here I will define a soul as a spark of life plus one or more tiny “bodies” or arrangements of very tiny particles called adamantines (see below).

This principle means that all matter is, in fact, composed of souls.  This is a difficult concept, but I am told it is true.  In this sense, there is life in all things.  This is the basis for some of the ancient earth religions, considered pagan today.


C. All is adamantines.  This is related to B above.  Adamantines are very tiny particles, much smaller than atoms.  They are not recognized in science, today, mainly because they are so small they cannot be seen, even with our most powerful microscopes and other instruments.  The term adamantine particles is found in the book, Love Without End – Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green.


D. All is pressures.  At an even deeper level, adamantines, souls, molecules, compounds and alloys are all simply pressures.  This means they are condensed and compressed energy.  This relates to the theory of general relativity credited to Albert Einstein in the mid-twentieth century.  He stated that matter (M) and energy (E) can be converted from one to the other according to the equation E=Mc2.


E. All is yang and yin.  Yang is higher pressure and yin is lower pressure.  So, in a sense, this is a repeat of #4 above – that everything in the physical universes is simply various pressures.


F. All souls have sparks.  Sparks are the extremely tiny part of the soul that connects via a silver cord or via the holy spirit to Source or God.  Please read Silver Cords for more on this important topic.


G. The monad philosophy.  The word monad means one or single.  Many words in English contain the same root such as monogamous = one partner, monaural = one channel (not stereo), monotheistic = one God, etc.

Souls organize around a monad, or one controlling soul, or one entity soul or one main soul.  All these terms mean the exact same thing.  This occurs as the souls enter a fetus in the womb of a woman, a female animal, or even a plant.  This starts right after conception.

Souls sort of take turns “playing the monad” or being the entity soul (main soul).  The entity soul or monad must get to know all the other souls in a body.  This takes time and energy.  This is why it is not so easy to just switch out entity souls.  If one puts another soul in charge, the other souls become disturbed, and this is not helpful for the person.  A much better arrangement is to leave the monad or entity soul and add another soul to a person – called a double soul arrangement.  This usually works much better.

Monads are important for development.  In some books, this is called the ascent of the monad.  It is simply another term for development. 

It is the entity soul or monad that develops in a person.  This occurs automatically with a complete nutritional balancing program within a few years.  However, in our experience, it does not often occur if one follows a medical healing approach or most natural approaches to healing, as they make the body more yin.  For more about this critical topic today, please read Development on this website.

The monad philosophy is related to concepts in nutritional balancing such as teleology (healing intent) and syntropy (all working together for one goal).

In fact, a complete nutritional balancing program can replace or restore lost souls.  Restoring minerals is just one aspect of this.  For more on this topic, please read Soul Recovery on this website.

True Christians and some Jewish people appear to have a mental disposition that helps the process of soul recovery.  This may be one reason they are disliked by some people.


H. The love philosophy: God is love.  First, in this conception, God is not a person sitting on a throne somewhere.  God means advanced being.  God is an advanced soul who essentially runs this universe or this sector of space.

Although God is a loving being, at times we need tough love, so God can be tough on some people.  However, it is always loving, even if it seems harsh.


I. The down philosophy: Life is always a down phenomenon.  This has to with the basic polarity of the body and soul, and the importance of moving energy downward from the head to the feet to enhance life.  This idea also relates directly to the Roy Masters meditation exercise with my modification, which is to move energy downward from head to feet.  For more about this critical principle of life, please read Downward Motion and Healing on this site.

The Down Principle is also an inward movement or direction, or centripetal direction.  This is sometimes confusing, but is really quite simple.  When doing the meditation exercise, which moves energy downward, I call the inward movement “shriveling”.  This is also important, at times.


J. The yang/yin philosophy: All is either more yang or more yin.  To understand yang: it is not just centripetal or compressed.  It must be done right or in an orderly way or it is a toxic or disordered yang.  Examples of this are some toxic metals such as cadmium and lead, and some “macho” behavior or characteristics.

Yin is not just expanded or centrifugal in direction.  It must also be ordered or it is a toxic or disordered yin.  Examples of this are eating sugars and today that includes fruits and fruit juices, and the use of alcohol, drugs such as marijuana, too much sex, or homosexual behavior.  To read much more about yang and yin, and their intimate relation to all aspects of nutritional balancing, please read Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease on this website.

Yin also draws everything into itself.  This is good if the intent is to spread your love to your children, family, husband and others.  It is disordered if the intent is to corrupt or destroy another.  This is sometimes called whoring, or the sirens of Greek mythology.  For much more on this topic, please read Energy Vampirism on this site.

Men are more yang on the outside and more yin on the inside.  This is good and spins the energy centers correctly. 

Women are the opposite – more yin on the outside and often more yang on the inside.  This is not great, but necessary to produce children.  When women are more yin inside and more yang outside, their energy centers spin correctly, and they usually do not want to have children as much.


K. The consent philosophy.  Everything happens with mutual consent.  This means there are no victims, in reality.  It also means that we are all sovereign, all the time, and we are all co-creators of our lives at all times.  These are very powerful ideas that are often misunderstood.  Please read more about this idea in The Real Self article, the book entitled The Real Self, and the Real Self CD available through this website.


L. The movement philosophy.  This is the idea that a particular quality of life that I will call movement is the only thing that really changes a person.  Other things such as having money or friends, achieving in a career or job, creative endeavors and more do not fundamentally change a person unless they are accompanied by movement.

Faithfully following a complete nutritional balancing program seems to cause more movement than most other activities or lifestyles that people pursue.  For more on this important topic, please read Movement on this website.


M. Life is a vector phenomenon.  Vector mathematics is a rather advanced mathematical concept.  However, the patterns seen on hair tests are, in fact, vectors and the entire hair mineral test can and should be interpreted in terms of its vectors.  I hope to write more about this in the future.


N. Life philosophy.  Try to see yourself as God sees you.  This is a secret key to success, happiness and health.


O. Oneness philosophy.  Although all physical matter is composed of millions of souls and adamantines, at the same time we are all united or the same because we are all children of God.  This is true regardless of your religion, race, creed, skin color, or any other quality of your body or souls. 

This fact of being children of God unites us all, and this is most important to recall today.  It is actually more important than any religion or creed.  For example, I wish the ISIS followers in the Middle East today (2015) understood this, but they do not.


P. The metanoia philosophy.  This simply means that as souls mature, they begin to turn inward and realize they have departed from their God or Source.  This turning inward and away from adventure in the outer world is called metanoia.

Nutritional balancing programs appear to speed up this maturing process by causing a person to face past traumas directly, but not too painfully.  Other concepts closely related to the metanoia process include repentance and retracing.  For more on this topic, please read Repentance, Metanoia and Retracing on this website. 


R. The physics principle.  Nutritional balancing science is basic physics.  Most of the above principles have to do with physics, not physiology, anatomy or biochemistry.  This is very important.

In this sense, nutritional balancing is not “medical” or even “natural healing”.  It is something else.  It is about changing the physics of the body in order to effect healing.  This is quite confusing, in fact, for doctors, nutritionists and clients alike.  I hope to write more in the future about how it works, but this article is a good start.



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