by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Definition. A drug is here defined as a substance that may have symptomatic or even deeper healing effects, but is also toxic so that it leaves the body weaker after each use.  Readers of this website know that I do not recommend the use of drugs for much of anything, whether it be healing, recreation, mind expansion, or anything else. 

Anesthetic drugs are needed for surgery, at this time.  A few other drugs are needed, at times, for trauma care and a few purposes.  Other than these, and even including these, I do not like drugs because they all weaken the body.

However, I receive quite a few emails suggesting that I am wrong about certain drugs, especially those used for what may be called mind clarity and insights.  These are often the psychotropic drugs like Ecstacy, LSD, mescaline, magic mushrooms, and yes, marijuana.  One of the newer ones is an African frog extract called cambio.  So let us discuss this topic in more detail.




1. Toxicity.  The toxicity of drugs varies greatly, and can be of many types.  However, it is the most important quality that all drugs share.  If they were not toxic, they would not be categorized as drugs.  They would be called foods or mild herbs.

Toxins tend to destroy the human body sooner or later.  They do this in hundreds of ways, far more than I can discuss in this short article.  However, I will focus on one or two important mechanisms below.     


2. Very yin.  Drugs of all kinds tend to be yin in macrobiotic terms.  This amounts to a very serious type of toxicity, but it is one that is hidden and not reported in scientific articles or common listings of ‘adverse effects’ of drugs.

The yin effect of most drugs are even more important today.  We are all surrounded by electromagnetic fields that are extremely yin, ionizing radiation that is very yin, food chemicals that are yin, and toxic metals and toxic chemicals that are very yin.  The food is low in minerals, which makes it more yin.  Most food also contains pesticide residues and residues of superphosphate fertilizers, even organic food.  This makes the food much more yin, as well.

            The result is that adding more yin upsets the body in subtle ways that are always harmful, even if the effects are not clear or obvious.  This is one of the worst problems with all drug use today.


            3. Holes in the aura and entity attachment.  Most drugs open the aura or energy field of a person in a way that discarnate entities can easily enter and attach themselves to the person.  This is very harmful, and potentially lethal.  This is sometimes called entity possession or demon possession.

The discarnate entity influences the person, and this can change a normal person into a fearful mess, or into an aggressive killer.  In fact, this happens often to those who smoke marijuana or use heroin, cocaine or even with alcohol.  For more on this topic, please read Entity Attachment And Release on this website.


4. Stopping development.  Most drugs stop what is called development.  This is a very precise process that leads to greater wisdom, better health and a longer, happier life.

Stopping or retarding development is always a serious problem because it means that drugs may cause positive feelings, but they rob a person of their full human potential.  For more on this topic, please read Introduction To Mental Development on this site.


5. Dangerous shortcuts versus building health and special abilities with nutritional balancing.  I view the use of mind-expanding drugs, in particular, as a method to try to shortcut the development process of a human being.  In rare cases, it might succeed.  However, most of the time it is a miserable failure, and leads to an early death.

it is far more dangerous than slowly building an extremely healthy body and mind, from which point further development of special abilities and skills proceeds safely and easily.




            Human beings have used drugs for mind expansion and healing ceremonies for millennia.  It is certainly nothing new.  However, in the past it was usually done under the close supervision of the village shaman or healer.  Also, it was done in the context of a traditional culture in which the use of the drug was well understood, often by elders who had plenty of experience with it.

            Today, in contrast, one can just read about a drug on the internet and obtain some through legal or illegal channels.  Hopefully, it is pure, but often it is not. Then one “experiments”, usually in one’s living room.  Perhaps one’s friends are present, but rarely is anyone present who has deep experience with the drug’s effects and side effects. 

This is entirely different from the use of a drug by native people with thousands of years of experience with it.  Today’s drug users are literally asking for trouble and risking their lives every time they “experiment”, as it is often called.




I seriously discourage anyone from visiting a shaman or medicine man to do mind-expanding drugs, even in a traditional setting.  The reasons are:


1. Drugs are all still toxic, even if they are administered by someone who understands them well.

2. Drugs are not needed at all for development.

3. There is no way to know how genuine, how sincere, or how skilled the leader is.

4. Our bodies today are quite sick – all of them.  A method that works on a person living in the Peruvian jungle may have very different effects on a Western body exposed to many more toxins for years.

5. Many native people are just as mixed up as are Western people.  Do not think that because someone says they are from a traditional culture that they are healthier or better informed.



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