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The side channels, also called the governor vessels, are two subtle energy meridians or channels that run from the head to the feet about half way between the midline of the body and the outer edge of the body.

Starting at the head, they are on either side of the head and neck. They go through the shoulder are down the front of the body through the nipples and down to the leg creases. They continue down the front of the legs.

At the toes, they turn around and come back up the back of the legs. They once again go through the leg creases and up the back, running through the area of the shoulder blades on both sides of the body. They go up the back of the neck and up the sides of the head.


As one’s body heals, first the central channel becomes more open or active. Then, later, the side channels become more open and active. This process is essential for development.

(This article will be expanded in the future)

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