By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2017, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




            We often associate education with going to school, sitting in classrooms or in front of computer and completing organized courses and curricula that lead to degrees and diplomas or certifications.  This is sometimes called formal education.

However, this is only one segment of a much larger picture.  Other, equally valid or perhaps even more important aspects of education are:


- Self-study

- Apprenticeships

- Self-experimentation

- Experimentation with others, also sometimes called ‘practicing’, such as practicing medicine.

- Education through revelation or revealed insights and truths that come from guides, masters, angels or others.

These methods are sometimes called informal education.  They are often derided and given less importance, which is a big mistake.

For example, until the mid-1800s, America had very few medical schools.  Instead, if one wished to learn this trade, one apprenticed with someone for a number of years to learn.  Today, some trades such as some forms of glass-blowing are still organized this way.  Rather than formal schooling, one apprentices with a master of the trade and learns this way.




Public schools.  These suffer from a number of evils that cripple their ability to be of excellent quality.  These are:

1. Taxpayer-funded.  This means they do not have to compete and perform in order to remain in existence, as do private schools.

2. Run by the government.  This means there tends to be built-in waste, fraud, abuse and perverse incentives that go with all government programs. 

3. Monopoly businesses.  This means they have little competition in many areas, although this is changing somewhat with the advent of vouchers and charter schools.  Competition tends to drive innovation and the quest for excellence.

4. Unionized.  The teachers unions are among the largest and most powerful in their nations.  However, they do not place the interests of the students first.   They are usually much more concerned with the pay and benefits of the teachers.  Often they work hard to maintain the status quo, with outdated teaching methods, the tenure system, and more.

K-12 public schools, and particularly colleges have other problems.  They are not safe places, especially for girls.  Most are infiltrated by leftist ideas such as political correctness, social justice and other false doctrines.  Also, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed, with diminishing returns.

Often, formal educational institutions are somewhat tradition-bound and thus hesitant to embrace new teaching and learning technologies.

Another problem plaguing all levels of the education system on earth is ignorance about the critical role of excellent nutrition and Development upon the ability of a person to learn.




For all the reasons above, we much prefer home-schooling for all children.  Society could easily be set up to support one parent staying at home to teach the children.  It would be much more efficient and effective, and much less costly than the current dysfunctional public school system.


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