by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó February 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


For an introductory article about development, read Introduction To Development.


            Methods of development.  Many methods exist to promote and facilitate development.  This article discusses some of them, and why we do or do not recommend them.

The only method of development we recommend is to follow the nutritional and lifestyle program offered by our Approved Helpers.  They are listed at this link: Approved Practitioners.  This method of development is quite safe, very effective and can be done at home.  It is largely about nutrition, which is one of the main blocks keeping people from developing today.




Prayer.  This is a very ancient and time-tested method.  It is inexpensive, simple to do at home, safe in most cases, and it stresses a person in certain ways that are helpful.  The Pushing Down Exercise recommended on this website is a powerful form of active prayer that we find is the most powerful type of prayer to use for development.


Fasting.  This is also an ancient method.  However, we do not find it at all safe, even if it makes one feel better in some ways.  The bodies are too depleted and too toxic for it to work well today.

The author worked for several years at a fasting spa, and was not impressed with the results.  Fasting was more effective in the past when the bodies were better nourished and less toxic.  Please avoid all fasts of longer than a few days, at the most.  This applies to juice fasts, water fasts and others.


Yoga. This traditional method has been used mainly in the Orient and usually in monasteries.  However, we find that Western people usually suffer soft tissue and other injuries from yoga today.  It also often moves subtle energy in the wrong directions and has other problems, as well.

As a result, we cannot recommend it.  For details, read Yoga, Its Benefits and Problems.


Mystery schools and secret societies.  A secret society is a group of men or women that meet regularly, in some manner, and study, learn, and may perform rituals.  Secret societies and mystery schools such as the Freemasons, the Knights Templar and others have helped some people develop themselves.  They are less available today and not needed.


Meditation. We observe that most meditations do not cause much development, and some are dangerous.  The only mental exercise we recommend is the Pushing Down Exercise. 


Organized religion.  This is the most common path to development in the present-day world.  One is given a set of rules to follow, books to read, perhaps classes or worship services to attend, and perhaps other tasks.  The idea is that if one follows the rules exactly, the result will be achieved.
            While religion can be excellent for many purposes, they are not causing much development today.  We believe this is largely because they do not insist upon the correct nutrition and food supplements that people need today.


Divine or other interventions or encounters.  This means that one is hit by a flash of light, passes through a serious illness or accident with a near-death experience, has a UFO contact, perhaps, or sees an angel, hears Jesus or has a vision, perhaps.  One’s life is changed and new directions are given and followed.
            This can work, but is uncommon. However, one must be careful.  One must always use reason and intellect to judge the guides or teachers who make the recommendations.  I suggest always asking if the guidance is “of the light of Christ”.  If you get a no answer or don’t get any answer, do not listen to the advice.


Hardship.  This is a common path that can cause a little development.  Hardships cause many people to delve more deeply into themselves, change their lifestyles, and find resources they never knew they had.  Hardships impose a discipline like few other paths.

Examples of hardships include an illness, disability, dementia, a birth defect, a disfigurement, abuse or trauma, or something else that causes pain.

This is an unpleasant method of development, and no one would consciously choose such a path.  However, it can help.  It is not enough by itself to cause advanced development.


Vegetarianism, raw foods and other dietary paths.  Dietary regimens have been used for millennia to help people develop.  Today, however, we find that vegetarian and raw food diets are absolutely harmful for development and dangerous because they are inadequate to supply the nutrients needed for development.  Please do not follow them.  They do not work.


“New age” techniques.  These include pendulums, essential oils, homeopathy, herbs and perhaps other methods.  We do not find that these work for development, even if they seems to provide other benefits.

Drugs, either recreational or experimental.  This is a very dangerous method of development used by some shamans and others.  The substances are quite toxic and do not work well today.



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