By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

December 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




            The Leydig gland is not well known in medicine, but is a very important gland for development. 


            Location.  The Leydig gland is normally a pea-sized gland located in the lower abdomen along the centerline of human and animal body.  It is located more or less halfway between the umbilicus or belly button and the penis in men or between the belly button and the vagina in women.  It is about 1 inch inside the body, nearer the front of the body.

Its location is called the hara in Japanese.  Students of martial arts are told to keep their attention on this part of the body to stay grounded and properly centered when they practice martial arts.  Doing this also speeds up development.

In ancient Hebrew, the area is called radt (pronounced rodt). 


Discovery.  Franz Von Leydig discovered the gland in 1892, and it bears his name for this reason.  However, ancient scientists have known about it for millenia.




            The Leydig gland is important for development, which is a precise process of healing and life extension that begins to occur when a person follows a nutritional balancing program faithfully for at least several years.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development. 

            The Leydig gland becomes inactive in most people around age 20.  It must re-activate for advanced development to occur.

When a person reaches stage 5 of development, which is not too difficult, the gland starts to become active and begins to secrete chemicals that assist with development.  It does not become fully active until much later in development.

            An anchor.  The gland serves as an anchor point for the etheric body or etheric double, as some call it.

            As one develops, this gland becomes even more important as an anchor point for the monad or developing spiritual being that a human being becomes with development.

            The lower dantien.  The Leydig gland is also the center point for the lower dantien or lower of the three primary energy centers of a body.

            Edgar Cayce and the Lyden gland.  Edgar Cayce mentions the Leydig gland in one or two of his medical readings.  He called it the Lyden gland.



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