by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Mr. Trump’s theme is to restore America.  Whatever bad things you have to say about him, he loves the United States as it was set up and what she stands for – the rule of law, limited government so that the people can have the power, and the US and State Constitutions to preserve these rights.

China.  Mr. Trump is restoring America in many ways.  For example, he is bringing our factories back to the USA from Communist China. 

Just to clarify - there is no “trade war”.  The socialist Chinese cheat financially and lure our factories to their nation in order to destroy our nation.  That is what is going on in Communist China.  Meanwhile, many of their people are virtually slaves of the government.

Mr. Trump understands this well and won’t stand for it.  If it means imposing tariffs, so be it.  The Chinese buy very little from the United States, so they can’t retaliate in the same way.  America will lose some food contracts with the Chinese, and that is about all we are losing.

Some say tariffs lead to war.  This can be true. However, the Chinese are already at war with us.  It is just a hidden war for our money and our jobs.  There is also a more serious issue.  We finance their concentration camps and their military.  To read about it, read How And Why The United States Must Stop Financing China’s Bad Actors.

Mr. Trump also won’t stand for unfair trade agreements with other nations that have been the rule, not the exception, for years.  He has renegotiated many of these treaties to be fair to the USA.

Mr. Trump also got us out of the insane agreement with Iran that permitted Iran to develop nuclear weapons that we helped pay for!  As a result, the world is a much safer place with Mr. Trump in charge.

Mr. Trump also got us out of the Paris Climate Accord that Mr. Obama never even sent to our Congress for ratification, as the law requires.  That treaty is designed to harm America and does not save the world.  For details, read Climate Change – What To Do.

  At home in America,

- The US economy is much stronger.

- There is less illegal immigration.

- The Supreme Court is in much better shape because Mr. Trump has appointed actual legal scholars who understand the U.S. Constitution, unlike the justices appointed by previous presidents.

- A number of insane regulations have been removed that stifled the economy.  For example, there is nothing wrong with burning coal, as long as the power plants have scrubbers that remove the mercury and other pollutants from the coal ash.  We are not killing the earth and carbon dioxide is not a poison.  It is one of the most essential chemicals on earth.  For details, read the Climate Change and Diversity articles.


Complaints about Mr. Trump


Size of government.  Mr. Trump bothers some conservatives because so far he has not reduced the size of government.  He says he will do this in his second term and we will see.

Obamacare.  He has also not repealed or declared null and void the Affordable Care Act of 2010, better known as Obamacare.  This bothers the author a lot because it is turning our hospitals into prisons and causing other problems.  For details, read Hospital Horror. 

Big Pharma.  So far, Mr. Trump has not cracked down on the medical drug lobby that is bankrupting and sickening Americans with their toxic products.

Vaccines.  These are maiming thousands of children each year and the truth is being hidden from the American people.  Google is censoring anti-vaccination website, including this one, and no one lifts a finger against this illegal practice.

It is a case of bad law.  The vaccine makers are exempt from liability for the damage done by their products.  This law needs to be repealed at once. This also bothers this author no end!

Regenerative or sustainable agriculture.  It is time to end chemical farming that is poisoning the land, the wildlife and the people.  Once again, it is a case of bad regulations that favor the big chemical growers at the expense of the smaller and the organic farmer.  Trade deals also favor the big chemical farmers, also called ‘agribusiness’.

More bad regulations come from the US Department of Agriculture, another corrupt “deep state” agency.  They have watered down the organic food standards, again to favor the big growers.  This hurts those who are really producing excellent food.  For details, read Organic Agriculture.

Other corrupt rules prevent ranchers in our area from selling amazingly wonderful heirloom beef across state lines because the local slaughtering facility is not “USDA-approved”.  It is a completely corrupt regulation that harms the organic and regenerative farmers and ranchers.

Mr. Trump is losing badly in this area and there is no need for it.  Once again, it is just a matter of getting rid of bad regulations.  Take the initiative and get rid of them and Mr. Trump would be the hero of the organic food movement, a vital movement around the world.

Alternative energy.  Here again Republicans lose badly.  Republicans need to endorse water as a fuel (Joe cells) and the newer ether energy, also called ‘free energy’ or Tesla technology.  It is at least 100 years old but suppressed by the world socialists.

A quick and easy way to cut down on pollution is to get rid of the insane and very corrupt regulations on automobiles that prevent us all from driving hybrid cars and water-powered cars. 

For example, a 1956 issue of Mother Earth News had plans to build a hybrid car that got 100 miles to a gallon of gas.  That is possible, but is being stopped by oil-company-sponsored regulations that need to go.  The inventor of the GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) system for powering automobiles was arrested for driving his car with an “illegal drive system”, though it is safe and far cleaner than standard technology.  Just more bad regulations.  For details, read The Regulatory State.

Nuclear power.  Nuclear power generation is an environmental nightmare, as was shown recently in the Fukushima reactor meltdown.  The Republicans sound like complete idiots on this issue. 

They need to acknowledge the truth, abandon their incorrect position on nuclear power, and own the ‘save the earth’ movement.  We don’t need nuclear power, which contaminates the earth for thousands of years and makes nuclear material more easily available to terrorists.  For details, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives.

Mr. Trump can and should take this issue away from the Democrats, who are proposing a massive new spending plan they call the “green new deal”.  Their plan would bankrupt the nation, (which is part of the real intent since they hate this nation), but it sounds good and it claims to stop chemical pollution in agriculture.


On balance, Mr. Trump is far better than the Democrats and socialists who would increase the role of corrupt government in health care and everything else.

Socialism.  The Democrats all tend to be socialists, whether or not they admit it.  Socialism, which means government tyranny, does not work well.  It has been tried many times in many nations.

One the most recent experiments with it was National Socialism in Germany, better known as the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler.  For details, read Socialism.

The Democrats hate the principles of individual liberty and sovereignty of the people.  This is vital to recall.  They are also liars, so when they say they will clean up the environment and solve climate change, you should not believe them.

They also are trying to remove all traces of the religious founding of America, which is the truth but has been removed from most school and college textbooks.  Religion, which is the spiritual life of the people, is very important.

They also want to ban ownership of weapons of self-defense in the hands of law abiding Citizens.  This is not only a violation of the U.S. and State Constitutions.  It is the mark of thugs and dictators.  They do not like any opposition from the people they rule.

The truth is that crime is decreasing in America as more people buy guns.  Also, more than 22 million Americans now have permits to carry concealed weapons.

The fastest-growing group of gun owners are women.  Always remember that gun rights are women’s rights because women are attacked and raped much more than men in all societies on earth.  Gun control hurts women the most.

The truth is that the police cannot stop all crime.  In America, people who are law-abiding are what is called the militia.  They can stop crime and they are doing it, but the corrupt media don’t report this fact. 

For details, check out the most recent FBI report on crime in the USA for 2018.  The U.S. crime rate is in a 30-year decline as more people are buying and carrying guns. 

Nations that have banned guns or “bought them back” such as Great Britain and Australia have not seen a reduction in crime – quite the opposite has occurred.

Thugs love attacking and raping unarmed people and thugs don’t respect or follow gun control laws, so they have the weapons.  Mr. Trump has been very good on this issue and ought to be re-elected on this issue alone.

Liars and hypocrites.  The Democrat leaders have their armed guards, but they don’t want the American people to have the same protection.  Don’t listen to their propaganda and don’t vote for them, no matter what they promise you!

Remember that Mr. Obama promised the American people that “you can keep your doctor” and that “health insurance costs will go down” if they passed Obamacare.  The opposite occurred!  It was a complete lie.

Obamacare was also passed illegally.  Revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives and this did not occur with Obamacare.  The bill imposes a fine on people who don’t buy health insurance and that is revenue for the government. 

The Democratic Party is made up today of mostly communists and socialists, whether they admit it or not.  They will do everything in their power to destroy the laws or subvert them so they can exercise complete power over the nation.

That is the choice in 2020!  Please help, starting now, to re-elect Mr. Trump and a Republican Congress, and Republican state and local governments.



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