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              Balance is a very special healing principle in the science of development.  Balance represents the idea of relationships.  They may be between parts of the body, or between minerals, or many other aspects of the body or mind.  Examples are contraction and relaxation of muscles, high and low blood pressure or blood sugar, and activity and rest.

            Balance implies the existence of a set of complementary opposites or perhaps several options or possibilities.  They need to be weighed or otherwise assessed in order to bring harmony to the body and the mind.

This concept is central to some ancient healing arts such as acupuncture, macrobiotics, and others.  It is also central for development science.  

Modern medical and holistic care uses it to a limited degree.  Doctors strive to balance the blood sugar, blood pressure, the cholesterol level and other parameters of health.  However, they focus more on the diagnose-and-cure model of healing.

Balancing versus ‘curing’ or eliminating disease entities. The curing model is valuable, but we believe the balancing concept is also needed.  Without it one may get rid of infections or other conditions, but the therapy also often throws the body out of balance.  As a result, the problem may come back later or other problems develop.

Focusing on balance is one of the major differences between development science and almost all other nutritional and medical approaches.  Here are examples of how the concept of balance is used in development science.




            A key area for healing is to balance such things as sleep and activity, exercise and rest, time alone and time with others, time at work and time for rest and recreation.  These are examples of how balance applies to one’s lifestyle.  For more on this, read the 2019 edition of Development And Hair Mineral Analysis.  It is available through this website at Books.




            Balancing the food and water intake is another complex and important area for healing.  The way this is done in development is completely different from the ‘four food groups’ system used in dietetics or the ‘food pyramid’, now endorsed by the American government.  We don’t find these systems adequate for development.  For details about the development diet, read Food For Daily Use.




We are all exposed to a tremendous amount of information, mental stimulation, emotional news headlines and much more.  To remain healthy, a person must be able to sort through all this, keep what is helpful and reject the lies, the propaganda, and much that is just of poor quality or even destructive.  It is a major task discussed in a number of articles on this website.

In addition to establishing good study habits, positive mental attitudes and excellent moral and spiritual values, a very helpful additional procedure to achieve mental and emotional balance is the Pulling Down Exercise.  It is discussed in a separate article.

Emotional balancing is also a critical area, so that one is not hyper or manic, yet also not depressed and discouraged.  This may sound easy, but it is quite difficult for many people, especially those who are not feeling well. 

Balancing and strengthening the body chemistry is extremely helpful for one’s emotional balance.  An important technique is to avoid eating all sweets, even most fruit and all fruit juices.  These are not helpful today.  Also, one needs to avoid most stimulants, such as caffeine, MSG, alcohol, and all recreational drugs including marijuana.  Then the mind tends to become much more balanced.  Many articles on this website discuss various aspects of how to balance yourself emotionally and mentally.

Below are some of the more technical ways used in development science to bring balance to our bodies.  




            The oxidation rate is similar to one’s rate of metabolism, although it is not exactly the same.  It is a central idea in development science.  Dr. George Watson first wrote about the oxidation rate in 1972 in an excellent little book entitled Nutrition And Your Mind.  While out of print, it is often available at used book outlets.

One can balance the oxidation rate by changing one’s diet, taking very specific amounts of certain nutritional supplements, and with lifestyle modifications.  For example, foods and supplements that enhance the oxidation rate include protein foods, especially animal proteins and vegetables.  Supplements that enhance the oxidation rate include most of the B-complex vitamins, thyroid and adrenal glandular extracts, and vitamins C and E.

In contrast, one can reduce an overly fast oxidation rate with more fat and oils in the diet, along with eating many fewer sweets and complex carbohydrates or starches.  Nutritional supplements that slow the oxidation rate include more calcium and magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamins A and D, choline and inositol.

Some chemicals such as caffeine temporarily speed up the oxidation rate, but later exhaust a person.  The same is true of vigorous exercise.  More rest, on the other hand, temporarily may slow the oxidation rate a little, but later enhances it by allowing the body to heal and recover its energy.

Much more on balancing the oxidation rate is found in the article entitled The Oxidation Types and other ones on this website.




            Each mineral in the body affects all the others and there is a ‘mineral system’ in the body.  Development science focuses heavily on balancing certain minerals and their ratios. 

Dr. William Albrecht explored this idea of a mineral balance in the soil and in plant life early in the twentieth century.  Balancing the ratios and levels of the minerals requires knowing how the system works.  Then one administers small amounts of the appropriate minerals, while avoiding supplementing or eating too much of other minerals or foods that would move the system away from balance. 

            The system is extremely complex.  For example, giving a particular mineral may, in fact, lead to a lowering of that mineral level in the body tissues.  This was one of Dr. Paul Eck’s great discoveries early in his research on hair mineral analysis.  He found that giving calcium to someone with a low hair calcium level could result in a lower hair level of calcium.  Giving zinc to a person with low zinc sometimes caused the hair tissue zinc to become lower. 

After years of research, he figured out that giving just calcium upset the balance of calcium with magnesium, which in turn caused a lowering of the calcium.  He found he needed to give copper along with magnesium in order to raise a low calcium level, rather than give just calcium.  

            He also figured out that just giving zinc lowers the sodium/potassium ratio, a critical ratio in the body.  Since this is often undesirable, the body does not accept the zinc and there is little effect on the zinc level in the hair, or it might even become lower.  In order to raise the zinc level, one must increase the sodium/potassium ratio in many cases, and this is done using vitamins B1, B3, B5, C, E, chromium, selenium, copper, manganese and adrenal or thyroid glandulars taken together in the right proportions.

            More on balancing mineral ratios is found in several articles on this website, such as The Sodium/Potassium Ratio and The Calcium/Magnesium Ratio.




            This is another important focus of development programs.  The autonomic or automatic nervous system in all humans and animals is composed of two complementary systems that are called the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of this nervous system.  They must function harmoniously together or serious disease results in the body.

            In most people today, they do not function properly.  As a result, many people are tired, do not digest their food well, cannot eliminate waste products from the body as well, and cannot fight off infections well enough.  A key to correcting all these problems is often to balance the autonomic nervous system.

            This is another essential area of therapeutic correction.  For more on this topic, read Balancing Your Autonomic Nervous System on this website.




            Another very important area in which balance is most helpful for healing has to do with a principle of physics.  The idea is used in Oriental medicine, but not used at all in Western medical science.  In acupuncture, macrobiotics and other Oriental healing arts, it is called the balance between yin and yang.

The yin physics principle is cool, expanded, centrifugal in action, fragmented, and the foods are more sugary.  The yang principle is warmer, harder, more contracted, heated and food is cooked, more salty and less sweet. 

            On a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis, the slower the oxidation rate, the more yin a person tends to be.  However, this is not a hard and fast rule and today, most everyone is very yin.  This is due to:


Š           Eating fruit and other sweet foods.   

Š           Radiation Exposure.  Ionizing radiation from fallout and nuclear plants and other sources is very yin and affects everyone today.

Š           Yin Toxic Metals and Chemicals.  These are in the food supply, the air and the water and affect everyone, no matter where one lives. 

Š           Changes In The Food Supply.  Hybrid crops, industrial agricultural methods, superphosphate fertilizers, and food processing and refining have made all of our food more yin.  Refined foods like white flour and white sugar are extremely yin. 

Š           Modern Medicine.  Most drugs are yin.  This includes most antibiotics, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories and other classes of drugs.

Š           Recreational Drugs.  Alcohol, marijuana and other recreational drugs are very yin.

Š           Electromagnetic Pollution.  Yin electromagnetic pollution is very common, although it is much worse in large cities filled with cell phone towers, and radio and TV signals moving through the air.  Computers, television sets, and all wireless devices in particular produce very yin electromagnetic fields.  Most people today literally live in a sea of extremely yin electromagnetic pollution.  For details, read Yang And Yin and Yang And Yin Healing.




            An unusual finding in development science is that we cannot use blood or urine tests to assess the most important aspects of balance in the body.  Blood and urine seem to be too affected by what you ate for dinner last evening, how much sleep you got last night, your mood, and your stress level.

            In contrast, the hair is a tissue biopsy test that provides a longer-term and much more accurate way to assess some essential aspects of balance in the body.  For details, read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.




            A final concept in this article is that human beings can develop themselves far more than most of us imagine.  We can improve our minds, our memories, our thinking capacity, and our capacity for wisdom, compassion and other amazing qualities.  This process is called Development.  It is a wonderful process that is mentioned in many articles on this website, as it is so helpful for many people.

            However, development can be unbalanced and dangerous.  Some people become delusional, schizophrenic, hyperactive or depressed as they learn about spiritual matters.

Development must be accompanied by maturity and wisdom.  This website contains a number of articles such as Blocks To Development and others to help people develop in a safe and balanced manner.  Once again, balance is the key.




            The concept of balance, in the body and in nature, is one of the most fundamental healing concepts.  It needs to be taught much more to Western doctors, nurses and others who are healing people.

Development programs use the balance concept to heal people at far deeper levels than  other natural or medical healing programs that we have observed or experienced.  The use of balance concepts also makes the programs we set up safer, less costly and more effective.



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