by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Note: This website has no political affiliation.  We sometimes agree with conservatives who love the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and other aspects of this nation.

At other times we agree with liberals who call for an end to nuclear power because it is dangerous.  We also agree with many of them that toxic chemicals and genetic modification of our food needs to be stopped. 

We seek the truth, no matter whom it insults, and no matter how unpleasant or politically incorrect it may be.


The current American president, Donald Trump, has declared the border problems of the United States to be a national security emergency.  Meanwhile, Democrats in the Congress of the United States say there is no crisis at the US borders and that illegal immigration is not a crisis.  They are doing everything they can to block him from building a wall and doing other things to stop illegal immigration.  Even a few Republicans disagree with him on this issue.  What is the truth?




The reality is worse than Donald Trump talks about.  He may know about it and not want to scare the American people, or he may be scared he would be killed if he talks about it.  The reality is that illegal immigration is being used to systematically attempt to destroy America by:

- Populating it with rapists who terrorize and infect everyone with diseases that are hard to cure and which disable the brain.

- Bringing in drug dealers and illegal drugs that corrupt the people.

- Bringing in extremely high-tech thugs who have taken over hundreds of companies and are slowly ruining all of our institutions including the schools, the colleges, the churches, businesses and the legislatures.


The fake hoards of “victims of oppression”.  The real crisis involves thousands of paid drug dealers, gang members, rapists, murderers and enemy agents posing as innocent “victims of oppression”.  If they were just victims of oppression, they could stay in Mexico.  However, they don’t want to do this.




The real crisis is that illegal immigration is being used by the Rogues and their friends in an attempt to utterly destroy America and some nations of Europe, as well.

We are less familiar with Europe.  However, in America it involves the corruption of the state Departments of Motor Vehicles in every state in America.  It also involves the corruption of the Social Security System in America with stealing of social security numbers and faking millions of them.

It also involves corruption of many state legislatures, who are passing laws to give illegal aliens benefits and other things in violation of the state constitutions.  It also involves corruption at the national level and the passing of bad laws at this level, as well.

Similar crises exist in a number of Western European nations.  For example, in France and parts of Germany, civil war has broken out in places as the people are fed up and see no other options but to take to the streets as their nations are being inundated with people who do not share their moral values and often murder and rape people.

This article could be very long and involved, but we don’t have time right now to write it.  In its current form, it is meant as a warning and wake up call.




Any American policeman who is honest knows there is a serious crisis.  Many police departments are corrupt, if not all of them, to some degree.  They are up against highly sophisticated, star-trek types of weapons and criminals beyond one’s wildest imagination.  These criminals know exactly how to use rape, murder, poisons, “accidents” and threats to get rid of the good police and bring in their own people to corrupt the police.


The Motor Vehicle Departments.  One of the most important methods used by the police to stop a lot of illegal activity is the records at the motor vehicle departments.  But these have been corrupted with fake names, fake addresses, and fake everything.

An easy way to stop or reduce illegal immigration would be to deny illegals a driver’s license.  However, the rogues have corrupted the system.  They gather social security numbers from dead people, attach fake names and give them to the illegal immigrants.  The invaders then go to the DMV and walk out with a valid driver’s license. 

The newer “travel IDs” and “state IDs”.  Just one example of the crisis is that in many American states, especially California, if a person does not have a valid birth certificate and social security number needed to get a driver’s license and all other government benefits, it is not a problem.  They can get a “state ID”, “travel ID” and other made up basically fake identification papers and that’s all they need to get welfare, diver’s licenses and much more.




Anyone who opposes the border wall and the enforcement of immigration law is guilty of treason.  This word means siding or conspiring with the enemies of the nation to destroy it. 

This is an important word to know and use in reference to the Democrats in the United States congress at this time, and those in the media who also oppose protecting the nation’s borders. 

Treason is a serious crime.  The penalty for this crime is death, and we need it enforced right now.  Those who oppose the president on this issue are the real criminals, not the president.  The president has said this.  Some Republicans are not much better than the Democrats, but as a political party they are much better.  This is not a political statement.  It is just the facts. 



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