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            This is an article about judges, a very noble profession that everyone should learn about.




            Judges are all attorneys first.  This means they have studied the subject of the law for at least two years after finishing a standard college bachelors degree.

            Judges are those attorneys who then decide that rather than try cases in a courtroom or handle other types of legal matters, they would prefer to adjudicate, which means to guide the legal process in the courtroom.  It should not mean to decide the guilt or innocence of a person charged with a crime.  More details about this are in the sections below.

            Attorneys today are “licensed” by having to pass an examination called the Bar Exam in order to work in a courtroom.  We feel this is a very bad idea.  Anyone should be able to represent another person in a court of law. 

The result of this “licensing” is that most attorneys are afraid of saying or doing anything that might anger the judge or other government officials who oversee the Bar or licensing board for attorneys.  As a result, justice suffers a lot.  This needs to change in America, and elsewhere.




            In America, judges are supposed to be like referees and chairmen.  This means that their role in the courtroom is to make sure that everyone obeys the rules.  They are also charged with making sure that cases are tried in a timely and smooth manner.  For example, they supervise the workings of the jury and make sure the attorneys start on time, and so on.

They have a few other duties, such as maintaining decorum in the courtroom and handling certain disputes that come up during trials.  They also sign warrants to search homes or other places, and they sign other types of legal documents, on occasion.

              In America, judges are not supposed to decide guilt or innocence.  That is to be done by juries.  However, corruption of the jury system is rampant and some legal cases are decided by judges, rather than juries.  This is unconstitutional in America.




            Juries in America are given the power to decide the guilt and innocence of a person charged with a crime.  However, they are also given the power to nullify or abolish any law that they decide violates the US or a state constitution.

This ability is called the power of jury nullification.  It is a very important subject that is not known by many people.  Judges are supposed to tell juries when they begin to hear a case that they have the ability to judge both the person and the law.  Most judges fail to do this, and some are castigated and punished if they do it!  Yet it is a basic concept in American law, and one shared by few nations in our world.




            Judges know that there are only two kinds of legal cases:

1. An honest mistake in which a person broke the law, but does not realize it.  When the truth is explained to the person, he or she readily admits they broke the law and is usually willing to accept the consequences.


2. Liars and deceivers.  In these cases, a person breaks the law and tries to hide the fact.  These cases are more difficult because one must determine who is lying and who is telling the truth.  Some people are very clever liars.




The judges who helped write this article have some advice for people who are interested in law and the legal profession:


1. Don’t go into the legal profession lightly.  Think about it a lot.  The reason is that it is a very worthy profession if you practice it correctly, which very few attorneys do.

Please enter the profession because you wish to see justice done, and not because you want to earn a lot of money or you want to hurt people who hurt others.  These are not good motives and they cause many problems for attorneys and others.  It is one reason the legal profession has a very bad reputation and the process is far too complex and involved.


2. If you wish to become an attorney, do not just go to law school.  Study the writing of some of the most famous attorneys and judges in America and England, in particular.  You will learn a lot about how attorneys think.  For example, words are extremely important in law.  Exactness and detail are also most important.

The law profession has become very sloppy in the last 100 years.  In some cases, it is just a travesty. 

Even the word justice has lost its meaning.  Now we have words such as social justice and environmental justice, which are completely fake doctrines.  One cannot qualify the word justice or divide it into categories.


3. Know that the British and American systems of justice are the best in the world, and they both derive directly from the 10 Commandments of Moses and other legal concepts found in the Hebrew Bible.

This is not even taught to attorneys today, and so they drift and do stupid and harmful things in the name of the law.


4. Never waste a moment pursuing a trade such as the law for personal gain.  In other words, if you just want to make money, or become famous, pick another field of work.  The best attorneys do their work for the sake of justice and goodness, and that is all.


5. If you become an attorney, expect to be very disappointed in “the system” because it is quite corrupt these days.  This should not stop you, however.  It should just make you want to clean up the swamp, as President Trump calls it.


6. We are sorry to say we do not recommend a law career for a woman, unless you plan to limit your work to just estate work or business consulting.  The reason is that working on many other types of cases such as murder, rape, burglary, and even divorce and domestic violence cases carries a lot of personal risk.  Women are too prone to “persuasion” through violence to perform well in these cases.


7. If you are considering a career in the law, you must become familiar with the section of this website about legal and business matters.  The reason is that the sovereign citizen concept, the fully informed jury concept, the proper role of judges, and other important legal ideas are not taught today at any law school.  This is a horror that will take some time to clean up.

In the meantime, read the articles on Citizenship, Capitalism, The Case Against Medical Licensing and Juries And Their Serious Problems Today, along with this one until you are clear about them, as you will be challenged on these ideas.



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