by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Most of the information in this article comes from an unusual book.  The author was an embryologist who figured out the true cause of cancer.  The book is The Trophoblastic Theory Of Cancer, by John Beard, MD, published in 1902.

According to Dr. Beard, life can take two pathways:

1. Life in the body with which we are familiar.

2. Trophoblast, which is a specialized tissue that usually only arises in the uterus of a woman during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  If it arises at any other time or place, it manifests as cancer and usually kills its host.  Trophoblast arises from a totipotent cell (a cell that can differentiate into any type of tissue).  Many of these are present throughout our bodies.  Under the right conditions, a totipotent cell can become trophoblast.  




Whether or not you realize it, you choose which of the two pathways you will follow.  If you eat correctly and think correctly, you will follow the pathway of your present body.  If you do not eat and live correctly, you are knowingly or unknowingly following the pathway of the trophoblast.

Knowing about this choice helps some people to eat better and take better care of the body.  Keys to producing trophoblast are to make the body more yin by eating raw food, vegetarian diets, and by eating sugar or sweets of any kind, including fruit and vegetables that are really fruits (cucumber, squashes, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, and okra).  All of these “vegetables” contain seeds, which means they are classified botanically as fruits.

Other keys to turning on the genes for the trophoblast are diets that are high in toxic chemicals and low in the alkaline reserve minerals found mainly in well-cooked vegetables.  A final key to trophoblast formation are thoughts of victimhood, negativity and resentment.




            Interesting facts about the two pathways are:


- They normally alternate.  Every adult has been through the trophoblast phase of life while inside their mother, during the first 8-12 weeks of pregnancy.  At about 12 weeks of pregnancy, the trophoblast recedes due to the influence of the pancreatic enzymes of the mother and child.  From then on, one lives the life of the body, not that of the trophoblast.


- One phase is sexual, while the other is asexual.  Both plants and animals display alternating sexual and asexual stages of life.  The trophoblast is the asexual stage of human existence.


- In the animal and human kingdom, the sexual phase of life dominates.  In the plant kingdom, the asexual phase is usually more pronounced. 

            For example, in the animals and human beings, the sexual aspect – the body – is large.  The asexual aspect – trophoblast – is tiny.

            In plants, however, the main plant body is usually asexual.  The sexual phase – the flowers with their pistils and stamen – is often tiny, by comparison.

             For more details, read The Trophoblast.



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