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Definition.  A hormonal attack is the use of chemical substances called pheromones to upset the normal hormonal regulation of a human being or animal.

Most of the literature about pheromones states that the chemicals will only affect the opposite sex of the same animal species.  However, this is not true if the pheromones are concentrated and processed correctly.  Currently, both women and men are experiencing this type of attack.




The attack on women.  The source of which we are aware is an extract of the skin of certain male animals in the bear family, or ursidae group of animals.

In this group of animals, the females remain in a dormant sexual state unless and until they are stimulated by the presence of this chemical secreted by the male animal.

In human women, the chemical does not cause ovulation.  However, even in tiny quantities, the chemical stimulates sexual interest and can easily lead to sexually-related behaviors and thoughts.

Animals are being bred in some areas for this purpose.  When mature, the male animals are killed and the chemical is extracted and concentrated.  The chemical has a slightly musky or masculine odor.

Attack on men.  The chemical used for this is a female sexual stimulant secreted by another group of animals.  It has a sweet smell that has a distracting effect upon men.




The chemical is secretly being added to the food, air and water of the entire planet.  It is easily sprayed on fresh food in marketplaces and supermarkets throughout the world.  It is also sprayed into the air, particularly in closed office and retail buildings in cities.  Some is secretly added to certain water supplies, as well.

It is also sometimes added to products women and men wear or put on their bodies.  These include feminine pads, where it is added during the manufacturing process.  It may also be added to soaps, shampoos, deodorants, detergents, lotions, creams, and toothpaste.

It may also be added to womenÕs and menÕs T-shirts, tops, slacks or jeans, underwear, socks, stockings and shoes.  It may also be added to bed sheets and pillowcases.

In some cases, it is added at the factories in China and elsewhere that the clothing is made.  In other cases, young people with backpacks containing the chemical are sent into retail stores.  They secretly spray a fine mist of the chemical on exposed clothing and other items people touch or wear.  Some of it washes off, but some lasts for a few months or longer.




The main effect is to increase a womanÕs interest in sex.  It has the same effect on female animals.  This may not seem important, but it distracts women and has the following other effects on women:

1.  It puts women in more danger from sexual predators and rape

2. It damages marriages by increasing the sexual demands of the women, and perhaps by encouraging affairs outside of the marriage.

3. It increases sexual activity on dates, which helps spread sexually-transmitted diseases.

4. It causes depression, loneliness and anxiety in some women today.

5. Perhaps most important, it stops or slows development in women.  Development is a series of changes in the body that will occur naturally if a person follows a nutritional balancing diet, does the pushing down exercises, refrains from too much sexual activity and does the spinal twist exercises.

Development is extremely important for health and longevity.  The chemicals interfere with development in some way.  For details about this topic, read Introduction To Development on this website.




            The main effect seems to be one of distraction or yin.  However, this is a serious effect because most men are too yin already.  The yin effect sickens and weakens the men, causes some heightened interest in sex in some cases, and causes less interest in sex with women and more homosexual urges in other men.

            The chemical also interferes with menÕs concentration and ability to work efficiently and carefully.  It increases laziness and damages their judgment.




            In most cases, no.  It is quite subtle and quite pervasive.  In some cases, you may smell the chemical, however.  For example, when one enters certain clothing stores there can be odors. 

The store clerks will tell you these are caused by all the polyester or even cotton clothing.  However, this is not always the whole truth.  At times, the odor is caused by spraying of these chemicals.




A few ideas are:

1. Cook most of your food.  Raw, fresh food tends to have the most of the chemical on it of any food.

2. Wash all food thoroughly.  This will remove some of the chemical.

3. Wash all new clothing thoroughly before wearing it, and wash your clothes often.  This will hasten the removal of the chemicals.

4. Drink spring water if you can afford it.  Ideally, go to a spring to get it, although most bottled spring water is safe, as well.  Tap water tends to contain a little more of it.

5. If possible, stay out of closed buildings.  This is difficult, at times, but this is where most of the chemicals are sprayed.



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