By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This is an unusual article about how genetic experiments on earth are affecting our lives here.




            Readers of this website know that there are people on earth who are not from this planet who seek to control the planet.  We call them the Rogues.

            One of their most important methods of imposing control is to change the genetics of the people of the earth.  The purpose is to make the people easier to control.  They do this by:

1. Kidnapping and often killing people with good genetics who are more difficult to control. 

2. Forcing people whose genetics they like to be breeders, with forced sex and forced reproduction.

3. Arranging marriages to obtain certain genetic strains.

4. Bringing to this planet people who look like us, but have slightly different genetics.  They are intelligent, but they are easier to control.  They also rape, beat and kill more easily than do earth people. 




            The Nazis (National Socialists) in Germany did the best job of ethnic cleansing, or genetic change, of the past hundred years.  They did this by slaughtering over 6 million Hebrew people, and several hundred thousand Catholics, mainly.

            While this is not viewed in the history books as a genetic change, in fact it was.  What occurred is the smarter Hebrew people could see what was coming in Hitler’s Germany.  In fact, Hitler wrote about his plan.  The most intelligent left the country, and were allowed to leave for most of the 1930s.

            Most of those that remained were killed.  In effect, this purified the Hebrew race of people.  We don’t know if this was Hitler’s goal, but it did occur.  The nations that took in the Hebrew people benefitted greatly, especially the United States of America.  Germany lost some good people, and is suffering today as a result.

            Adolf Hitler was not the only dictator to slaughter the Hebrew people.  Before him the Czar of Russia did the same thing, and before that there were raids and progroms throughout Europe with the same goal.  This had the same effect on the nations in which it took place, and on the nations that received the Hebrew immigrants.




            Immigration is causing genetic change in the United States and, to a lesser degree, in Europe.  America is taking in large numbers of people from Latin America, especially Mexico.  Europe is taking in large numbers of people from the Middle East.

The full results of this “genetic experiment” are not clear, but it is changing the genetics of the populations.  The reasons are 1)  intermarriage with the immigrants and 2) women having babies due to rape by the immigrants, which is not uncommon.




            A purpose of some professional rapes is to make the woman pregnant.  The reason for this can be to help bond a woman to her rapist or captor.  However, another reason can be to combine her genetics with that of her rapist.  For more details about rape, read Rape.




            This is also a story of genetic change.  Examples are:

1. An entire generation had to die off and a new generation replace them before they entered the promised land.  The Hebrew people were tested in the desert of Sinai in battle and in other ways so that the most fit survived and others died off.

2. At one point, Moses was told to separate the people who followed the tenets of the Hebrew religion from those who preferred to worship the gold calf – a pagan idol.  He was told to kill the latter.



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