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Boron is an essential mineral.  However, we have recently come to realize that most boron on earth is in a toxic form that must be eliminated from the body. This is discussed below.

We have also recently realized that the rogues bring in a lot of toxic boron to poison the planet and everything on the planet.




Boron helps support adrenal gland activity, and for this reason can help with some symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes.  It may also play a role in stomach activity, anti-aging and bone health.


Boron batteries.  Boron is one of the minerals our bodies use in the batteries that exist in the nuclei of our cells.  For details, read Batteries.

Boron may have other roles in human beings that have not yet been discovered.




Healthful compounds of boron are found in abundance in many foods.  These include some vegetables, legumes, and nuts such as almonds. 

Toxic forms of boron are brought in by the rogues and are found in most fertilizers today.  However, this contaminant is not mentioned on the product labels.


When to supplement.  Paramin by Endomet Labs contains a little boron.  The only other time we supplement with boron is as a temporary remedy for severe hot flashes.

Before taking boron for hot flashes, we suggest:

1. Get more rest.

2. Take Thyro-complex, up to 4-4-4, along with the rest of one’s nutritional balancing program.  This is for those in slow oxidation.  Fast oxidizers rarely report hot flashes.

Usually, this will take care of the problem.  If not, one can take up to 9 mg daily of a boron supplement from the health food store until the nutritional balancing program corrects the deeper causes of hot flashes.




Most boron compounds are toxic, and it is found in excess in many people.  Toxicity can affect calcium metabolism and adrenal gland activity.  Very high levels can contribute to osteoporosis and increased urinary excretion of riboflavin.

Boron can be a contaminant of air, water and food due to its many uses in industry.




Boron is almost always present to some degree in human bodies in an oxide form.  This is somewhat toxic and one of a group of elements that can form oxides within the body.

They act as irritants by causing oxidant damage in the body.  This can raise the tissue sodium level by stimulating adrenal activity.

In this way, these elements act like crutches to keep the sodium level higher, and thus balance body chemistry, although it is not a healthy or preferred way to balance the body.

Other members of this group of elements include iron, manganese, aluminum, chromium, selenium, nickel, copper, vanadium and rubidium.  To read more about this interesting phenomenon, read The Amigos on this website.




Stage 3 of a development program involves an elimination of boron.  When this occurs, the body can also eliminate toxic potassium and, at times, other child minerals such as nickel and aluminum. 

Maturing pattern. This sequence of events is called maturing pattern and is an important step in everyone’s journey to healing and development.

This usually occurs when one has followed a development program for at least 2-3 years.  More time may be required if there is a lot of stress or if one does not follow the program carefully.

The elimination of toxic potassium and toxic or excess sodium often raises the hair sodium and the hair potassium level.  It often moves a person into fast oxidation temporarily.  For more details, read Toxic Potassium.

Another phenomenon that is often related to boron elimination is the return of one or, at times, two guide creatures. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.






              The hair boron level is significant, and should be very low – about 0.001 mg%, according to our research.  Different laboratories have varying normal boron levels.

For the most up-to-date ideal levels, toxic levels and poor eliminator levels of boron and all the minerals, please go to Hair Mineral Ideal Levels on this website.

Analytical Research Labs does not read the hair boron level at this time.


Poor eliminator.  Boron can show up on a hair analysis as a poor eliminator.  However, the level must be very low, and this is hard for some labs to read.  For more on this topic, please read Poor Eliminator Pattern on this website.


Mineral interactions.  Boron may raise magnesium levels, perhaps by causing magnesium retention at the level of the kidneys.




              Female.  Boron is considered a “female” mineral.  In this case, it means it is more important for women more than men. For example, a boron supplement can sometimes alleviate hot flashes in women.  However, we prefer to use a product called Thyro-complex first to help with severe hot flashes.


Third tetra.  Boron is part of the third tetra of minerals, along with chromium, selenium and vanadium.


              Nickname, according to Scogna.  In The Promethian by Joseph Scogna, he calls boron the elegant mineral.  It is also a cleansing mineral, along with sulfur and chlorine.




Boron functions as a cleansing agent and antiseptic.  Some people add boric acid to their laundry, for example. 

It is also used as a water softener and sometimes as a food preservative.  It is an ingredient in some fertilizers, and is used in anti-freeze and as a preservative for foods.  It is also used in some plastics, and in radiation shielding and control rods in nuclear power plants.



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